T.O.’s agent has talked to a “bunch of teams”

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Hell may be freezing over.  (Or maybe I just turned the air conditioner up too high.)

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that receiver Terrell Owens’ agent has been talking to a “bunch of teams,” but that it’s not clear whether anyone will sign him.

At the risk of once again being dubbed Satan or something comparable (or worse) by Owens, it’s not that hard for an agent to talk to a “bunch of teams” about a client.  The agent picks up the phone, dials the number of a front-office employee of a team, and talks to the front-office employee about the client.

Repeat those steps with multiple teams, and eventually the agent can truthfully say he has talked to a “bunch of teams” about the player.  Share that reality with the media, and maybe the talk turns in to interest.

Owens hired Jordan Woy last year, who helped Owens get a short-term stint in training camp and the preseason with the Seahawks.  He didn’t make it past the first wave of roster cuts.  Woy thinks the outcome this year will be different, if Owens gets signed.

“I know if he goes out there and gets a shot, he’ll make a team,” Woy said. “We’ve talked to a lot of teams that have said he’s a great talent, we’re set as of right now, but if we have injuries, we may reach back out.”

Meanwhile, players with injury issues like Austin Collie (concussion), Steve Breaston (knee), and Laurent Robinson (concussion) are drawing real interest and/or getting hired.

The future Hall of Famer, whose speech may or may not begin with the phrase “I love me some me,” has said that he’ll retire if he can’t find a job in 2013.  Because he hasn’t played in a regular-season game since 2010, Owens would be eligible for enshrinement in 2016 — unless he plays in a game that counts and resets the Canton clock to zero.

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  1. I can see it now:

    Agent: T.O. has been working out- getting after it – any interest?

    Team: No.

    Agent: [cross another one off the list]. T.O. there is interest baby – lets do this thing!

  2. When the time comes to hang up the cleats, you should attempt to do so with grace. It is getting embarrassing at this point.

  3. T.O. is DISRUPTIVE wherever he goes and a cancer…..no team with legitimate Superbowl aspirations will touch him. Maybe a team like the Browns or Jacksonville or the Steelers are his only hope.

  4. T.O. has a lot of baggage. But, he made a positive influence with the Seahawks in last years preseason.

    T.O. was actually at a disadvantage by having Matt Flynn as the presumed started during those preseason games. Not saying Flynn can’t throw. I’m just saying Flynn and Owens never developed a groove. And to be honest, the Seahawks didn’t throw it to T.O. very often.

    Owens ran his butt off every time he was on the field and he drew the defense away from other players. And I think T.O. was cut because he didn’t haul in that one 60 yard pass that hit his fingertips. If he had made that one big play I think he would have made it to the regular season with the Seahawks.

    I think he’s worth looking at. Defenses still see him as a threat. Even if you just use him to stretch the field to pull the secondary back, it can be worthwhile.

  5. I hear you Mr. Woy, I do, but it’s over. The NFL has had it’s fair share of T.O. Get him in movies, or a TV series, one of the soap operas. Acting classes to get him that big audition, he’s a natural for the camera. He can cry on cue, big smile, drama king, narcissistic, etc.

  6. The Jets should have signed him yesterday. Their WR corp is in shambles. T.O. can only make them better. Say what you want about Rex, he has the personality to make it work. They clearly aren’t afraid of media circuses or upsetting the lockerroom (see Tebow). What do they have to lose?

  7. whatjusthapped says:
    Aug 5, 2013 3:50 PM
    “I love me some me” won’t soon be forgotten. I hope hell freezes over before this clown sees the field.
    Why? Did he bang your sister? Everyone hates T.O. Why not contribute to this blog by posting something that 5,000 people haven’t said already like why you hate him?

    The guy was a great player, kept in phenomenal shape and never found himself on the police blotter. Save for being a head case and super-diva, what’s the problem with a team with terrible WRs such as the Jets giving one of the QBs someone with actual pro capabilities a person to throw to? It’s no secret that Sanchez has regressed because his WRs wouldn’t start on a pick up flag league. They have nothing to lose.

  8. My agent has talked to a lot of teams too…not with a lot of teams but to a lot of teams. Still no dice.

  9. I bet T.O. is still a more polished route runner and craftier receiver than 1 or 2 WR’s on half of the NFL teams.

  10. rdrs68 says:
    Aug 5, 2013 3:50 PM
    enshrinement in 2016? the toxic personality/bad teammate HOF?

    No, the #2 career receiving yards/#3 career receiving touchdowns/#6 career receptions HOF.

  11. bahoto34 – Um, yes, the writer is “convinced” and you should be also. You don’t have to like him to appreciate what he did on the football field. I challenge you to make a legitimate (key word — legitimate) claim to Terrell Owens NOT being in the HOF … go ahead, we’ll wait.

  12. these are NINETY MAN rosters here. 90. 90 guys. they cut people, and look at a list of players most in the room have never heard of or seen play, and say “next up???”

    owens, if he had interest, would have been targeted right before camp. you have to at least see if he can play like seattle did, see if he fits. signing him just because of his past success a long time ago makes no sense here. he can’t play special teams, its just not happening.

