Packers signing Vince Young to one-year deal


The Packers might not have a left tackle at the moment, but they’re adding a quarterback.

Former first-rounder Vince Young worked out for the Packers today, and it apparently went well.

According to Ed Werder of ESPN, the Packers were “impressed,” by Young’s workout and “will attempt to sign” him. Moments later, ESPN colleague Josina Anderson reported a one-year deal would be signed.

Werder also noted that the Packers’ first two games were against the 49ers and Redskins, implying that Young’s presence will make it easier somehow to prepare for those two.

Without seeing Young play, it’s hard to know if he’s good enough to replicate Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III closely enough for them to benefit.

99 responses to “Packers signing Vince Young to one-year deal

  1. Don’t see VY as having a lot of other options, aside from playing a couple hundred miles north of Green Bay.
    So how much of his salary will go to creditors?

  2. Not a big fan of this move but its not like the backup QBs on the roster right now are very good. This guy definitely a lot more athletic than Harrell and Coleman. Still I’ll be suprised if he’s anything more than a 4 week tryout and release guy.

  3. Not sure if he sticks with the regular season roster, but I wonder if they’ve asked him not to use the words “Packers” and “dream team” in the same sentence.

    On a serious note: Good for him – maybe he can turn his career around. Time will tell.

  4. What does it take to be a general manager in the nfl???

    Packers lose their starting LT and they sign a QB who most likely will get released.. They already have 2 guys battling for backup. Now I dont see any reason why they did this..

    God forbid Rodgers went down are we really gonna think Young is going to help win us games when the Defense is still being built

  5. You gotta love the way the Packers think………lose the left tackle so instead of finding a way to repair that, simply get a backup QB for preparation for a quick injury. Who says the Packers are stupid???

  6. I think this is a good signing, neither Harrell or Coleman has ever played a significant amount of time, and if something actually happened to Rodgers atleast we could put in someone with experiance.

  7. This is a head scratcher. It would be sweet to have a run-option at QB that throws the opponents preparations for a loop. If the Packer coaches liked what they saw, I have to believe the kid wasn’t sitting at home eating Cheetohs for the past year. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes.

  8. I’ve been a long time Young critic since coming out of UT. By chance, happened to hear him speak at an event in Austin last year about the changes he’d made in his life, and working to earn another chance in the NFL.

    Glad to see he’s getting that chance. Good luck, man.

  9. Good for VY. I’m not about kicking someone while they’re down – VY’s been humbled and humiliated enough in his career that at this point I actually hope he has a chance to redeem himself

  10. How ironic is it that this is the guy from the ’06 draft that everyone wanted more than Jay Cutler.

  11. This is always my question. Instead of actually signing and giving a roster spot to someone who will never play in a game just to give your defense practice against a read-option type quarterback are you allowed to just pay someone to practice and qb your scout team without them being on your roster?

    For example just pay someone who is not on an NFL roster but has experience running a read-option$10 or $20 grand or whatever to practice for the week before your team plays a read-option quarterback but keep the qbs on your team all standard pocket qbs?

  12. Only teams that are secure in their starting QB positions can handle signing players like Vince Young and Tim Tebow.

  13. The Packers have been looking at Vince Young for a while now. This signing has nothing to do with the developments with Bulaga. From the sounds of it, the Packers are thinking about moving Bakhtiari over to left tackle and let him compete there. I would also have Jared Gaither and Jamaal Brown’s phone numbers handy, if that experiment doesn’t work out. Tough loss for the Packers, time will tell if they find an adequate solution.

  14. I was surprised when the Vikings didn’t pick Vince Young up to replace that noodle armed Ponder chick, but then remembered that the Packers hadn’t released him yet.

  15. Finally won’t have to look at all his stock pictures with a Bills uni on anymore. Please hurry up and get a good stockpile of him in the Green and Gold – might not have much time to do it.

  16. The hatred towards the Packers on this site is very disturbing. From mocking the stock sale, to their playoff loss last year and on and on. There must be some envious people out there. I guess when you have 20 years of sustained success and the best record in pro football since 1992, it does get hard to root for this small town gem of a team. I suggest you concentrate on your own teams success.

