Chartric Darby arrested on domestic violence charges

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The same day that former Buccaneers defensive tackle Warren Sapp officially entered the Hall of Fame, the man who lined up next to him in the biggest game of their careers was arrested.

Via the Associated Press, Chartric Darby was arrested Saturday for domestic battery.  Darby’s wife told police Darby pushed her in the chest during an argument.

A nine-year NFL veteran, Darby started Super Bowl XXXVII for the Bucs at defensive tackle.  He played four seasons in Tampa, three with the Seahawks, and two with the Lions.

Darby also started in Super Bowl XL, a Seattle loss to the Steelers.

9 responses to “Chartric Darby arrested on domestic violence charges

  1. she must be hurt really bad… she has been suffering from traumatic pshycological problems and she needs million dollar councelling from doctors who can prescribe great drugs for her and she will still have problems

  2. For some reason I don’t remember that, and that is a big deal to not remember. Was he on injured reserve ? Did he miss out on a Super Bowl ring

  3. Outrage over an NFL player saying a word, albeit a horrible offensive one, and a NLF player is arrested, yet again, for physically harming a woman, and nothing. Yet another example that it is apparently worse to say bad things than do bad things.

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