Officials warn players: Spinning the ball can result in a penalty


It’s become commonplace in the NFL for players who make a big play to spin the ball on the ground in celebration. But this year, players are being warned that there’s a fine line between celebrating and taunting — and if they cross that line, it’s a 15-yard penalty.

Reports today from members of the media at Vikings camp and Panthers camp indicate that referees working training camps are warning players that they’ll be penalized if they taunt opponents by spinning the ball.

This is not a new rule: The 2012 official playing rules listed examples of taunting, saying, “These acts include but are not limited to: sack dances; home run swing; incredible hulk; spiking the ball; throwing or shoving the ball; pointing; pointing the ball; verbal taunting; military salute; standing over an opponent (prolonged and with provocation); or dancing.”

But the fact that officials at two different training camps made a specific point of mentioning spinning the ball suggests that officials will be stricter about enforcing that rule this year than they were last year.

One player, Panthers receiver Steve Smith, even said he’s working on ways to continue his ball-spinning celebrations while staying within the rules. Smith, and every other NFL player, would be wise to err on the side of caution. Players may enjoy spinning the ball to celebrate, but no celebration is worth 15 yards.

194 responses to “Officials warn players: Spinning the ball can result in a penalty

  1. Goodell is no fun.

    That being said, depending on which cheerleader you get to kiss when you play “spin the football”, it could still be worth the fine.

  2. Good!! Finally.. wouldn’t want the other professional millionaires to get their feelings hurt by a spinning ball.

  3. No Fun League. Just score a touchdown or make a sack and walk off with your head down and don’t look at anyone or else it’s a 15 yard penalty.

  4. No Fun League strikes again. Guess this is what happens when you try to appeal to “middle/high class America”.

  5. It should depend on the team. If a team like the Patriots or Broncos that scores 4 or 5 touchdowns a game it should be a penalty. But come on, if the JETS score they should be able to do backflips and set off fireworks. That just seems fair.

  6. Great – the “over-officious jerks” have now inserted themselves further into our lives and are now trying to elevate their importance with some nerd oath aimed at making sure they’re the story instead of the game.

  7. It’s an emotional game, but doing your job on 1 play doesn’t warrant the ridiculous celebrations we so often see. Also, if you manage to make it into the endzone, try acting like you’ve been there before.

  8. Hope this doesn’t include making the “First Down” chopping motion with the right arm when they get up off the ground.

  9. You guys are fools. These subjective penalties will get called at the wrong time messing up the game. They should all be dropped.

  10. About time they cleaned up the garbage. Nothing boils my blood more than seeing a defender getting taunted with a spinning football. NOTHING!

    A second ball spinning incident should certainly prompt a four game suspension.

  11. Smiling after a play is next, though smirks will only result in a 10 yard penalty as long as no teeth are showing.

  12. No fun league strikes again. Most fans love it so I don’t want to hear ol Roger saying that b.s. that “its about the fans”. It’s only about the fans when we are spending our hard earned money. If it truly was about the fans, then these infantile rules wouldnt be in place. Doubt this even gets posted because its not p.c. and not pro Goodell , and on this particular site, my posts don’t get posted more times than not (even though they are never profanity laced or hateful).

  13. Just play the damn game. Celebrate when you win something. AND, close your stupid Twitter account.

  14. Keep ’em out of the endzone and they can’t spin the ball.

    And if this is designed to prevent them from spinning the ball after a big play or a first down, they should just flag them for delay of game.

  15. This just in: Players are now fined for running too fast, Slower players can get their feelings hurt, In adittion all players get a Ice cream cone after each game and a “Good Job hug” even if they lose

  16. I don’t get it. By spinning a football, who are you taunting? Gravity? The Ground?

    I’m serious, I fail to see who would get offended by a player spinning a ball on the ground.

  17. Do any fans really complain about things like spinning the ball, flexing, saluting, or pointing after a big play?

    I have no issue with any of that and find it hard to believe other people do either.

    The committee is targeting the wrong actions here.

