Tulloch: Suh and Fairley are “knocking the crap out of everybody”


We’ve been hearing a lot recently about how good Lions defensive tackles Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley look at training camp. Lions middle linebacker Stephen Tulloch has a particularly good viewpoint on that.

Many of Tulloch’s assignments in the Lions’ defense require him to react to the way the opposing guards and center block Suh and Fairley. But Tulloch says Suh and Fairley are knocking opposing linemen backward as soon as the ball is snapped, making it hard for Tulloch to tell what the offense is trying to do. Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham says that’s getting tough for Tulloch to handle.

“The other day, Tully came off the field frustrated, I mean really frustrated,” Cunningham told the Detroit News. “We had a run-play-action drill, I said ‘Tully what’s wrong.’ He said, ‘I can’t get my reads, Nick and Suh are screwing up every play that they run. I couldn’t get any reads; they’re knocking the crap out of everybody.’ I was laughing because I saw it from the sideline. Going back to Suh and Nick playing together, everybody in the league is saying the same thing – look out.”

Of course, in training camp, the guys Suh and Fairley are knocking the crap out of are teammates. Which means the issue could just as easily be the weakness of the Lions offensive line as the strength of Suh and Fairley. The Lions just hope Suh and Fairley keep knocking the crap out of everybody when everybody is wearing a different uniform.

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  1. Let’s wait until Suh and Fairley become better known for plays they make against opponents instead of their history of on and off field miscues.

  2. Once they go up against a couple of offensive lineman who aren’t their buddies It will be much different. I’ve learned to not get so excited when seeing strong play at training camp, It means very little. Preseason is much more valuable when it comes to gauging strengths.

  3. Its training camp, according to their own teams every player is having the best camp ever, while i am sure lion fans would like to get their full moneys worth out of these to i will wait to week 3 to form a opinion

  4. Right, to the tune of 34 and 35 tackles for the pair last year. Opposing teams rushed for a 4.5 yards / carry against them. A couple flashy plays in a game doesn’t make you dominant or effective. GB DT’s had 51 and 52, Bears DT’s had had 48 and 43, MN’s had 45 and 37.

    More talk…more of the same. Produce before you run your mouth.

  5. Weren’t they “knocking the crap out of everyone ” last year too? Look how far that got them(4-12). When there is so much talking from even the coaches, its no wonder why their players do it. Only problem is , it usually doesn’t ttranslate to wins for them. Frankly, I don’t like hearing talking from losing teams. Its like ” hey don’t forget about us, we suck almost every year but we are good, we really are. Just wait, we’ll show you”, then boom , they rarely show anything but inflated numbers. Give me a break. If your good , people will know it from your accomplishments. If your not then shut up , put your head down , and keep working , but to boast or brag about nothing is ridiculous.

  6. Suh and Fairley don’t have Super Bowl rings or a first class organization behind them.

    Baltimore Ravens 2x Super Bowl Champions XXXV XLVII

    Since ’96

  7. 2012 NFC North: 11-5 Packers; 10-6 Vikings; 10-6 Bears; 4-12 Lions. For a team that accounted for roughly 11% of the wins of all the teams in the North last year, they seem to be doing 90% of the talking (again). Which is fine by me, as a Viking fan.

  8. Let me see them against a real offensive line first… but the potential is there for these two if they want it enough

  9. The BEST D-Tackle in the NFL in 2013-14 is MICHAEL BROCKERS (Rams) . The bearded one is a beast so save your publicity points on the Suh and his dirty play.

  10. The two new rookie DT’s that the Panthers have disagree with you….I promise you that the Panthers will have the best d-line in the league next year.

  11. Suh is damn good but id take Kyle WIlliams over Fairley any day of the week….Williams has proven himself lined up against no body.. anybody should look good with SUh

  12. Suh and Fairley both are entering what should be their prime years, have reported to camp reportedly in the best shape of their careers, and are both benefitting from a scheme adjustment with bigger, stronger DE’s helping to compress the pocket. Add to that the addition of Jim Washburn as a DL coach and it would be logical that they would be ready to take a big step. Both have raved about what he (Washburn) has taught them already regarding hand work and understanding how an opponent is blocking you and how to defeat.

    In past camps we have seen flashes of dominance, but not daily reports like we have heard from every analyst/outsider that has visited. Those guys are no longer talking about the potential, but rather the dominance they are seeing on the field.

    The interior OL they are dominating includes Rob Sims (argueably their best lineman last year) Dom Raiola who has made a pro bowl or two and Jake Scott a ten year vet with 128 NFL starts under his belt.

    They still have to prove it on the field. The haters are always going to hate, but there is no reason to not believe these two young Defensive Tackles are now reaching their potential.

  13. While I believe Suh and Fairley can be dominant, I unfortunately believe that this is due to the sub par offensive line.

    I’m a lions fan and want them to win in the worst way. But this is a typical Ford team. All glitter but no guts. Time and time again its proven the game is won in the trenches. I truly believe that the offensive line will be awful and will cost the Lions, 6-10 solely because of how poor they will be.

  14. I think Detroit could be the joker in the deck this year in the North. They definitely have some talent at key positions, a hunger to produce, and play in what promises to be a very competitive division.
    Of course, there is one drawback to it all. Detroit is fast becoming a ghost town. Who the hell is going to fill the stands when everyone is moving away, and those who stay behind, haven’t any money for tickets?
    Sad situation.

  15. The Lions D will be strong this season. The D line is much improved and they have a strong back end with Quinn, Delmas, Houston, and Slay/Bartell/Bentley. Beware!!

  16. I love that ppl bring up the rush yds against. Because everyone knows that you can only run in 2 gaps and stretch plays are illegal in the nfl. nothing like stupid fans pretending they know something because they read stats on a player.

  17. 9 wins will win the nfc north this year so maybe lions can get in. I’m thinking not with GB and chicago I believe will finish 9-7, but I could see the lions finishing 3rd ahead of AP and the pop warners.

  18. Practice? You talkin’ bout Practice? Wow, these best evers lead their team to 4 whole wins last year…very impressive. Get out the yellow jackets already.

  19. This is first offseason where we’ve had these kind of reports about both Suh and Fairley. They’re a couple of young studs who are just now coming into their own as young vets. But – they were both first round picks. All they’re doing is performing as expected. And Ezekial Ansah is also having a great camp is going to have a great year.

    I’ll add that a couple of years ago, the same haters were talking trash about Megatron and agreeing with Chris Carter.

    This is going to be our best team in years, but unfortunately the Achilles heal seems to be the offensive line. The good news is that there’s still time to fix the issues there.

  20. Last year was last year. Everything that could have went wrong did last year. Anybody who knows this team knows they are capable of much better. All of these jokes about them winning 4 games last year are getting old. This is a new season

  21. The defensive ends STUNK last year, you know, all those guys who are no longer on the team. Cliff Avril is too small, Laurence Jackson is too slow, and KVB should have retired after 2011. Now they have brought in 4 six foot six, 275 pound Ends to compliment the beasts in the middle. All of them are bigger, faster and stronger than the guys they replaced. They are also deeper in the middle now. Oh, and the Offensive line will be much improved this season, clowns, so just keep watching and hating.

  22. The line will be as good as the secondary is. Stay healthy and this the DL will be able to get pressure. If the DBs are all injured, then nothing they will do can protect that down field pass. The DL was exhausted last season.

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