Matt Leinart replaces Vince Young on PFT’s All-Unemployed Team

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With Vince Young reportedly to join the Packers, PFT’s All-Unemployed Team needed a new quarterback.

Like Young, our new quarterback was a member of the vaunted 2006 draft class of collegiate passers.

Yes, we’ve added Matt Leinart to the All-Unemployed Team, which also has two new receivers and a new cornerback.

But back to Leinart.

Leinart, like Young, turned 30 this spring, which is just about the trillionth reminder that we all turn old and grey, so let’s not belabor the point, but we all remember when they were younger, when Leinart’s USC just crushed teams — but not Young’s Texas team in the 2006 Rose Bowl. When Young scored the touchdown to clinch the national title against Southern Cal and walked out of the endzone with the ball tucked in his left arm . . . well, there are poker faces, and there is Vince Young walking away with that ball as if he were strolling down the block to give it back to a kid who accidentally left it on his lawn.

That was Young’s final collegiate game, and it capped Leinart’s USC career, too. Leinart, as you surely remember, stayed for his senior season at Southern Cal, which may well have cost him a few draft spots and some money in the end. But we do this: it’s part of his legacy now, and it’s kind of neat no matter happened thereafter. I mean, I can’t imagine what it’s like to be the star quarterback at USC. Who would want to leave, really?

Today, Young is hoping to stick in Green Bay, and today, Leinart is without a team, but they will always have 2005, which is more than most of us get.

28 responses to “Matt Leinart replaces Vince Young on PFT’s All-Unemployed Team

  1. Please both these guys where hyped to the max and were both thuds. Jay cutler was the star qb of that class and that says a lot for the character of the 2006 draft class.

  2. Young is there to play Kaepernick in practice. Green Bay’s first game is SF. Young may get cut right before the season when they are done with him.

  3. Green Bay is a great situation for Young, provided that Rodgers doesn’t get hurt. Young needs some time to get his act together without any pressure to produce. This is perfect for him.

  4. They also each have like 7 seasons of getting paid NFL cash, which is more than most of us get.

    I mean, I don’t want to brag but I worked at Blockbuster in college.

    *Silently cries*

  5. If Rex Grossman can be a 3rd string qb for the Skins then how can this guy not get a backup job. The Football God’s should give this guy a break after what happened on October 16 2006 week 6 on MNF. I remember it like it was yesterday. #BearDown

  6. I look back at this draft class, and at the time I thought it would be the deepest, most heralded draft class ever. There were so many college superstars. Now the only players in the top 10 of that draft who are top-tier players now are Mario Williams, Vernon Davis, and D’Brickshaw Ferguson. And these players are debatably great, at best.

  7. Both of them are scrubs packers must need a camp arm, and linert won’t be playing ever again

  8. Interesting ending to this story. I was reminded by a friend how some college players simply are just that–great college players. Their legacy was never meant to be the NFL and that’s OK. I think about some of the tremendous collegiate careers of some athletes who never even sniffed NFL greatness. Sometimes I wonder if they would have had success in the NFL, but then some of those college memories are so priceless, I’d hate to have them muddied by the meat grinder of a pro career.

  9. I don’t care how great your best days were, if they’re behind you, it’s a sad commentary on your life.

  10. Some player peak in high school, others in college, still others in the pros.

    I don’t think it really should matter as long as you are doing your best. I played club football at the secondary level and will not forget the experience.

    Living up to other’s expectations can be difficult.

    I suppose since none of us played in the NFL, we are all busts. 😉

  11. “but they will always have 2005, which is more than most of us get.”

    Yeah but today I have more money than Young. I hope Matt has spent his wisely.

  12. There’s so much poison spread here by nattering nabobs of negativism! Most of y’all probably can’t even throw a spiral or finish a 100 yard dash in 15 seconds (well at least I CAN throw a spiral-just not real far!). First of all there’s a huge difference between being a QB in the pros and college. Obviously not all college stars excel in the pros due to many factors. I believe the pro QB mindset is NOT easily attained. Unless a college QB is “gifted” he will need to have a system to learn and excel in as well as have skilled coaches who will hone his abilities and mental acuity. In Leinart’s case I’m going to guess and say he has the basic skills and coordination but probably lacks nerves of steel a QB needs to make the correct decisions. As for Vince Young 1) his throwing mechanics demean his passing ability. 2)his Wonderlic score was deemed “low” by NFL scouts and watchers which could’ve had a negative effect on his reception in the NFL. Moreover, several incidents during his tenure a Tennessee also point to a lack of mental and emotional toughness. Still both men have been excellent athletes and achieved a special place in college football. Before all you haters judge them, HONESTLY ask yourself: are you such an elite athlete that you could accomplish more than these guys were able to ?

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