  18. Great. One more rule to be enforced inconsistently that will affect the outcome of the games. We need LESS rules. Not more. The ball has been spiked for as long as I can remember but if you enforce this rule as it’s written, that’s a penalty. Why have another subjective rule that will only call some of the time.

  19. Perhaps they should have 11 officials to match-up with the 22 players on the field. Each time someone “trash-talks” they could throw their little yellow flag. Is trash-talking taunting?

    As for Steve Smith, if he had played with a truly great quarter-back his ticket for the HOF would have been punched a long time ago.

  20. Football is a game. Games are supposed to be fun and competitive. NFL really is the No Fun League.

  21. I’m of two minds about this. First, I don’t like seeing idiots waste time dancing and I don’t like when defenders run further into the offense’s side of the line of scrimmage to celebrate. On the other hand though, I don’t care what a guy does with the ball as long as he drops it near where he got tackled quickly.

  22. Simply ridiculous. If the celebration delays the game, fine – throw a flag. Otherwise just let the players play. We watch the NFL to see them, not the officiating crew.

  23. I remember when they used to flag guys for spiking the ball during play (either for celebration or slamming the ball frustration). They seem to have gotten bored of that and will let it slide, I guess this will replace it.

  24. Yea I can see how the Mile High Salute which was started by ex military guy would be in bad taste. Has it really gotten to the point a player can’t express any expression of joy when making a great play without it being considered taunting?
    Never realized 300lb football players have become so sensitive! !!

  25. Wow, Godell is ruining this sport. Before you know it, it’s going to be flag football, and then it’ll be that nobody loses every bodies a winner thing. Whatever happened to football being a real sport where it was ok to celebrate a little and actually hit people. But hey, then again maybe I’m just too old school for this generation of sports.

  26. Whats next ? Flags and fines for any smiling or jumping up and down?…….What in the hell is the world coming to?

  27. I have been all for getting rid of the ridiculous t.d. antics of guys like T.O. and Chad Johnson. But this is getting ridiculous. What’s next, no high-fiving? Is that taunting? If a guy gets a huge sack on 3rd down, so what if he salutes? Give me a break already.

  28. They make the spike illegal and I’m out. I mean really there has to be some point they shouldn’t cross, right? Spin’n was fine.

  29. So the no spinning the ball rule is going to be enforced. But breaking the rule disallowing the sack dance will not be enforced or penalized. Like that really stupid thing jarrod allen does.

    Here is an idea either enforce all the rules on the books or get rid of the rule. Instead of allowing a grey area.

  30. New Rule: After scoring a touchdown, you must apologize to your opponent for making them look bad and promise not to do it again.

    Just give all 32 teams a Lombardi trophy and be done with it. Good grief!

  31. NFL in ten years:
    QB: So we’re running it up the middle, so it’ll be 2nd and 5 now.
    LB: Hold up, you won’t get 5 yards on us. 2nd and 7.
    RB: Yeah but I was going to use a spin move.
    LB: Okay fine, 2nd and 6.

  32. Good. Tired of watching these prima Donna WR and rbs spin the ball every time they gain positive yardage.

  33. You gotta be freakin’ kiddin’ me.

    NFL fans aren’t going to desert because of too much contact in 20 years, they’re going to desert it in 20 years because of no contact.

  34. In fact, any kind of indication that a player even remotely enjoys having made an outstanding play or who in any way is thought to have any emotional reaction whatsoever to having scored a touchdown against some of the best athletes in the world will immediately be penalized. Repeated instances of having enjoyed yourself or the game will result in ejection.

  35. Does anyone really believe the other teams feelings are hurt from a celebration? This is getting a bit out of hand.

  36. Seriously? We don’t have better stuff to worry about? Is this the NCAA? ‘don’t hurt the other team’s feelings guys!’ smh

  37. Is Goodell that parent that doesn’t let their kids tear up the wrapping in their presents?

  38. this is stupid. a. you allow td dances. sacks are defenders’ tds. b. are these grown men or babies? they can’t take someone getting excited about a great play? I live football, but it’s turning into a pansy sport.

