Hugh Douglas again clashes with a co-worker, this time at ESPN

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Hugh Douglas spent ten seasons as an NFL defensive end. In his post-playing days, he continues to mix it up with people.

Douglas may be best remembered by some fans for his role in Terrell Owens’ meltdown in Philadelphia: Douglas was hired by the Eagles in 2005 to be a goodwill ambassador, but Douglas (who liked to say his title was not ambassador but “badassador“) got into a fight with Owens in the team’s locker room. Now Douglas is employed by ESPN, and the 6-foot-2, 281-pound Douglas recently clashed with a co-worker who’s a lot smaller than Owens: Michael Smith, his co-host on the ESPN show Numbers Never Lie. Although all the details aren’t known, ESPN has confirmed that something transpired.

“We are aware there was a disagreement between Hugh Douglas and Michael Smith on Friday. We are looking into the situation,” ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz told us in an email.

PFT has confirmed that Douglas will not be on Numbers Never Lie on Monday, but whether Douglas and Smith will be able to work together — or whether Douglas can keep working at ESPN at all — has not been determined.

Jason McIntyre of reported that Douglas and Smith were involved in a heated verbal altercation on Friday in Orlando, where they were both attending the National Association of Black Journalists convention. According to the report, the two had to be separated.

Obviously, that’s not the way ESPN wants its employees conducting themselves. Unless Douglas is going to have his title changed from analyst to badassador.

26 responses to “Hugh Douglas again clashes with a co-worker, this time at ESPN

  1. He should lose his job for disruption of the workplace… And being a distraction to the organization. Assault is a certainly a arrestable offense and that should never be taken lightly. I suggest ESPN forces him to seek counseling on his violent ways and than fires him. As he becomes a danger to society and those around for his actions.

    Jail time – looks like it is in his future. He should be made a example and be put in jail for 30 years….

  2. hope they get rid of douglass. he talks like he is a hall of famer and has extremeley poor grammar. not as bad as emmitt smith but he will never host anything. i just cant stand listening to some of these guys buthcher the english language.

  3. Clearly this man is a danger to the work place. The women and men at ESPN should feel threatened by his actions. I would not be surprised if this man is violent more often and it is not reported.

  4. So where exactly are the facts that say Douglas is the only one to blame for this? The first two comments would have believe that he is 100 percent responsible. After reading about this, who honestly knows what happened.

    Personally, I find 95% of the staff on ESPN annoying, including Douglas and Smith. Actually, it’s probably more of a byproduct of ESPN being so annoying and baised in everything is does. Douglas should never be on TV, he’s just not very good, and yet the trudge him out for another useless show to fill up time. Outside the lines is the only program they have with any sort of decent integrity level.

  5. Mike Smith is friggin turrible….they should of let Hugh slap him around for a while first, but that being said, Hugh is not exactly in the top 10 either….

  6. “Obviously, that’s not the way ESPN wants its employees conducting themselves. ”

    You cannot be serious. ESPN is full of crackpots, weirdo’s and big mouths who say and do stupid stuff all the time.

  7. I want to see meathead and metrosexual talk about this for 4 hours! I want big mouth Steveie A. and Bayless discuss this while that black chick just looks at them. What will Cowturd say about this? Is T.J.Quinn investigation this?

  8. 1) This article doesn’t say that Douglas is any more responsible for this fight than Smith was.

    2) ESPN does not have “journalists.” It is the TMZ of sports.

    3) Regardless of what actually happened, it should not be illegal to beat up someone who works for ESPN. It should actually be required to happen at least once a week.

  9. Absolutely ridiculous and Douglas should be fired immediately if he crossed the line and touched Smith at all. It’s just sports, man. There is no earthly reason to go that far with anyone about it.

  10. Word is, it started when Hugh said that he was confident a smack upside the head of Stuart Scott would get that eye looking normal again and Michael Smith was offended.

  11. Micraider. Dont feel bad. I tried to bring up the same point earlier and they wouldn’t post it. I think the message America wants to send is “Its only racist if you’re white.”

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