Vick, Foles, Cooper all listed as starters on Eagles’ depth chart


Michael Vick is the Eagles’ first-string quarterback. And so is Nick Foles.

The Eagles have released their first training camp depth chart, and at quarterback on the first-string offense, the team listed “Michael Vick/Nick Foles.” In other words, coach Chip Kelly isn’t ready to name a starter, and he isn’t even ready to name a favorite.

Also listed on the first-string offense is receiver Riley Cooper, who is currently away from the team as he deals with the fallout of his use of a racial slur. Cooper and DeSean Jackson are listed as the two starting wide receivers.

Depth charts released at this time of year are unofficial and subject to change. The big change coming for the Eagles is that at some point between now and the start of the regular season, Kelly will make his choice at quarterback. Even if that’s not a choice he’s ready to make yet.

29 responses to “Vick, Foles, Cooper all listed as starters on Eagles’ depth chart

  1. Even as an Eagles fan I’m sick of the QB competition. Let me rephrase…I’m sick of the constant reporting on the competition. Let them battle it out and tell me who won, whenever that happens.

  2. Someone tell chipper that you can only start one horrible QB at a time. Just like college football.

  3. As good as Foles can be, I don’t understand why Mike Vick isn’t the starter. Although he isn’t as young and explosive anymore, this type of offense was made for him.

  4. Mike Vick is a better QB than Nick Foles and even now is a better athlete than Foles has ever been or will ever be.
    Best thing the Eagles could do for Cooper is just start him and move forward. Might be best for everyone but I wouldn’t want to suggest anyone lose the opportunity to feel superior to someone else while weighing in on ChesneyGate.

  5. larrydavid7000 says:
    Aug 5, 2013 4:44 PM

    Someone tell chipper that you can only start one horrible QB at a time. Just like college football.

    Funny thing is one of those “horrible” QB’s threw up 60 on you’re deadskins

  6. I fell the pain of Eagles fans.

    Last year for me it was Jackson/Flynn, Flynn/Jackson.

    Then suddenly… RUSSEL WILSON!!!

    I hope that it works out for you guys too.

  7. Vick has to be the starter, and there’s a simple reason for that. If gives Chip Kelly a safety blanket just incase things go down the drain for the Eagles. For example, if Vick fails to success the organization, then Chip can assume and put the blame on Vick. If Foles starts and plays, all the attention will slide to Chip because it was his choice to take a risk and put the younger guy in.

  8. This is the sixth story focusing on the Eagles’ starting quarterback or lack thereof. What is PFT’s fascination/obsession with this subject?

  9. They should put Cooper in the slot next to McCoy. Being on the opposite side of the field, he’s going to have to scream the n-word for McCoy to hear it.

  10. Actually,

    This team is in perfect position. Lets face it! They will be competing for the top pick this year! This draft has a sure hit QB with Taj Boyd or Mariota fitting into your system…. Or Clowney who will be a beast!
    My Vikings squad would be in the conversation of Super Bowl if not for the Worst QB in the league with Ponder, I expect them to still win to many games with AP but, would not be disappointed with a high draft pick, I want a franchise QB and this draft will have several

  11. Not sure if I’d want to be mentioned in the same sentence as Michael Vick and Riley Cooper

  12. What is the big deal … that’s what pre season games are for … the winner gets to start the season … it’s that simple.
    Why should the coach announce the starter … seriously the media is only one making this into a big deal … why?
    Does it have to do race?

    I hope they don’t announce the starting QB until game time of the first regular season game … just to make the media happy.

  13. Vick athleticlly is superior but Kelly is looking for the mental aspect as well and we have seen in the past Vick has trouble reacting quick mentally.

  14. As a Cowboy fan a healthy Mike Vick is scary. Dude can still run like a mofo. Never thought Nick F. was very good. But the eggles were irrelavant last year and will be this year. Havent been a threat since yall ran McNab off. Best QB philly ever had and yall hated on him.

  15. Maybe let someone actually play a preseason snap under Chip before he hands someone the job??

  16. Vick isn’t the starter because his I.Q is barely larger than his shoe size. The Job is Foles to loose. Nothing wrong with Cooper. It’s common language in the NFL…and America, if your black. Does anyone see the double standard. When was the last time a black guy made the news for calling some one an “uppity cracker”?

  17. If any there any gamblers reading this load up on the under 7.5 wins for the’s free money?.

    As far as the Vikings fan,I think ponders alright,this is his 3rd I believe so well see how he’s progressed.

  18. I am a fanof both vick and foles because i am a huge eagles fan. To keep it real though none of them have a great or winning record as an eagles starter. I think chip kelly should take a bigger look at rookie matt barkley. Yes hes a rookie but i think he will be the game changer for the eagles.

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