  39. I don’t mind these guys having some fun but the celebrations are out of control. Celebrate after a score but don’t taunt or degrade the other team. Self-promotion “signature moves” are demonstrations not a celebrations

    Some of these clowns “celebrate” anything. Hitting a guy after he gains 6 yards on a 3rd and 5 is no cause for celebration but they do it all the time (after running 10-15 yards to make sure they are the only player in the camera shot). That is the equivalent of a McDonald’s worker hopping the counter and spiking a napkin holder in the middle of the lobby because they remembered to salt the fries.

  40. jakec4 says:
    Aug 5, 2013 7:30 PM
    About time they cleaned up the garbage. Nothing boils my blood more than seeing a defender getting taunted with a spinning football. NOTHING!

    A second ball spinning incident should certainly prompt a four game suspension.


    You. Need. Professional. Clinical. Help.

  41. I’ve never understood why every jackass tries to spin the ball, all it does is hold up the game, make the refs work twice as hard playing chase.

    I’m in full favor of this, if my team does it, penalize them just like the next, lets stop making this about the stupid antics and more about the game.

    Spin the ball when you score, not when you make a tackle. You won’t make it to the Hall for your ability to spin the ball when the play is dead.

  42. Officials warn players: Old rich executives still old; make pointless rules that only old people care about.

  43. No “verbal taunting”?!?! Seriously?? If a guy talks smack to another guy and fans can’t even see or hear it, he can still get penalized? This is getting ridiculously stupid.

  44. Translation:

    Small market teams like the Vikings and Panthers will mysteriously get prnalized at crucial times by the officials for perceived dances or possible celebratory arm movements, while playing major market teams like the Giants and Steelers.

    Note: Major market teams like the Giants and Steelers will never be penalized for such perceived infractions unless the game is essentially over anyway.

  45. The NFL is fast becoming worthless.

    Rules changes.

    Breast cancer (only for women) promotions. Pink ribbons. Pink everything.

    Now you can’t even rub the nose of a worthless team in their own …

    Taunting is every bit of football as actually scoring a touchdown. If you can’t handle the taunt, dish it back with a good old fashioned slugfest or score a touchdown.

    The chickification of our society is disgusting. Leftist nirvana will have women ruling everything and men only being around to ridicule (because only white men can be ridiculed without punishment).

    Spin the friggin ball – spike it – dance on the cowpuke star – torment your opponent!

  46. I don’t see the big deal. We call them professionals, so why not expect them to be professionals. Besides, you can still spin the ball as long as its not appearing to be a taunt. Just walk 5 feet away from the opposing players and spin the ball away from them. Is that so difficult? Just don’t appear to taunt them. The player might want to keep his mouth shut too.

  47. Oh cool. I think this will help keep players safer as well. I would hate for someone to get a concussion from looking at that spinning football. pffft.

  48. What about saying “nanny nanny boo boo”. What the hell? Do we really need to legislate when someone is taunting and when they are not? Have we lost all ability to contain our own stupidity??? Some of these celebrations are fun ways for the fans to engage, not putting down the other team, how freaking stupid is Goodell or whatever idiotic bozo dreamed them up?

  49. If I was a defensive player, my feelings would be hurt when another player made me look stupid on the way to scoring.

    That spinning ball thing would be the least of my angst.

  50. Must be a packer fan. I guess it would get old seeing Jared Allen’s sack move 4X a game & watching Rodgers dust off the dirt after getting manhandled by the Vikings! Wait until Sharif Lloyd meets your QB

  51. I’m not one for over the top celebrations but this is just pathetic. Can’t even go with the classic spike. They even outlawed that.

  52. Just play football and leave the choreography to Biebs. For crying out loud, you look like you’re trying to steal the cheerleaders jobs!

  53. Goodell “We don’t want any players getting their feelings hurt. Yes, the same players who we told that concussions were fine until they literally sued us”

  54. The thing I really don’t like is it leaves it up to the officials discretion. They will call it some and look the other way some. Perhaps it should be five yards and called every time. Don’t even stop the game, just walk back five yards and put the ball in play.

