Matt Ryan says Tony Gonzalez’s absence from camp won’t be an issue


Tight end Tony Gonzalez is absent from Atlanta Falcons’ training camp. After spending the first three days of camp with the team for the start of the 2013 campaign, Gonzalez left the team to return home. He’s expected to miss the Falcons’ preseason opener against the Cincinnati Bengals and will play in the final two preseason games according to head Mike Smith. Gonzalez is attending to family commitments including the start of his son’s first tackle football season.

Training camp is a chance for receivers to get on the same page with their quarterbacks, offensive linemen to develop a chemistry with each other and defenses to learn their run fits and blitz schemes. It’s difficult to develop that rapport among teammates when one of them is missing. However, Falcons’ quarterback Matt Ryan doesn’t believe Gonzalez’s absence will be problematic.

This will be year five together and at that point you have a lot of chemistry, a lot of time spent together, a lot of reps under our belt,” Ryan said in an interview with Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt of Sirius XM NFL Radio. “We actually worked together a bit this summer too. I was out in California for a little while to try and get some of that work done with him that we would be missing at this time.”

Gonzalez continues to post outstanding numbers year in and year out despite flirting with retirement after last season. He’s missed two games in 16 season and caught 93 passes for 930 yards and eight touchdowns last season for the Falcons. With his vast experience and several years together with Ryan, there seems to be little concern Gonzalez will be able to jump right back in when he returns.

“I think the reps are there. I don’t think it will be a problem at all. I know he’s one of those guys who, regardless of where he’s at, he’s taking care of himself and getting himself prepared. I look forward to when he does get back but I don’t see it being a problem at all.”

14 responses to “Matt Ryan says Tony Gonzalez’s absence from camp won’t be an issue

  1. The Bucs will sweep the dirty birds …so it really is not an issue …mark it down.

  2. What about the fact that he’s ridiculously old? Was rewatching the Kansas City Chiefs Hard Knocks…he’s literally the only guy from that team still in the league. And all he did during interviews in that was talk about how old he was…seven years ago.

    You can kick the tires for awhile, but eventually a guy turns into Brett Favre.

  3. It’s smart play to keep him fresh and avoid potential injury. I’m sure it was also a sticking point in his willingness to come back.

  4. Yeah because it won’t matter come the postseason. 1 and done. Fall Down FalCants

  5. Sports King of this world says:

    Lol Tony never participates in training camp. He doesn’t need it

    Yeah especially with all those Super Bowl rings. I wonder what the players are saying in the locker room about his special treatment.

  6. Another Saints troll. Stroll on back to your board, you need to worry more about missing the playoffs AGAIN more than harass the Falcons fans.

  7. Like Tony Gonzalez needs “training” camp. He’s well-trained. Best #s of any TE in history. Re-defined the position. Let everyone else train how to play the game in August. Gonz shows up in amazing shape and fresh for week 1.

    If other teams weren’t so worried about the players getting pissy about a 10+ year vet skipping camp, they’d prolong the careers of some great players–especially those in the trenches. See Johnson, Jimmy about how to treat those guys that make plays on Sunday during the early week and extend that to August. If the whiners want to skip camp one day, they can become future HOF’ers first.

  8. Tony doesn’t need practice let alone training camp. Best, hands down. Quest for SB ring will come up empty but he’s still the best.

  9. You don’t need a long camp to learn to catch and drop to the turf. It’s a move he has perfected.

  10. Troll? I’m highly offended by that. No not really #2 pts Melted Ice FalCants

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