Buccaneers sign LB Marvin Booker, WR Chris Denton

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The Buccaneers announced the signing of rookie linebacker Marvin Booker and rookie wide receiver Chris Denton on Monday.

Denton played collegiately at Mount Union, the alma mater of Washington’s Pierre Garcon and Jacksonville’s Cecil Shorts. Booker is a Rutgers product who played for now-Bucs coach Greg Schiano.

Both players have had prior experience with the Buccaneers. Denton had a 16-day stint with the club in May, while Booker tried out at the club’s rookie minicamp.

With Booker and Denton signing, the Bucs waived safety Troy Nolan and wide receiver Bobby Sewall.

The Buccaneers have all 90 roster spots filled.

5 responses to “Buccaneers sign LB Marvin Booker, WR Chris Denton

  1. Schiano needs to understand that just because he coached at Rutgers doesn’t mean he has to load the team with former Rutgers players and assistant coaches. If he had coached at say Alabama it might be different, but Rutgers?

  2. Sad clayborn is hurt the d line has horrible depth why don’t you stop trying to bring in your buddy’s and start addressing your real problems…o way to cut gorge selvie he looked good last night I hope the 5th rounder you plan to start if claybron doesn’t get healthy works out….

  3. Some people need to realize what Schiano did for the Rutgers organization before they leave comments. There is a reason that he is the head coach of the Bucs and we sit here and bash on him and other players. No one is forcing you to watch games or players, and no one is gonna make us the Head Coach anytime soon.

  4. And these are camp bodies,nothing else. Unless they play so well they can’t be ignored, not a chance either one makes it to the 53 man roster. Nothing wrong with giving a look to a guy you’re familiar with. NFL coaches and coordinators do it all the time when they go to a new team.

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