  55. They’re like two rules away from everyone getting a Super Bowl trophy got participation.

  56. any time some guy you’ve never heard of makes his 3rd catch of the year in week 14 for a first down, then acts like he’s won the superbowl and does the first down sign, it should immediately be loss of down and the player executed after the game.

    this is getting ridiculous. some guy had to sit down and type out in a rule book that doing incredible hulk celebrations is illegal. and guys aren’t allowed to show the military some love with a salute once in a while?

  57. I mean….

    They’re two rules away from everyone getting a Super Bowl trophy for participation.

  58. They should penalize the player who tries to spin the football and fails. Same with the goal post dunk. Get injured on a flip? Penalty. Spike the ball and hit yourself? Penalty. Crap in your pants? 15 yards. Tebowing? Automatic ejection.

  59. Spinning the ball?? that should result in a LIFETIME ban!! Damn, That’s worse than HGH or steroids or anything I can imagine!! HELL, we should just shoot’em!!

  60. So this is going waaayyyyyy too far. Next thing you know when a receiver catches a pass a line backer won’t be able to hit him… Oh wait. I mean it’s not like that thing that Clay Matthews does ever gets called, or Jared Allen gets a penalty for his celebration. We don’t get to see Ray dancin and quiverin anymore. These guys are out there entertaining millions of people, it’s their personality showing. Sometimes they go a bit too far but I mean
    Cmon Man who didn’t laugh when T.O. pulled the sharpie out or when he called from the end zone on the phone he stashed, what about the pom poms or the marriage proposal to the cheer leader. Gotta get rid of the Lambeau
    Leap, the Mile high Salute, that Dirty Bird thing…
    Remember when Chris Carter did the ball spin and acted like he was in front of the camp fire warming his hands on Inside the NFL? My point is who is it hurting? It’s a game!!!

  61. The NFL is slowly going to make football a sport I avoid. If I wanted to see robots play, ill play Madden Football, but hey, even Madden football has more personality than the NFL. Well maybe UFC fighting, or soccer and Rugby!! Might be worth a look soon. Hopefully NOT!

  62. Unless its on a TD. The penalty will result in a 15yd penalty on the kickoff. Automatic touchback. No run back, no collisions resulting in injury. A slam dunk win for the NFL. Go ahead and celebrate, as long as its a TD.

  63. Many of these “celebrations” are classless and idiotic, especially when done by players on a team that’s losing badly.

    Few things say moron to me like somebody on a team down by 30 points dancing around and going crazy because they tackled a receiver who just gained 20 yards and picked up a first down.

  64. Celebration is part of the game. If you as a defender don’t want to see your opponent celebrating after a touchdown, then don’t allow the touchdown. It’s already bad enough, that every kid in pop warner, little league etc. gets a trophy now. When I was growing up in sports the team that won got trophies and celebrated because you earned it. Sorry I’m so long winded but this ticks me off.
    Instead of the Rules Committee working on things that really matter, like peds and trying to make the game safer and improving the quality of later life for the players, they are trying to make the only True American Game into friggin Wimbledon to appeal to someone in Europe to make more Billion$. They are so worried about the Spirit of the Game that they will ruin it before the next generation. Good job Roger Goddell! It’s wussification plain and simple!

  65. To most of the posters here…Really?!? There are players spinning footballs, imitating the incredible hulk or predator, taking a home run swing, shooting a fadeaway jumper and roping calves after a play…and the rules are infantile and childish?!? Puhlease.

  66. the jets, browns and raiders were strong supporters of this rule being implemented due to the number of times their opponents are celebrating big plays throughout the game.

  67. If the worst they do on the field is spin a ball who cares. It’s what many of the players are doing off the field that the NFL should be concerned about.

  68. Goodell is butt hurt that Chad Johnson is outta the league and no longer “blows” him on a weekly basis for celebrating a TD!

    Really!!?? Spinning the ball!!??

  69. Thank God they finally addressed this. Now if they start working on banning high fives and smiling I’ll be happy.

  70. Goodell and his cronies must believe that, we as fans,
    have been watching an inferior brand of football all these years, before he/they came along.

    One of the silliest rules ever !

