Russ Brandon can’t predict when Jairus Byrd will report


The Bills are more than a week into training camp and there’s still no reason to think that safety Jairus Byrd will be signing his franchise tender and reporting for duty any time soon.

Team president Russ Brandon said that there are “open lines of communication,” but that could just mean that the Bills offices have phones because he also admitted that he didn’t know the last time that the team’s chief negotiatior Jim Overdorf spoke with Byrd’s agent. As a result, he didn’t make any predictions about when Byrd would be on the field.

Whenever that happens, Brandon said there are no hard feelings about Byrd’s absence and that the Bills still want to sign him to a long-term deal once the season ends and they are allowed to do so.

“Obviously, our goal was to have that done by July 15. We didn’t meet that goal,” Brandon said, via the Associated Press. “But we’ll pull up our boot straps, and as soon as we can start on that again, we will.”

None of that helps the Bills get Byrd into camp to help the team now, of course. Outside of some attempt to sweeten the pot on a one-year deal by the Bills, it’s hard to see what would swing things since Byrd can get his full salary by reporting before the first week of the season while avoiding the risk of a training camp injury.

5 responses to “Russ Brandon can’t predict when Jairus Byrd will report

  1. Byrd just doesn’t seem like the type of guy to hold out until Week 10, a la Vincent Jackson or Asante Samuel. I do think that he will sign and report after training camp has concluded, and I wouldn’t blame him for taking such an approach. Hopefully, he is not distracted by his contract status this season and the Bills reward him with a long term deal next spring.

  2. Gonna need lots of $ and available cap space…..have Wood and Spiller contracts coming all too soon, and we NEED both of them under long term deals

  3. Usually whenever I see a player on any team hold out deep into camp or into the season, once they finally sign they usually get injured almost immediately as their conditioning just isn’t up to full speed play without the things they’ve held out from.

  4. He is one and done in Buffalo. He has the same agent as Peters did. He will find some big market team to overpay him and then claim that he is getting what his player is worth, and that the Bills wouldn’t pay him that. The agent just better hope his property dont get hurt, becuase then he will be crawling back to Buffalo trying to get what he can

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