Ryan Tannehill: Hopefully this was our sloppy game

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If you’re the sort of person who believes that the first offensive play of the first preseason game sets the tone for the entire season, you’ve probably downgraded your expectations for the Dolphins.

Running back Lamar Miller lost the handle on a handoff from quarterback Ryan Tannehill and the Cowboys recovered the fumble to end the first Dolphins possession of the year in a flash. Tannehill and company would return for two more series, but the production didn’t really take off before the first-teamers headed to the bench for the evening. Tannehill, who finished 2-for-5 for 11 yards, said after the game that he hopes it was just a case of the Dolphins getting a bad one out of their system.

“It wasn’t our cleanest game or our best game,” Tannehill said, via James Walker of ESPN.com. “I’m glad we can get that one out of the way early. We have four more preseason games before we get into the regular season. So hopefully this was our sloppy game.”

The absence of Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline at wide receiver surely contributed to the slow start on Sunday, so it would be silly to read too much into any offensive struggles until or unless things look relatively similar when they’re at full strength. The Dolphins play again on Friday against the Jaguars.

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  1. Lamar miller besides his first carry looks like the guy. great speed nice with reading the holes. also gray is making his case for a spot in the backfield

  2. Of course the fact that Dallas was playing only 2 defensive starters (and their prospective starting left tackle was destroyed by Dallas 4th string DE) while the Dolphins 1st team wasn’t able to generate much in the 1st qtr could be a cause for concern.

  3. Lets see how they look week 1 of the regular season with all starters and training camp done. Until then who cares. Your 2013 Dolphins were not on the field.

  4. Preseason games, IMO, are generally not indicative of a team’s overall potential.

    But the Dolphins looked totally unprepared to be playing a football game last night.

  5. I think you should change the first sentence of that article to – “If you’re the sort of person who believes that the first offensive play of the first preseason game sets the tone for the entire season, you should probably not watch football”.

    I mean, seriously.

  6. If you’re the sort of person who believes that the first offensive play of the first preseason game sets the tone for the entire season..

    Well, THAT sort of person probably shouldn’t be watching football in the first place.
    Sloppy with work left to be done, but it’s hardly the end of the world after all.

  7. I’m not personally a Dolphins fan, but I generally subscribe to the notion that their arrow is pointing up. However, pretty dumb move unloading Long without at least grabbing Albert. Could be another year of listening to my family bemoan “the same old Dolphins.”

  8. A good LT is important but not as crucial as some of you guys may think. Don’t believe me? OK, who are the top 3 LTs in the NFL? Now look at who they play for. See any playoff teams? Look at this over the last 5-10 seasons and the results are similar.

    A good LT is necessary; a great one is not. I like Jake Long but he has declined over the last two years and he has not finished a season since 2010. Martin will be fine. He was a more prudent choice than paying Long or sending draft picks to KC for Albert.

  9. Once Wallace and Hartline are out there it’s a whole different game in terms of options for Tannehill and less pressure due to the deep threat.

    I saw enough last night to know that the offense is coming along.

    Happy to have the extra preseason game.

  10. It is probably a little early to be making judgments on how the team is going to look this season, seeing as how the roster isn’t finalized, teams don’t run full playbooks, and they have had two weeks of practice.

    A fumble right out of the gate isn’t what you want to see, but I think it is safe to take you finger off the panic button, ‘Phin fans.

  11. Not a good start for a “playoff” team. Running game has clearly dropped off without Bush, the new LB can’t cover the TE, the starting secondary can’t handle 2nd & 3rd string QB’s, and worst of all the LT position is a disaster! Should have spent money on an elite LT and not on an overrated LB’s and a ball-dropping speedster.

  12. JMartin seems like too nice of a guy to play LT, you have to be nasty and down to fight over a popsicle at the drop of a dime and he does not seem to have “it”. Glad Lamar fumbled…felt like with all the media reports he was destined to be big headed and needed something to temper his own expectations…HOLD ON TO THAT BALL or you will not be getting much more chances with Philbin. Over-all I like the fact the Fins have a ton of stuff to work on this week rather than feeling like they are a shoe-in to win the division. #stayhungry #stayfocused

  13. Can Clabo play left Tackle??? I thought it couldn’t get worst than Martin until I seen Dallas Thomas(whom I was high on) play just horrible. I went from bad to worst

  14. First game really means nothing with so many new faces and starters getting used to the offensive and defensive systems. And I wish everyone would stop with the Jake Long crap anybody who watched him play the last few years knows he wasn’t worth the money he was asking. Too many injuries, he was just living off of name recognition last year. It could suck for the offense this year if Martin flops but not every team has a dominant LT either and they still compete.

  15. Two things that I saw last night…1. The Dolphins OL is horrendous. 2. The new uni’s are terrible. It’s just preseason, so it’s hard to tell how good a team really will be, but the Dolphins line last year was putrid, and it really doesn’t look better this year. I hope Tanny can find his receivers quick, or he’ll be on his back the majority of the game.

