Effort to name a street for Mike McCarthy delayed, again

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The effort to honor Packers coach Mike McCarthy with a street in his name remains stalled at the corner of Cluster and Fudge.

According to Scott Cooper Williams of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, the project will be delayed, again.  Packers officials support the postponement, in order to minimize distractions during the season.

The topic first arose after McCarthy led the Packers to the Super Bowl XLV championship.

Some politicians believe that the project is too extensive in size, cost, and disruption.  The street extends into three different localities — Green Bay, De Pere, and Ashwaubenon — making it a more complex endeavor.  The plug supposedly was pulled to spare embarrassment for McCarthy as the effort sputters along.

“It just became a very awkward situation,” Mike Aubinger, president of Ashwaubenon Village told the Press-Gazette.

From McCarthy’s perspective, it’s only embarrassing if he’s demanding that it be done.  We doubt that he is.

At a certain point, maybe he should just say, “Folks, I appreciate the thought, but I really didn’t get in to coaching to get a street named after me.”

43 responses to “Effort to name a street for Mike McCarthy delayed, again

  1. Why not just wait until they build a new street, and name that after him? Seems like a mess to make businesses/people change their address, changing maps, etc.

  2. At least you Packers fans don’t have to learn about a torn ACL to another player or something. Tonight’s story is about a street sign, and the logistical nightmare involved in naming a street after someone.

  3. Why would McCarthy give two s**ts whether or not a municipality has authorized a street sign for him? He’s coaching men – in a man’s game, and the Pack just lost Rodgers’ stud bodyguard for the year. Do you think McCarthy gives a crap about a street sign?

  4. Morons across the globe can “buy a star” and name it after their pet gold fish “Shiny” — but who really cares? McCarthy wants to heat up some Chicago Bear ass – that’s where his priorities are.

  5. That’s because there are already tons of streets in GB named “Fatty”, “Rotund”, “Lardass”, etc.

  6. Iknoweverythingisacleverandfunnyguy……sorry your opinion of Wisconsin and Green Bay is not the greatest, but our football team is better than yours….regardless of which team you like…the Packers have the most championships.

  7. McCarthy has always been humble and always steers clear of the spotlight. To insinuate that he hasn’t tried to put this to bed is misinformed.

  8. As a resident of GB, there are streets here that change names as they change cities/burgs.

    I don’t get what the issue is.

    Baird turns into Libal with zero issue/fanfare/fuss as you cross from Green Bay into Allouez. No one’s crying about that.

    It seems more like the politico’s simply don’t want to do it because once it’s done, they’ve little reason to exist then. Want to feel important.

  9. Besides which, there’s another guy from Wisconsin named McCarthy that is not remembered so fondly…

  10. Embarassing. GB mayor Jim Schmidt held up the McCarthy Way sign right after they won the Super Bowl, and they still haven’t changed street names. Lame Jim, just lame.

  11. I’m McCarthy is a nice guy, and why not name a street after guy who won a Super Bowl, but I’m not for naming streets for people until they retire or maybe even have passed on. You never know how things may up…

  12. Why would you name a street after the current coach?

    What is the rush to name a street after McCarthy? Does he need to be honored before Lord Favre because he cut him?

  13. Apparently, McCarthy has demanded that the street have a “restaurant” selling deep fried cheese curds every 100 feet. The problem is, there are too many streets in Green Bay that fit this criteria.

  14. He’s not even a good coach. Without Aaron Rodgers I really doubt he would have any playoff wins.

  15. It’s grandstanding by the local mayors and it never comes off well. Ashwaubenon’s mayor pulled this in Mike Holmgren’s final year in GB and it seemed forced and didn’t seem appropriate for an active coach, and seemed even more lame when Holmgren left for Seattle a year later.

    And now GB’s resident suck-ass Jim Schmitt is doing his most recent Packer-related grandstand by doing this street for Mike McCarthy and its not working.

    do things for the wrong reasons and it will never work.

  16. All the remaining teams in the division already have streets named after the Packers. It’s called Second Place, and it’s a dead-end.

  17. Usually they name a street after someone has retired or passed away. Is mike gonna retire anytime soon.???? He should after signing vy to a contract. What’s up with that move.

  18. He hasn’t done enough for this kind of attention. Win at least one more SuperBowl first, then talk.

    Have you noticed the rag comments from Viking “fans.” First words out of their mouths is stoop-low negative grade-school level stuff. I actually find it interesting in a pathetic way. No other fans react like they do. Their lame attempts at insults is all they have. What else have they got? Nothin’.

    Worth repeating……”A Tiger does not lose sleep from the opinions of sheep.”

  19. stellar: You obviously haven’t seen Packers’ fans responses when the topic involves the Vikings, because what you said right there is pure ignorance. Packers’ fans are the first ones to stoop to grade-level stuff when it involves the Vikings. While certainly many Vikings’ fans do the same when the Packers come up, but let’s not act like they are so far above the Vikings’ fans in maturity…that they would neevverr do that. That’s ridiculous.

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