  13. Everyone here is talking about how washed up he is… but if we’re looking at facts, T.O. was highly productive the last time he played football.

    72/983/9 TD’s

    I realize that was 3 years ago, but T.O. has always been a guy that keeps himself in incredible shape. He also kept his mouth shut in Cincinnati.

    If my team was in need of a WR (maybe the team that drafted him?). I’d give him a call, give him a workout… and I’d tell him if he opens his mouth or causes any problems at all he’s cut without a 2nd thought.

    Then I’d sign him for the vet minimum. What’s the risk?

  14. TO’s enshrinement speech in 2016, “to all NFL GM’s, if you need a WR, hit me up. I need a job. I’m serious, call me. I’ll play for anyone, please god, spmeone give me a job they are taking my house…my kids need foo….” At this point security drags him off stage.

  15. skoobyfl says:
    Aug 5, 2013 4:11 PM
    Buffalo gave him a key to the city & he forgot which door it worked.

    T.O. it was the one that exit…

  16. Well, yeah..that’s what agents are supposed to say. It’s what T.O. is paying him for. The Seahawks were that dude’s last chance, if he couldn’t beat out their average WR’s there’s no way he’s gonna make a roster a year later.

  17. It is NOT happening right now. As a long-term veteran his salary for 2013 would be guaranteed if he is on a roster for week 1. After week 1 it isn’t. NO team will sign him before week one. After that it is essentially a week to week basis for $58,750 per game for a league minimum contract with no escalators or bonuses. (a rookie would be $25,312.50 per game) Basically he would have to be better than twice as good as any of the jobless rookies that would also be available to play special teams while also not being any form of locker-room distraction

  18. Why doesn’t someone trusted sit down with .O make him understand HIS CAREER IS OVER. No matter how much he tries, and wants, the fact is he’s nearly 40, hasn’t played in years, and wasn’t doing that great when he last played. Just move on.

  19. At his age you either have to he good enough to start, or not play. No one wants a 3rd to 5th string WR that won’t or can’t play special teams.

  20. The big question is: “Is he a first ballot H.O.F.’er?

    My guess would be no. Not because of his numbers either.

    He’s not sniffing an NFL roster this year or ever again.

    One other question. Why the hell did “Florio” have to put the picture of him in a Bengals uniform?

    Dick! lol

  21. Translation: His agent calls teams and leaves a message that never gets returned. Seriously, if I were a team that needed a WR I’d sign him to a one year non-guaranteed vet minimum deal, why not. Can always just cut him.

  22. His ability and work ON the field was never a question. However, as soon as he stepped off the playing field and onto the sidelines, that benign cancer just became viable. He had a chance to prove himself in the UFL not even a year ago, but couldn’t even avoid being a cancer there and ended up being sued and fired.

    He burnt so many bridges and threw so many teammates/coaches/ owners under the bus, he shouldn’t be surprised when GMs just burst out into laughter when he calls. It’s called karma and payback.

  23. When he dropped that perfectly thrown bomb from Matt Flynn in that preseason game, his career was over. He could not be trusted after that. Sometimes, in the NFL, it is that simple.

  24. I think the Seahawks should have kept him a bit longer. Sure he missed the catch……but no real issues developed and one miss is not defining. What did they see in practice? If he was cut for what they saw there, then perhaps everyone may be right in saying he is done………That wasn’t the word at the time.

    I would take him right now for the vet minimum if I was a team needing to improve at WR.

  25. Physically he can still play, but the baggage he brings is not worth the trouble. Those bridges that he burned, the coaches and teammates that he bashed are all coming back to haunt him.

  26. Don’t know why anyone doubts him as an lock Hall of Famer?

    #2 receiving yards all time

    One of only 3 players with 150+ TDs

    one of only 8 players (6th) with 1000+ receptions

    Only receivers more decorated than TO are the greatest NFL player ever-Jerry Rice and Randy moss. And the gap between him and moss isn’t much. And TO did before the NFL went pass happy with multiple 5,000 yard passers every year

  27. Well, I approached quite a few ladies on Saturday night. They all ignored me and I went home alone. Of course, as I tell the story to my buddies, I talked to “a bunch of women” that night.

  28. There’s a time when talent and conduct collide, and conduct wins out this time. So long TO

  29. I don’t understand how anyone can doubt TO as a hall of famer. Only more decorated receivers are the greatest NFL player all time Jerry Rice and Randy Moss. And his numbers are very close to Randy’s.

    #2 in touchdowns (1 of 3 Players with 150+)
    #3 in receiving yards
    #6 in receptions (1 of 8 Players with 1000+ receptions)

    Not a good locker room guy but he definitely made his teams better. If Cris Carter (also not a great locker room guy) gets in TO definitely should.

  30. I play fer the Hagerstown Hommies, We got a call and turned him down>> He only offered us $210,000 to play for us. Not worth the problems.

  31. yep! TO’s agent has talked to a bunch of teams.

    Me too. I spoke to many of my former employers and non of them wanted to bring me back!!!

  32. The Packers have VY and the Jets have signed the unable in recent months.

    WR needy teams, bring this guy in ASAP.

    He’s different now and deserves to be treated better.

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