Antonio Gates motivated to change his body


As athletically gifted as he’s been, Antonio Gates hasn’t been particularly defined.

But as he realizes he’s closer to the end of his career than the beginning, the Chargers tight end has changed his body this offseason to compensate.

According to Kevin Acee of U-T San Diego, and as was mentioned in the one-liners this morning, Gates has gone to a gluten-free diet, and looks leaner than at any point in his previous 10 seasons.

“I’m actually keeping my weight,” Gates said, “but it looks different.”

He hopes the new frame is going to help him stay healthier, as he’s battled foot injuries, and missed 10 games the last three seasons, going along with a dip in his statistics. That’s why he made a decision to change himself.

“It’s the motivation, man,” Gates said. “Just hearing people talk. I know you’re not supposed to listen to what people say, but there’s some collective things that got me motivated.”

The Chargers need Gates more than ever, changing offenses as they try to get quarterback Philip Rivers to the a standard he’s fallen short of in recent years as well.

12 responses to “Antonio Gates motivated to change his body

  1. Until the union stops avoiding HGH testing I can only assume most everyone is taking it. Otherwise they wouldn’t be avoiding it.

  2. Philip Rivers is toast. He’s always had that funky motion. Now he’s the QB equivalent of a pitcher who’s lost a foot on his fastball.

  3. Good for the other AFC West teams that doughboy never had the discipline prior to this season. He would have put up ungodly numbers. Now its too little too late.

  4. Even with his “funky delivery” he was still a top 5 QB before the Oline got hammered with injuries or AJ Smith let people go. Look at the numbers folks he trailed only Aaron Rosgers for most points per start with a min 50 Games. He was tied with Brady. Like him or not you can’t argue his production when he has has weapons and protection.

  5. The gluten free diet will likely add a few years to his career. Now he needs to go listen to Theo Ratliff about what minerals and the ‘dead athletes don’t lie’ message did for his career.

  6. Gates still pooped on the AFC west when he was eating gluten…c’mon y’all you act like he wasn’t a fantasy Beast for years. Other then Tong G. Gates is and will always be one of the best TEs to play the game.

  7. Chargers fans, Gates has not been the same player since 2010. So this “beast” you are talking about was slowed down by injuries and couldn’t get separation more often than not. Him working harder and eating better should be a given considering he is a professional. Tony G may not be as gifted as Gates but look at their career productivity and its not even a contest over time. There is no way he is a top 5 receiver because I can think of 6 better right now would have been 7 if one didn’t get sent to prison.

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