Report: Cooper had been contacted about video before it was released


Although Eagles receiver Riley Cooper has done a fairly admirable job of falling repeatedly on his sword regarding one of the NFL’s most unlikely off-field incidents, there’s one specific wrinkle in this story that makes us wonder whether he’s simply saying what he thinks he needs to say in order to make it all go away.

“The last few days have been incredibly difficult for me,” Cooper said in the Friday statement regarding his temporary (or possibly longer) departure from the team.  “My actions were inexcusable. The more I think about what I did, the more disgusted I get.”

That last sentence is the one that caught our eye.  Cooper didn’t utter a racial slur in a public place on Wednesday, when the video surfaced.  He said it on June 9.

Unless he was so drunk that he doesn’t remember saying it, how does the disgust not begin to grow until July 31, when the video became public?

Cooper supposedly learned of the video “a couple hours” before addressing it with reporters the day it surfaced.  According to, the site that purchased the video for only $150, Cooper previously had been made aware of the video via Twitter.  Per the report, people “tweeted at” Cooper 10-to-15 times about the video since the middle of June; Cooper reportedly blocked two of the people who were sending Twitter messages to him about the video.

Regardless of whether the folks who had the video were trying to extort money from Cooper (like the guy who ended up getting 18 months in prison last year after pleading guilty to extorting Robert Griffin III), it’s hard to completely reconcile the tone and content of comments made by Cooper after the video surfaced with the notion that he knew about the video before it was released.  Given that Cooper’s perceived sincerity will be a key factor in whether the locker room can move forward, that could be a subtle yet important point for one or more of his teammates.

And if Cooper had a chance to buy the video before it was released, maybe he should have.  After the Griffin incident occurred last year, a league source told PFT that extortion attempts happen “[m]ore often than you realize.”  In many cases, the player who is being extorted pays the money and moves on.

If the video netted only $150 from, Cooper likely could have had it for not much more than that.  Given everything that has happened since the video surfaced, it could have been the best investment Cooper ever made.

14 responses to “Report: Cooper had been contacted about video before it was released

  1. I totally agree – Cooper is trying to say the right things after making a mistake. Is he a terrible racist? That’s hard to determine – he was drunk and used a word I wouldn’t use if I were drunk. Honestly, if he is stupid enough to use the slur again, he establishes a pattern of racism and it becomes harder to defend him. This story has run its course and it would be nice if the guy could prove he is more than one drunken mistake.

  2. Ok, his apology does sound weak. But, as an African-American man raised under Jim Crow, Riley Cooper dosent bother me as much as Paula Deen. Riley Cooper used the word as a warrior. Not nice, but understandable. I remember using some nice terms when I was in Vietnam. I would bet my mortgage that each and every one of Rileys AA teammates has been called that during one of a hundred football games. The media needs to let this one go. Save it for Paula and her institutions. Let the guys in the Eagles lockeroom handle this one. And for the Eagles who cant let it go, I will say this: As a Giants Fan, I will email my coaches, recommending that certain Eagles can be easily distracted by just a few, privately spoken nasty words…

  3. That sounds good in theory…if it was 1950 and everything wasnt digital like it is today.

    “Oh okay heres my video…nevermind what i have saved to my computer, sent to me email, uploaded on youtube (currently set to private, and sent to a few of my friends…”

    He pays them and they could just as easily turn around and sell it to someone else like he did

  4. I don’t know Cooper, so I don’t know what is/was in his heart and mind. But if he was drunk enough to have no recollection of what he said and did, it could explain why he had no care of the video becoming public. And why he had no remorse until after the video became public. Maybe Cooper’s bigger problem is that he doesn’t know when to say when after he starts drinking.

  5. Not to defend him, but not everyone looks at their mentions.

    It’s not different from people skipping emails.

    It’s possible that other mentions piled above the video related mentions and he didn’t care to read the video mentions. After all people will get lazy over the stupidest things, but skipping mentions won’t make him look better.

  6. What Cooper said was wrong, he has taken ownership, and has been punished by his team. Perhaps he is so radioactive he’ll never play in the NFL again. Unfortunately, it’s not enough for some….What more do you want?

  7. In no way am I condoning the things Cooper said, but…

    If the party who sold the video to a website tried to extort him over it, they should be prosecuted.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  8. What I want to know is… what was said to him, and by whom, to make him want to climb a fence and fight an entire crowd.

  9. Haven’t we all done or said something very stupid at least once in our lives, that we had to atone for or wish we could take back?
    If you think you haven’t, you’re lying to yourself.

  10. It’s over, he said he’s sorry, he doesn’t have a history of saying things like this. It’s time to let it go.

    The only one keeping this nonsense alive is the media because it makes for a good story.

    And if any of you feel you can cast a stone at this guy because you’ve never said or done something you shouldn’t have (especially drunk) then you are seriously mistaken.

    Should his life be ruined because he said a word?

    Give it a rest already with the holier than thou comments.

  11. I don’t get this, the nfl has a guy in the league that has so many kids he can’t even name them all, another guy who sat on a nfl roster for months after killing another teammate, a guy who played for another decade after being found guilty for covering up a murder, a guy who fought and tortured dogs and yet the media is trying to end this guys career bc he said a bad word.

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