  17. Probably a smart move given the fact that Erin probably won’t last long behind that Swiss cheese o-line. With the big Beluga done for the year, a running QB will be essential in the land of cheese.

  18. I cannot believe he got another chance, I hope he can put at least a backup QB career together & get his finances in line. I suspect he has kids, that would be good for them.

  19. Vince Young got fed a store’s worth of humble pie. From everything I’ve read he seems to have gotten his mind right. I hope his second chance goes well.

  20. I’m not a fan of VY by any means, but I’m oddly happy for the guy. I think he can actually play some decent football at this level. If he acts like he gives a shiggidy about his development maybe he can be, at worst, a serviceable backup QB; at best, a starter. He has a chance to get his head out of his rear and learn from one of the greatest QBs out here. I am actually gonna root for the guy’s snowball-in-hell chance of resurrection. Greater things have happened.

  21. Great move Packers!! A month chowing in Green Bay and Young can fill in for Bulaga also!!

  22. I’m glad he found a job where he will be used. Even if it is on the scouting team, at least his talents will be valued.

  23. It’s hilarious watching these Packers scramble around searching for answers since getting crushed by the 49ers. Unfortunatley they didn’t bother watching the other 49er playoff games, Colin Koepernick can throw the ball too you idiots. Pay Vince Young all you want to “simulate” situations, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Packers are a 10-6 team at best and the Niners will scorch the Packers with the pass.

  24. What’s the big deal? So VY sucks – at least he doesn’t suck as bad as Harrell and my boy B.J.

  25. Anyone other than a jealous whiner of the Pack knows why they signed him. At the worst he will help play scout qb for the read option and at the best he turns himself around and becomes student of the game.

    Purplepillager why wouldnt we make anymore ponder jokes. Do you realize that Young and ponder have almost identical stats rating wise? Their qb rating is within 2pts at 76 & 74, completion % is 59% vs. 57%, and lastly they both have as many combined to’s as td’s. The major difference here is Young on the Packers is a camp arm and a longshot to make it while Young on the Vikings is a twin to Ponder (noted above) and would be vying for a starting gig. Now thats funny!

  26. Good for VY to get a shot with another team. However, I am wondering how many Packers fans on here will welcome him with open arms? They seemed giddy to ridicule him when he was briefly mentioned as a possible quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. And please spare me with the whining about people only trolling Packers pages. Packers fans do just as much (if not more) trolling on their NFC North Division rivals.

  27. This is less about Vince young getting another chance in the league and more about the lack of confidence the packers have in their other quarterbacks. I just hope Vince makes it through preseason.

  28. I don’t know why people are saying he won’t make it to the regular season. Do you remember Harrell’s first 3 preseason games last year? Have to see how he performs, but I imagine he is an upgrade as a backup qb.

  29. What is the league minimum pay for a third string QB these days? I’m betting it’s not enough to pay for Vince’s next birthday party.

  30. Yeah the Packers sure are stupid. The best record in the entire NFL over the past 4 seasons. Some real morons running that organization.

  31. It’s pretty late in the game to be picking up a QB to run the team, when he will not have the benefit of any off-season mini-camps to familiarize himself with the Pack offense. Of course there’s also the fact that VY isn’t known as the brightest bulb on the tree. Unless the back-up QBs have been puking on their shoes the first week of camp, why wait until now to make this move?

  32. Looks like he’s there to simulate Kaepernick and RGIII, the first 2 games of the season as mentioned before. Hope he can stick with the team. Big fan of his when he was Longhorn.

  33. It isn’t a head scratcher move as much as so many here seem to think it is.

    The scrimmage last Saturday (televised statewide) showed that they need a backup QB badly. Coleman did not do particularly well, but as a guy who was just drafted, you can understand that. Harrell, though, was no better than Coleman despite several years in the league and actual in-game experience beyond his years as the practice squad QB. Some QB will be cut and I think it will Be Harrell. Coleman might still develop into something while Harrell has shown he just isn’t. Young is a respectable enough stop-gap should Rodgers get hurt and until Coleman develops. Besides, Young probably isn’t going to paid much more than the veteran’s minimum anyhow.

