Jets go with two starting quarterbacks on their depth chart, too


Mark Sanchez thinks he’ll be the starting quarterback for the Jets this year.  Geno Smith has said he has a good chance to win the job.

For now, they’re both right.

The Jets have issued their preliminary depth chart.  Like the Eagles, the Jets have named two starters:  Sanchez and Smith.  The Jets have no second-string quarterback.

Elsewhere on offense, Bilal Powell is listed as the starting tailback ahead of Chris Ivory, and Stephen Hill and Jeremy Kerley appear as the starting wideouts.  Jeff Cumberland is the starting tight end, with Kellen Winslow at No. 2.

Defensively, first-round cornerback Dee Milliner and first-round defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson are both listed as starters.

It’s all subject to change.  At quarterback, it presumably will.

34 responses to “Jets go with two starting quarterbacks on their depth chart, too

  1. Alright! Bilal Powell and Jeremy Kerley listed as starters! Jets seem to have alot going for them… I feel bad for both quarterbacks…

  2. Just give it to Sanchez, experience, especially at the NFL level, is NOT unimportant or overrated.
    Geno Smith (he reminds me of 1-year wonder Akili Smith) has ZERO experience and NFL defenses will make him look foolish.Therefore it is best to start Sanchez and if he fails then throw the rookie to the wolves and watch him fail.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I thought the Jets should have parted ways with Mark Sanchez a while ago, but I can’t seem to shake this ridiculously weird feeling like Sanchez is gonna come out firing this year and surprise a lot of people. Crazier things have happened in the NFL, and often times its the complete opposite of what you expect to happen…that actually does happen.

  4. With starting WRs Jeremy Kerley and Stephen Hill, TE Jeff Cumberland, and RB Bilal Powell the winning QB in this QB battle is going to have to work miracles to look good.

  5. Sanchez is a bottom 5 QB in the league, but he’ll start the season. It wouldn’t make much sense to start Geno unless Sanchez struggles early in the season.

    Better to give Geno a few games to learn this year and revamp for next year with a clear starter.

  6. Realistically, this is the first time Sanchez has been pushed his whole career. First it was kellen Clemens, then Brunell, then tebow who couldn’t complete a pass. Jets drafted arguably the best qb in the college class. If this finally doesn’t wake him up then it is time to cut ties. From all the reports from jets camp, it seems like both quarterbacks are really pushing one another and wont be denied in becoming the starter. Worst case scenario would be Sanchez wins the camp battle, sucks again and we finally cut ties with him. But even in that scenario geno would have had a season to learn and not be thrown into an offense with no playmakers. At the very least, the competition seems to be pushing both of them everyday which is not a bad thing considering how every position on offense needs to seriously elevate their game this year.

  7. First chipper in philly now rex in ny . When are these clowns gonna know you can only start one horrible QB at a time. Hey guys just pick one and go with it. Talk about Losers.!!!!!!!!

  8. I’m a little disappointed to see Ivory didn’t earn the first-string spot. It’s early, and that could change, but you’d think a guy like him would be hungry to grab onto a feature back opportunity.

  9. first off d milliner is the best cornerback Kyle is a slot cornerback he’s better in the slot as a quarterback not an outside corner back like a milliner

  10. Dual QB’s, both back in the shotgun, side-by-side. You never know who’s going to get the ball. If it goes to Sanchez, though, the defense will have it not long after.

  11. Sanchez will become a top 10 QB in the league , add a few playmakers. He is better than people think. It’s all in his head now. They stripped him of evey playmaker and blamed him

  12. this is great news for the bills, dolphins, and the patriots. these 2 qbs can get at most 4 wins this season.

  13. Rex: I am an innovator in the NFL. We will win the super bowl with this new offense. Geno, you will get the ball on odd downs, Mark you will get the ball on even downs. This is be the “slow the down” offense.

  14. I’m not surprised that a new coach out of the collegiate ranks would do something this lame, but for someone who is supposed to be an experienced NFL coach (and GM if he’s involved). This is probably the absolute worst way they could’ve handled the “competition”.

  15. They’re talking about putting Wilson at FS, when the other team is in a 2 wr set.

    They’ll mix and match him and Milliner on the other team’s WR2 and slot guy, in a 3 wr set.

  16. You have to start Sanchez. With the state of the skill positions on this team, the plan is clearly to win on defense if you win at all. There is no sense in ruining Smith by sending him out ill prepared and with no talent around him. Sanchez is already one foot in the grave, so you might as well let him and Rex ride into the sunset together and give Smith a year to learn the game at NFL speed. Start him next year with some decent draft picks on the offensive side of the ball.

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