More than 19,000 show up for Jags scrimmage


It’s not often that a 2-14 team six years removed from the postseason generates excitement in its home market.  But with a fairly new owner, new G.M., new coach, new uniforms, (some) new players, and a new attitude, the Jaguars seem to be doing just that.

Via the team’s official website, more than 19,000 fans showed up for Saturday night’s scrimmage at EverBank Field.

Veteran guard Uche Nwaneri was impressed by the crowd.

“Someone told me the attendance,” Nwaneri said.  “I said, ‘Is it like that every year?’  They were like, ‘No, last year it was like 2,500.’  I said, ‘We’re doing something right.’  They like the excitement.  They like the new feel.  We definitely feel the energy from the community.  The fans, Jacksonville — that’s who we do it for.”

“I appreciated all the fans,” new coach Gus Bradley said after the practice.  “It’s only going to get better.”

Inevitably, the only way it gets better is if the Jaguars get better.  At a time when everyone seems to think the Raiders and Jaguars will be jockeying for the privilege of drafting Jadeveon Clowney, we’re definitely not ready to write off a team that, if it can build some early-season momentum under an enthusiastic coach, can disrupt the narratives that often become set in stone far too early in a season.

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  1. The jaguars finally have a fan base that were able to grow up being jaguars fans and now they are buying tickets. The fans are excited just bring them improvement and the bank will go wild.

  2. I’m so excited for this season!!!…all of you haters out there, just wait till the Jags starts winning and Everbank Field will be sold out.

  3. It was a SCRIMMAGE, barely more than a practice. That, coupled with the fact that the sports complex was also featuring playoffs for our two minor league sports (arena football and baseball), that is a very good number. The popular narrative, nationally is that the Jaguars don’t have fans. That is showing to be false..The naysayers will come on and make all kinds of excuses about ticket sales…I have to laugh at how much people will research the “woes” of a team that they claim is irrelevant!

  4. Man how can the broncos compete with that? Nearly 42,000! That’s right, more than double in attendance showed up for support in the rain. I bet if the jags had tebow, that 19,000 would be tripled.

  5. So many people showed up because they knew it would be the only game this year the Jags couldn’t lose. It was a “win-win”.

  6. This is good news for Jacksonville – but could be a harbinger of disappointment for a place like San Diego.

    Folks may recall that years ago, the city of Houston was awarded an NFL franchise over Los Angeles – largely based on the the enormous passion chasms between the local fanbase and corresponding presentations.

    In a twist of irony, Los Angeles, for a myriad of reasons, may be awarded an NFL franchise based on the comparative passion difference between Jacksonville and San Diego.

    I realize that Jacksonville hasn’t drawn particularly well in recent years – but San Diego hasn’t rocked worlds either – and 19,000 strong for an early August scrimmage is a lot more than who’ll show up in Diego if and when similarly situated – I can unequivocally guarantee that.

  7. As a Saints fan who’s seen some baaaaaad teams I have to give these fans respect for coming out. The bright side about hard times like this is it solidifies your fan base. Look at the Browns, they’ve been terrible for a long time but they have excellent loyal fans.

    Also the tarp comments make me laugh, the Jags have a unique case with their stadium that other fanchises don’t and they still avoid blackouts.

  8. It’s worth saying again, the Packers had over 60,000. That said, good luck to the Jags and their fans. Now bring on the season!!

  9. 19,000 in Jacksonville.

    63,000 + in Green Bay.

    Yep, that’s seems to be a fair representation of the fan base for those teams !!!!

  10. funny seeing packer fans brag about their scrimmage attendance. just proves that there is absolutely positively nothing else to do in the state of wisconsin except eating cheese whiz from the can while watching a scrimmage in green bay.

  11. The Packers fans have become the new Ravens when it comes to commenting on Jaguars stories. I think Vic Ketchman being up there for a few years now has caused them all to become cynical. Save the whale!

  12. As. Ravens Fan I think this is awesome. After retiring from the Air Force and moving to Vero Beach Fl I have been following the Fl teams in particular , Jax a great military town. Hoping for greater success for The Jax team and fans.

  13. Packers and Bronco fans HAVE to thrown in their numbers? In reality there is really nothing to do in those towns so of course they get lots of people looking for a outdoor activity.

  14. Well when you put it that way, jags fan base rather go shopping or see a movie than to watch a pathetic team accomplish nothing but the #1 overall pick in 2014. Oh and there’s plenty to do in the Rocky Mountains FYI, who would want to go see Peyton manning and a contending team

  15. Oh native has hurt feelings. I understand Packer pride, no matter how obnoxious it is. But Denver? You’ve won two playoff games in the last 15 years. The same as the Jaguars. And we all know the QB of one of those Denver wins. His initials weren’t PM.

  16. Really Packer fans? Your team has been around for over 90yrs and your going to brag about attendance? Jags have only been around for 17 years and 19,000 fans for a 2-14 team is pretty damn impressive!

  17. Good job Jaguars.

    You are doing better than crappy franchises like the vikings and jets.

    Now just sell out the stadium every year and Mike Florio will ignore you you because it is no longer news, even when you are the most attended event of the weekend.

  18. The Jaguars were 20th in the NFL in attendance last year and drew more fans than the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    The Jaguars have not had a blackout since 2008 and will, next year, have the largest video boards in the NFL.


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