Packers cancel practice, media availability


Monday’s Packers practice was set to be an anomaly in the long history of the franchise.

The practice was going to be open to the media but closed to the public, which Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports is something that hasn’t happened at a training camp practice “in decades.” The team has switched gears, however, and cancelled the practice, coach Mike McCarthy’s press conference and other media availability for members of the team altogether.

That means we won’t be getting any updates directly from the team about the condition of left tackle Bryan Bulaga’s knee, which was injured on Saturday and is one of several battered body parts that help explain why the Packers moved to call off practice altogether.

Mike Florio reported Sunday that Bulaga tore his ACL and will miss the entire 2013 season. We also won’t be hearing anything official about their reported interest in quarterback Vince Young, who is expected to work out for the team on Monday.

Word on both fronts will have to either come from other channels or wait until the Packers get things up and running again on Tuesday.

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  1. Just found out that its a team building day – I don’t know what they are doing this year. But this is something McCarthy has done every summer in GB. And for everyone saying ‘cancel the season they lost Bulaga’. The Packers are 22-6 with Marshall Newhouse at LT. And while Bulaga is a very solid tackle he was actually ranked 53rd best tackle in the NFL last season, Newhouse 52nd.

  2. They realize that the only thing the media are really interested in is dramatizing the Vince Young visit so they wisely opted to shut the whole thing down like a bad ferris wheel. Good for them, I say.

  3. Another train wreck NFC team. The dissension is so bad for the Packers that they had to cancel practice in favor of a team building campfire sing around. The Packers don’t have classy leaders with character like RG3, just whiners like Aaron Rodges whose feelings get hurt easily and who can’t ever admit his mistakes, just like his former target Greg Jennings said.

  4. Ouch! What the heck is going on? I have seen injuries happen in training camp , but this is getting crazy. So much for the CBA keeping the players safer… I wonder if its just too big and too strong and too fast. With so many guys trying to make the team, maybe it’s too intense too soon.

  5. Without Buluga they have no way to protect Rodgers, who is their ENTIRE team so they just had to shut down the whole team.

    This will be what happens when Aaron gets hurt. Shut it down. Everyone go home.

  6. Other than #12 suffering a season-ending ACL injury, this was probably one of the players the Packers could least afford to lose.

    Looking at Vince Young is foresight that the Packers are going to need a decent backup QB this year.

    Meanwhile, fear and loathing permeate Packerland.

  7. I blame VY – he’s like an old timey medieval village witch… he shows up, livestock starts to die off – plants don’t grow…

    One mention of just a little interest in the dude, bam! Bulaga’s knee goes out.

    Just saying… VY is like a Dibbick Box or something for NFL teams.

  8. MCCarthy should race up the steps of the atrium, knock down the door of Ted T and say ‘where in the hell did we get these conditioning and training coaches from, some on line school’ ?

    Day one training camp, 7 people on PUP list.

    Saturdays scrimmage, 16 players not suited up and we haven’t played one game yet.

    Now your top lineman hurt for the season by playing in a nothing scrimmage? The O line is in total disarray and the first pre season game is in 5 days?

    Formula for disaster. Drafting the wrong position and the wrong time. They needed a number 1 and 3 pick for the O line and got zilch.

  9. They’re having closed-door meeting to discuss how to best transition away from Rodgers to insert Vince Young as starter.

    Given Braun and Rodgers were “involved”, the Pack is taking proactive measures before the league imposes it.

  10. The viking whiners all excited like a boy seeing his first playboy because of the injury. You do realize he was out last year with a fractured hip socket and the Packers still made you look bad with all our supposed weaknesses. Keep living with your self proclaimed paper championship while we do the real thing on the field. Two wins every season for the past 3 against your sorry team thats has to be emabarrassing.

  11. len462 says:Aug 5, 2013 12:43 PM

    Well Packer fans… I guess we already know what your excuse will be this year. Injuries.

    That’s their excuse every year. Except when they were able to overcome injuries and win the Super Bowl, then it was “next man up.”

  12. Its called parity, the NFL gods looked at teams like the Seahawks, 49ers, Packers Broncos and Ravens and decided that if any of the other teams in the league have a chance to get to the big dance, they needed to level the playing field.

    In all seriousness though, GB played 9 games, 11 counting playoffs without Bulaga last year so save the conspiracy theories. This team is all about next man up, if anything they deal with injuries better than most teams.

    Sure they need to sit down and discuss what to do now, flip the OL back to original with Newhouse at LT Sitton at RG with Barclay and Bakhtiari fighting for RT or stay the course and try the rookie out at LT.

    To all those that are jumping for joy at the moment, enjoy it because this team will continue to do what they do best and that is win.

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