  16. The opening play fumble was Tannehill’s fault. He handed it off into Miller’s crotch.

  17. You have to love the outlooks and predictions after the first preseason game….
    Granted the dolphins have work to do
    Relax ladies and gents

  18. The sad thing is Dallas destroyed them without 17 of their starters. Dallas wasn’t a playoff team either. Ouch.

  19. jzone954,

    Were the Dolphins anything but 7-9 or worse the past 4 seasons? I didn’t think so. If you think getting to the regular season will make your offensive line look better (considering it was pretty bad last year as well), you are the definition of the forever optimistic fan.

    You have a still unproven QB, a horrible offensive line, and a team that has kept going 7-9 or worse since Jeff ireland has been in charge after Parcells left with the same ingredients of a borderline great defense paired with a stinky offense, marked by the continuous decline of the offensive line since that 11-5 season. I don’t exactly see what you saw to give you that optimism.

  20. Dolphins are gonna have to run a lot of formations with TE on the left side to help out with the LT situation. The way the cowboys DEs ran around them was not a good sign.

  21. a bit disappointed in phins 1st team offense. should have done more than one first down against a dallas d of guys I never heard of. philbin showed he wanted to win the game by bringing moore back into game when it was 24-20. too bad Miami’s 1st,2nd, and 3rd lineman are all horrible

  22. I’m not a Dolphins fan, but that sound you heard during the game last night was the air escaping from the perverbial “we’re going to the playoffs” balloon…

  23. There’s a distinct difference between ‘concern’ and ‘panic’.

    ‘Panicking’ over the performances of rookies and 2nd-year players within the first of five pre-season games is DEFINITELY a cause for ‘concern’.

    Relax, guise.

  24. First of all, all of the bandwagon/closet Dolphin fans bashing your so called team on the first preseason game, please do us all a favor and go back into the cave and/or back away from the ledge. Cowboy fans can say whatever they want because theyve achieved so much in the past decade havent they. plus just like them, 75 percent of our starters were either not on the field at all or out after the first series. No Cam wake, oderick, starks, OV, Ellerebee, jones, and thats just off the top of my head. I havent had the chance to re watch since im on vacation. Do we have some things to work on, of course. Does both Martin, miller and RT have to prove them selves to make others buy in, of course, but it’s the first of 5 games, they have time. For some of other poster on here, jake hasn’t played up to a pro bowl level in the last 2 + years, pat devlin was hurt the reason for Matt Moore reentry and the hand off too Miller was good he didn’t secure it. But he responded like u hoped by back to back 10+ yard runs. Finally lets knock it off with the CLS till we get to at least get to Cleavland or at the least the 4th preseason game.

  25. If the Dolphins had played like they’re in mid-season form, these same trolls would have been going with the “it’s just preseason, it means nothing, they’re not going anywhere just because the look good in preseason… etc etc etc. But hey, even trolls need some preseason work to get in shape for the real season, if they’re still around then.

  26. Tannehill didn’t have his top two we either and after the fumble miller who needs the experience ran off back to back 10 plus yard runs and was then pulled. Also if not for that fumble and a dumbass play by Moore. The cowboys could’ve just as easily lost that game. I’m not sure why Moore who has starting experience didn’t throw that ball away.
    One thing I will agree with u with is if this turns out to be the norm Miami will have slide a Te in to chip and help out Martin and that’ll slow this offense down. Good thing RT is great throwing on the eunuch they will need to move the pocket for him.
    But it’s the first per season game and an early one at that , so ill take the wait and see approach before I start counting my team out.

  27. @ dallascowboysdishingthereal Tannehill wasn’t saying that his competition was great he was saying that him and his team played sloppy. exp: the running back fumbled the ball(on their own 8 yrd line)without even being touched….Tannehill threw inaccurate being his open receiver on two consecutive passes. The running back didn’t release on time botched screen play. There were alot of mental errors on the Dolphins part. The O-line played sloppy….All those things constitute as “sloppy” play. It wasn’t the level of his competition the Dolphins just played sloppy football

  28. @ dallascowboysdishingthereal…..and oh yeah the D-fense tackled like they were preschoolers playing football for the 1st time…sloppy sloppy sloppy

  29. I’d like to see Bumphis in the first string offense!!! Until Hartline & Wallace return. He’s showed me enough to say ‘1st stringer’. Same goes for Gray… Cut ties with Daniel Thomas, I think hes backup at best and give Gray DT’s roster spot. So the lineup should be: Miller, Gray, Gillipsie, Thigpen.

    Tightends still need to gel. But Egnew has shown some good traits but not enough.

  30. @phinfan I don’t agree with you about Gray or Bumphis. Remember bumphis had a ball hit him directly in his hands (I guess his hands is not a good place for him) he dosent catch it but the cowboys defense does. There is no room on a team for a guy that’s hands the defense a TD. Both of those guys you mentioned are slow. I probably could out run them. I don’t think gray is better than gillipise or thigpen I think he should be the odd man out or replace thomas…I do agree with u thomas sucks ..even tho
    Ough thomas seems to be the only miami rb that can run through a tackle.

  31. @tarniman. I as speak… Bumphis was promoted to 1st squad. So my comment happened during practice real time. I think that bumphis catch was finger tips, they happen. You also have to factor 1st game jitters which he shook same with miller. Gray runs harder than D.Thomas imo thats why I say that. I haven’t seen anything from Gillispie yet so I’m just saying hes > D.Thomas.

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