    Now it’s time to start looking for O-linemen.

  34. im a packer fan and they have a swiss cheese o-line with or without bulaga. they gave up 28 sacks last year with bulaga and after his injury gave up 23. hopefully with lacy and franklin the running game will improve and it’ll take a little pressure off rodgers. if the defense knows theyre never gna run the ball its not that hard to rack up the sacks on em.

  35. The haters are having some fun with this, but Young has talent and deserves another chance if he’s been working hard. It’s never to late to grow up and learn from mistakes.

    Also, the Packers had nothing behind Rodgers. I like the signing.

    And while Young may not be RG3 or Kaepernick, he’ll be much better at running the read option for the scout team than most backup QBs in the NFL.

  36. Clearly this is in response to LT Bulaga’s ACL tear and loss for the season. No doubt Rogers will get knocked out at some point and why not add a QB that has the ability to run for his life behind that OL.

  37. purplepillager says:

    “I’m thinking the Packer fans won’t be making anymore Ponder jokes.”

    Why would you be thinking that? As bad as Young has been, he’s still better than Ponder.

  38. This move is every bit the “why not” “diamond in the rough” signing that Bishop was for Minnesota. Stop your yapping.

  39. He will be nothing more that the practice QB to replicate the read option of Kaepernick and RGIII……
    hey VY don’t spend all your money in one place hahaha…

  40. “You can’t make fun of our starter because your backups are just as bad!” – Actual, presumably adult, Vikings fans.

  41. The Packers only signed Young for one reason. With Beluga gone, every time they get in a third and long situation, they’ll bring in Young.

    Certainly don’t want to subject their actual backup qb’s to injury.

  42. Is this Vince Young the same dude I watched in a replay of the Texas-USC championship game the other night? That dude could ball! The bizarro Vince Young from the Titans was like, meh.
    Sweet move Ted Thompson! Giving up on Graham Harrell so soon?

  43. This is simply unbelievable. According to GBP fans, TT is a genius following in the footsteps of the Revered One, VL. How is it possible that TT failed to find, draft and develop the next superstar QB ready to step-in if/when Rodgers gets injured/old? And, who can believe that TT ventured into the free-agent market to (gasp!) sign an untouchable, the profligate airhead Vince Young? It’s just too much to comprehend.

  44. How many of you fans are ted thompson, mike mccarthy, a member of the coaching staff, and won a super bowl in the last five years?? If not, shut up. They were impressed by vy’s workout and signed him. So what are you gonna do??

  45. not a fan of this move, he is a turd. he has a big mouth and his play doesn’t back it up. and as a packers fan really, if rodger’s goes down for a long time we are done anyway. as far as bulaga going down that is a huge blow, the pack pending other injuries should still make the playoff’s but imo will struggle against very good defenses. i don’t want to say they won’t win the superbowl but it just got a lot harder to get there.

  46. The signing is obvious! Once Aaron Rodgers is suspended for sharing a needle with Ryan Braun, they need a servicable backup for the 4 games Rodgers will be out! Darn PEDS

  47. It must suck to be a fan of a team (all of them) that doesn’t have the success or class that the Packers do.

  48. Jagoffs,

    This guys last sentence is why he is there. Anything more in production is gravy

    “And while Young may not be RG3 or Kaepernick, he’ll be much better at running the read option for the scout team than most backup QBs in the NFL.”

    They play these guys week 1 and 2. Then they are done with that gimmicky goofball offense that will prevent those two guys from having any length to their careers.

  49. Everyone does realize that Bulaga missed 11 games last year right? Still went 11-5 and beat the Queens in the playoffs.

    Now legitimate question: Who is better, VY or Joe Webb?

  50. No need to try to read too much into the signing, look no further than games 1 (SF) and 2 (Redskins).

    Vince Young will be a great scout QB to prepare for those two weeks and then they can toss him to the curb, another ex Packer Qb that the Vikings will likely sign.