  71. Remember that one year if the fans cheered too loud that the refs would stop the game and told the fans that if the didn’t make pipe down that their team would penalized? What’s the reason for these stupid rules? Oh I get it, we can’t hurt the other teams’s feelings. boo hoo. If they call those stupid rules, then they should spike the ref.

  72. The game has gotten to the point where a fan can not celebrate a touchdown because you have to wait for the booth review. No one knows what the booth will see and rule, so you have to wait with anticipation as the clear TD is reviewed and then over turned.

    How dare the player even attempt to make any maneuver to show any enjoyment in getting the ball across the goal line?

    This is getting ridiculous…

  73. I have never played a down in college or the NFL, but for as long as I can remember, while playing backyard football or high school ball, spinning the football while scoring a touchdown was all apart of dreaming of being your favorite player after you crossed the goal line.

    Pretty soon, they will tell the Refs, players and fans to stop raising their arms and hands in the air to make the signal for a touchdown because its taunting the defense or opposing team that someone actually scored. This is why I have taken my support to college football, which is slowing screwing that game up too.

    Rugby, here I come.


  75. all you people who are blaming Goodell or the referees for this rule enforcement do not realize the NFL rules are set by a committee of coaches, general managers and one official; that being the supervisors of officials. Goodell does not make the rules.

  76. And here-forth, after making an outstanding offensive advancement of the football, Thou Shalt Not show any jubilation nor excitement of your nor your Team’s accomplishment! Therefore, if such accomplishment is celebrated in any way, shape, or form to entertain the peasant fans, Thou Shalt Be PENALIZED heavily on and off the field of play!!!

  77. Celebrating after a play or score when losing by more than 2 touchdowns should result in lose of points or said play. Also celebrating what your job is should also.

  78. In Roger Goodell’s NFL, there will be no hurt feelings because there will be no taunting. There will be no hurt body parts because there will be no tackling. And after catching a game-winning touchdown pass, the wide receivers will go hug the defensive backs and ask “how did you feel when I smoked you .. er .. completed the play? Don’t worry, man, we’re all winners in this game.”

    This scene from Roger Goodell’s NFL was brought to you by the Oxygen Network. Play nice, boys!

  79. The most popular sport in the rest of the world is soccer or originally football, when these guys score they can do damn near everything except ironically the “lambough leap”. The point is, they understand how hard it is to score in professional sports and embrace the celebration part of it.

  80. This one may just push me over the edge. I’m getting closer to actually giving up on the NFL. Which sucks, because football is my favorite sport. But we must all be open to walking away if the Goodell Era becomes too ridiculous for words too describe.

  81. But you don’t push the Eagles to rescind Riley Cooper’s fine and suspend him???

    This is why corporate influence is always stupid. They don’t really know what the people want.

  82. I like the rule… No more spinning the ball.

    Being an alcoholic and a NFL Sunday 18 beer guy, the spinning of the ball on TV makes me queasy when the room is spinning as well.

  83. I told all of you that allowing Goodall and the owners to go down this path of silly rules is a slippery slope. And now you see what I’ve been warning you about. They are making stupid, silly rules on the most ridiculous stuff.

  84. Being a RAIDER fan I find it a shame that they would take away the Broncos Mile High Salute. Next will be the Lambeau Leap or RAIDERS jumping in the Black Hole? These kind of celebrations are one with the team.

  85. when I was young playing sand lot football was more fun than this!!! yup we would talk smack and all but that just made the other player man up or give up!! games are made to be fun!!!! damn!!!

  86. The military solute is a penalty? That has to be a joke, many players do it, I dont know how it could be taunting.

    JJ Watt did it all year. I think A. Morris did it. Obviously those in Denver do it too.

  87. Stated to a running back after an overly exuberant display of celebration: Next time you make a touchdown, act like you’ve been there before.
    – Vince Lombardi

  88. wow that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard what’s next the Redskins name get changed?! Stupid..

  89. its important that they do this, and not worry about the poor officiating that likes to show up in the play-offs.
    I am glad they have their priorities right.

  90. I sure do hate it anytime I am reminded that there are actual people under those helmets and I look forward to the day that robots are playing the game with pre-determined outcomes (and more commercials please!)

