Raiders working on packages of plays for Terrelle Pryor

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Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor says he learned the right way to throw a football this offseason, something that doesn’t look like it will help him grab the starting job but he may still get a chance to show off his improved mechanics once the regular season gets underway.

Pryor said this weekend that the team has been working on packages of plays to take advantage of his skills and it doesn’t come as much surprise to learn that those packages are part of the league-wide embrace of the pistol formation.

“The packages we’re talking about have a lot to do with our offense,” Pryor said, via Scott Bair of CSN Bay Area. “We’re still going down the field with the ball. We’re still throwing timing routes. It’s just a package to get me on the field, and run the same plays that Matt Flynn, Tyler Wilson and Matt McGloin are running. It’s the same stuff. It’s just me, that and some pistol stuff. Stuff like that.”

Pryor, like most of the quarterbacks playing for teams utilizing the formation, has the ability to make plays with his feet. The questions about him have to do with how many plays he’ll be able to make with his arm and how quickly he’ll be able to make the correct decisions on the field in any formation.

It does seem that he’ll be the backup in Oakland, however. Reports from Raiders practice have shown Wilson losing snaps to McGloin in practice and Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that coach Dennis Allen said Wilson is behind “from a mental standpoint” at the moment. Assuming that things continue to progress in a similar manner, it looks like Pryor will be in uniform each week with the potential to see more of the field than he saw in his first two seasons.

20 responses to “Raiders working on packages of plays for Terrelle Pryor

  1. It’s hard not to root for this kid. He’s been written off numerous times, but he works his tail off. If these reports of his improved accuracy at camp are true, he could be the long term answer at QB.

  2. I’d rather just seem him start over Flynn. Pryor is an interesting player but only as often as you can get the ball in his hands. It sounds like he was making major changes to his passing style and earlier reports were saying he was looking like a much improved passer.

    I’m going to be watching the Raiders very closely this preseason, Pryor is the guy I want to check out the most.

  3. The last two times a player was put in packages while lining up under center a head coach and an offensive coordinator got fired.

    However, they were both the same guy that is likely behind the Pryor packages in Oakland … Tony Sparano.

    Raiders fans, enjoy your 2-win season with that moron.

  4. Ok guys and girls lets. get to the poine we need to sell out all our games so real raider fans please standup for our team this year i won’t all the games sold out and show support. for our team the haters will talk u shouldn’t. care ur a raider so guy come to games and lets saprise every. one out there and show them
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  5. Good move if you ask me. Give him a little time instead of throwing him into the fire. Sounds like he’s put in the hard work, get him on the field and see if he’s going to have what it takes.

  6. The Raiders are making the right decision in starting Flynn. Flynn has still never had a chance as a starter. Last year he was beaten out partly due to a preseason injury. Sure, Russell Wilson turned out to be a beast, but that didn’t mean Flynn was a bust. The Raiders won’t be as terrible as everyone thinks, but package systems flat out don’t work.

  7. Package systems don’t work? I believe Kaepernick came in in certain packages last year, and when Smith got hurt he never let go of that spot. The same thing could happen for Pryor.

  8. I guess they have to make plays for at least someone to gain some yards. But it’s laughable that they think Prior is good enough to highlight lol.

  9. I disagree. Colin Kaepernick was extremely effective in a package situation until he was given the chance to start full time.

    I expect the same from Pryor. He’ll be effective and Flynn will get nicked once and he’ll get his chance. It’s actually quite bizarre how similar in style Matt Flynn is to Alex Smith and Pryor is to Kaepernick. That’s style, though, not talent, lol.

    Honestly, the Raiders are like a poor guy’s San Fran, right? It all will come down to execution on defense and pounding the ball with McFadden. And I like what I hear from the defense.

  10. Honestly, the code term “packages” refers to the fact that he’s not a legit QB and they’re designing plays for him that include running as opposed to delivering the ball where it needs to be.
    They already have a package for the QB.

    It’s called a playbook.

  11. He did well in his line start. Hopefully we can see improvement on his passes. Can’t wait for football

  12. He did well in his lone start. Hopefully we can see improvement on his passes. Can’t wait for football

  13. LoL this guy just told us he learned how to throw!!!!!!!!!!!! And you want him as our QB…He did not play well in his lone NFL start sorry, He was horrible and a joke!

    He is not Kapernick so get over it, Its funny cause he may look like the guy, doesnt mean he is. Kap was always a great passer, big arm with accuracy…….MOVE ON…. He should be our starting tight end

  14. He won’t get relevant playing time until he proves to the coaches that he’s a viable passer. No one doubt’s his athletic ability, that’s why he still has a roster spot (probably should test him at wr). Until he nails down his mechanics, backup is as high as he’ll go.

    Please stop comparing him to the SF flake. Kapernick came into the league as a bona fide dual threat qb.

  15. one thing is for sure haters are going to hate….With that said I expect the worse this year, so if anything I will not be disppointed.


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