    Vince Young is going to hate living in Green Bay, they only have one decent strip club and the current Packer roster steers wide of the place. Its so bad that they feature former Viking cheerleaders, the first three drinks are free so you can prepare yourself to even look their way.

  51. From what I have heard BJ Coleman and Harrell were PUTRID in camp. I actually thought Harrell had a pretty weak arm but was very smart in what I saw last year, Id be more inclined to have him as the 2 than VY who isn’t the smartest bulb in the box. VY however is very athletic, and actually didn’t look too bad when he was on the Eagles. His biggest problem was going through his progressions and freelancing half the time on passing plays, hes not 21 and dumb like Manziel anymore. However that being said I would feel like I would with TT on New England. Im fine with him on the Packers..he would give Har a fight for the 2 job. But if Rodgers goes down I hope he means what he says. Good luck Vince

  52. “We don’t hate the Packers, we hate their fans.”

    Good. That means bragging rights actually have some value. We got ’em, you don’t. Get used to it.

  53. What I learned from reading the comments: Viking fans are:
    1. Insanely jealous of the GBP
    2 Comparing their starting QB to a guy who “might” be the backup in GB (LMAO)
    3 Delusional!!!
    4 Even with the best RB to see the field in the NFL since Barry Sanders will not win a SB in the next 10 years.

  54. Whats his record? Something like 35-17. Better than many in the league. So why is everybody on his case. Good move GB. Second best backup in the league.

  55. Believe it or not, rubes, there are GMs out there who can deal with more than one personnel problem at a time. But we understand, you’re used to decades of failure and humiliation and don’t get how a quality football team is run.

  56. Glad to see Packers fans showing their true class on this thread. Never forget that many of you bashed Vince Young.

  57. Upon receiving his first check VY cashed it at a check cashing store and spent all the money before he even made it home for the day.

  58. Good on the Pack for taking this guy on. MM is a quarterback guy. He developed Rich Gannon into an MVP for God’s sake, Aaron Brooks into a Pro Bowler, Favre’s resurrgence in his late 30’s and Rodgers is the highest rated quarterback in NFL history with a championship under his belt. Why not take a flier on a #3 overall pick as a backup?

    Then again, I can see where Minnesotans laugh at this. They have never built or developed anything resembling a championship. Or built and developed a stadium that doesn’t fall down when it snows.

  59. stellarperformance says:Aug 5, 2013 7:53 PM

    This move is every bit the “why not” “diamond in the rough” signing that Bishop was for Minnesota. Stop your yapping.

    As I recall, you ripped the Bishop signing nonstop.

  60. Vince will soon be running for his life after Rodgers goes on IR because of a weak offensive line. Opposing defensive coaches will be thanking TT for his lack of vision. GB 5-11 in last place 2013.

  61. To Packer fans thinking Young is going to do read option. Aaron Rogers is probably faster on the field. This is probably the last team I thought he would go to if given a chance. Pretty funny for the fans of all the other teams in NFL.

  62. Honestly makes me wonder if something is up with rodgers. Like some injury

    They cancel practice and media availability before bringing in and signing vy right away. One of the last availabke decent qbs

    Weird timing. Maybe hiding an injury which will keep rodgers out for a bit? Idk.

  63. The Packers signed him so they can get a tax cut. That’s what happens when you give your money to charity.

  64. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Aug 5, 2013 6:24 PM
    I was surprised when the Vikings didn’t pick Vince Young up to replace that noodle armed Ponder chick, but then remembered that the Packers hadn’t released him yet.

    an i might point out that every former packer that the vikings sign has a career year with them so sure why not….but then again maybe you got VY to be your lefttackle and make in rain at that great 8/12-mvp bar

  65. Rick Spielman is a Magician says:
    Aug 6, 2013 12:15 AM
    As I recall, you ripped the Bishop signing nonstop

    Not me. I originally gave the Vikings credit for “what have they got to lose.”
    I then made it clear I wished him luck but not at the Packers expense. Don’t get confused.

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