  91. So if spinning the ball gets you a flag then what does spiking the ball after a td, waving your hand for a first down or flexing after a sack get you?

  92. The NFL is following suit with the government and making a law against everything.

    Pretty soon they will have a TSA checkpoint to get into the endzone

  93. Everyone is always complaining about how the NFL is changing. Dont like whats happening, VOTE WITH YOUR WALLETS PEOPLE! Stop buying tickets, sunday ticket and merchandise! Oh thats right, America is addicted to the NFL. They knows we will grumble but will still support them regardless of what they do. The NFL is part of American culture, we cant stop long enough in large enough numbers to be heard. Ticket and merchandise prices are growing while the game and game day experience is diminishing.

  94. Please, won’t some brave gay man lower his standards, wed and bed the she-males Georgia Goodell and Regina McKay, and take control of the NFL out of their well-manicured sissy hands?

  95. These guys play a violent game. Put their bodies through a lot for the owners and Goodell’s fat wallets. If they want to spin a damn ball, let them spin the damn ball!! This is ridiculous!

  96. As a Packer fan I can only hope that they remind Finley of the rules. I am so tired of seeing him pop up like a mad man after making 1 lousy first down and doing his “jazz hands Tomahawk chop” first down dance. It would be less annoying if he caught the other 4 pass attempts prior to it though…

  97. Alright….how about this? No celebrating except for TDs and then, we’ll call this the CamLwalk rule, you can do whatever the hell you want for 10 seconds. No props, no taunting, nothing R rated. Anything else is fine…dance a jig, spin on your head, whatever but 10 seconds or less. It’s an exciting thing to score a TD in the NFL, a little celebration is in order. But, the games are taking too long and we need to move along.

  98. This has more to do with professionalism than anything. While you might like to see your team gloat and throw it in someone else’s face, consider this; at your place of work, considering you do work, do you see your coworkers slam dunk a coffee cup, how about a piece of fruit? No? How about a jackhammer? Wow. Now we all know this is all about entertainment, but seriously, allowing prima donas to be prima donas just to satisfy our frustration to overcome our society’s non aggression rules is nothing more than venting. In the past, this was never done. Let them be professional, and to expect more from them is to say they should have a little class. What’s wrong with that?

  99. Isn’t there a cannon that goes off at the Buc’s home stadium when they score? That’s legal, but a little ball spinning isn’t? Lame.

  100. Just one more way to make sure the right teams win and the wrong ones get 15-yard penalties.

  101. Roger Goodell doesn’t make the rules. There is a competition commitee that examines issue every off-season and makes recomendations to the owners, who then vote on either adding new rules or removing existing rules. Players should be excited after scoring a TD, but things had gotten out of hand in the past. This simply puts everyone on even ground.

  102. After waiting years and years for the opportunity to buy season tickets (along with that dumba@@ PSL), I turned them down earlier this year because Roger and his crew of knuckleheads are slowly killing the game with tricky-tac rules like this. I will continue to watch and root on my local team, but as for other games? I’m done.

  103. Is this professional football or a kindergarten league? Seriously, these are professionals. No one’s feelings should be hurt if someone spins the ball to celebrate …

  104. How about we don’t make spinning the ball illegal, and also make it legal for a member of the opposing team to kick the nuts of the guy who spun the ball? There, less rules, more entertainment. And probably less spun balls.

  105. So…according to this, the Patriots should have been penalized 165 additional yards in 2012 due to Rob Gronkowskis spiking the ball. Also add another 255 yards in 2011 to the Patriots penalty yardage.

    “These acts include but are not limited to: sack dances; home run swing; incredible hulk; spiking the ball….”

    Am I not reading this correctly? So why are some rules enforced and not others? If you are going to make a point of enforcing the more stupid rules in your book, why dont you enforce ALL the stupid rules in your book!

    I personally have no issue with taunting, yelling, pointing or anything else. Its fun for the fans, its fun for the players and these are grown men. If you have to protect them from taunting, they need a therapist. What I dont like are over celebration. Delaying the game, getting in the way or being an overall dick. Every single thing mentioned in that rule is fine in my eyes. What I dont want to see is props in TD dances. I dont want to see a guy run out onto the logo when the kickers are trying to line up. Thats the bad stuff, not this

  106. @ ozymandias121

    Except if it’s a tackle on 4th down preventing a 1st down, or if you convert a 1st down on 4th down.

    But I agree. No dancing or celebrating because you made a tackle on 1st and 10 after a 3 yard gain or if you convert a 2nd and 1 at your own 37.

  107. The greatest touchdown celebration was TO doing the Ray Lewis dance in Baltimore when he was a member of the Eagles….To take away the TD celebrations is to make people who don’t watch football continue to not watch football. My point is that TO made people interested in football because of his TD antics.

  108. People, they are NOT talking about spiking the ball AFTER a touchdown here. Good God, man. They’re talking about spiking it in the middle of the field after a big catch or interception. This rule has been enforced many times over the last 4-5 years. The spike DELAYS the game, which is why it is a penalty. Spinning the ball, however, does NOT delay the game since the ball spins where it hits the ground whereas the spike can land anywhere. Therefore, spinning should not be a penalty for a delay.

    Taunting penalties have been called plenty of times too. But, it’s one of those things where everyone knows it when they see it. To make spinning a point of emphasis is stupid because I don’t see it as an issue.

  109. This is dumb so why don’t we start handing out trophies to every team and tell them that every team finished in first place and please don’t keep score during games. This is what little leagues do so no one gets their feeling hurt. Kid Gloves.

  110. this is just getting sickening. i can understand not acting like a tool on 1 good play but what about a big time td or a huge sack on 3rd down in the 4th qtr? that would just be insane.

    just another reminder of why i boycott games for my 5th straight year

    and another reminder why i shuold enjoy this season bec there wont be many more tackle seasons left to come around.

  111. OK, if we cannot have the “Mile High Salute” after a touchdown because it may be perceived as taunting or a delay of the game then absolutely we have to do away with the “Lambeau Leap” ’cause if there is any celebration that truly slows down the pace of the game and has huge potential to enrage the visiting team it is the self-indulgent fiesta that is the Lambeau Leap.


    So many of these rules are just stupid. The fans enjoy the celebrations. Football is a game of emotion and those emotions need to be released by player and fan.

    I for one am 100% (Not 110%) against this dumb rule change.

  112. As a Skins fan I see Santana Moss and Pierre Garcon spin the ball after big catches (Steve Smith too) but never to taunt the dback. They do it out of pure excitement after a big first down or a td and I see nothing wrong with that if players are allowed to do crazy sack dances or spike the ball etc after a td. Jeez, Goodell is slowly killing all the fun in the game. Yeah, it’s a business first and foremost but it’s also entertainment and it should be fun and players should have fun doing their jobs.

  113. I know I will hear it from Packer fans, but if spinning the ball is illegal, how is the Lambeau Leap justified?

  114. I guess all the taunting will have to occur in Hooters’ and Buffalo Wild Wings by fans.

  115. Must be another player safety issue…too many concussions have been caused by lineman falling down after getting dizzy by watching the ball go round and round.

  116. Penalty if your socks aren’t the right height
    Penalty for TD dance
    Penalty for having fun while playing a kids game
    No penalty for defrauding customers out of millions.

  117. Goodell is making football like baseball with their absurd and ridiculous “rules” about showing up other players and no celebrating or showing emotion.

  118. Being here in Dallas, at least the cowboys won’t get many of these penalties as they are scared of the end zone. That said, it could be beneficial for the girls as only opponents celebrate here.

  119. No more high fives.

    No more hugs.

    No more slaps on the back or backside. (Actually I’m OK with the second part of that one.)

    No more arms in the air.

    No more jumping either by yourself or into another player or players.

    No more sprinting off the field.

    No more smiling.

    Just silently walk off the field with your head down.

    Thanks NFL.

  120. Let’s just make it a 90 second mandatory dance at mid-field for the player who gains three yards and then runs 15 downfield and folds his arms. Digging with a shovel can be 75 seconds and so on.

  121. I guess through lobbying of the National Football League Promotional Association the discount double check slips through penalty free.

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