Vince Young to work out for Packers on Monday


The Packers will hold a workout for free-agent quarterback Vince Young on Monday, the Green Bay Press-Gazette reported Sunday night.

The news of Young getting a look from Green Bay is intriguing on numerous levels.

A two-time Pro Bowler, the 30-year-old Young hasn’t garnered an NFL job since his release from Buffalo last August. In his last regular-season stint, Young threw nine interceptions in just 114 pass attempts for the Eagles in 2011.

Also, it’s unclear what the Young workout means for Packers reserve quarterbacks B.J. Coleman and Graham Harrell, who have been competing to be Aaron Rodgers’ top backup.

Young (6-5, 232) has completed 755-of-1,304 passes for 8,964 yards with 46 touchdowns and 51 interceptions in his NFL career. He’s also rushed for 1,459 yards and 12 touchdowns on 282 carries. The bulk of his rushing yards came in his first two NFL seasons.

The Titans drafted Young No. 3 overall in 2006, and he made the Pro Bowl as a rookie after not even beginning the season as their starter. However, his five-season tenure in Tennessee was marked by inconsistency, controversy and adversity more than the flashes of brilliance he produced on the field.

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  1. Let’s stop pretending Vince Young had any business being at either of those Pro Bowls.

    He got the credit for the team’s success, despite not ever playing the QB position like a Pro Bowler. As a rookie, he went to the Pro Bowl despite having a passer stat line that looks exactly like Blaine Gabbert’s rookie year.

    His second Pro Bowl was the year where they went so far down the list because of injured QBs that, well, they got to Young. How are you a Pro Bowl QB with 1879 passing yards?

    His two Pro Bowls are 100% hype. They are the perfect example of how the Pro Bowl was broken.

  2. Worth a look after BJ Coleman bombed in the Family Night scrimmage. Most likely will play “Colin Kaepernick” for the scout team. Hopefully he still has something left in the tank because he really needs the $.

  3. Young is a very good athlete and skilled runner. I would try to make him a blocking back for Lacey. Just like Hornung was a blocking back for Taylor. He certainly has the size so all he would need is the desire.

  4. I have a feeling the Packers are expecting some sort of suspension for one of the backups so they’re covering their asses for when it comes down

  5. The over-rated Ted Thompson strikes again! Seriously, check out his drafts. Garbage, minus the lucky fall of Aaron Rodgers into his lap and a couple of other good players.

  6. Seems the Packers are worried about Rodgers making it through the season with that screen door offensive line.

  7. Gotta give Vince credit. He took one good bowl game and turned it into good money and an NFL career albeit a short one. Dude was never a good QB. Ever. Most people knew that. Guess the titans didn’t get the memo.

  8. VY remains something of an enigma. Can probably count on one had the number of QB’s with more natural talent – and he has shown flashes of outstanding play – but has never been able to keep his head in the game and display the commitment and desire to lead an NFL offense.

  9. I’m actually OK with this. He’s a decent QB, just crazy as heck. Under the offensive genius of Mike McCarthy and Tom Clements he can provide a great service to the team as back up QB just as Matt Flynn had once before.

  10. This is the last guy that I want to see wear the Green & Gold.
    I’d like to say that his number should match his wonderlic score, but #4 is soon to be retired….

  11. Remember when it was said:

    2008: “If Vince Young can learn from anybody, it’s Kerry Collins. Afterall, Collins quit on his team too (Panthers) and then rebounded from that.”

    2011: “If Vince Young can learn from anybody, it’s Michael Vick. Afterall, Vick used to have a horrible work ethic too, serious personal problems also, and then seemingly destroyed his NFL career too. And he managed to rebound from that.”

    Now it will be said: “If Vince Young can learn from anybody, it’s Aaron Rodgers. Afterall, Rodgers learned while sitting the bench for a few years (like Jeff Fisher wanted Vince to) and went on to become the best quarterback in the NFL.”

    Here’s hoping the third time’s a charm.

    -Titans Fan

  12. This is a real head scratcher. VY will never learn the Packers’ offense, it’s too complex for him. Maybe they just want him to simulate a read-option QB in practice.

    No team has been better at developing quarterbacks over the last 20 years than the Packers, but Vince Young is hopeless.

  13. At the very least he can help the Packers defense be better prepared against read-option QBs.

  14. Maybe this is just an affirmative action move by the FO for the QB position? Which hasn’t had someone other than a white QB start, ever. Whatever it is, it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out, though you would hope the guy never has to see any field action.

  15. Thompson always liked him and would have taken him in the draft that year, but the Packers had the 5th choice and Young went No. 3.
    The fact that they didn’t bring him in a lot earlier does say something about the play of their two backups.

  16. Bringing him in might just be a move to put some pressure on Harrell and Coleman. I’m willing to bet that the QB’s are getting too comfortable in their positions, knowing that one will play 2nd to Rodgers and the other 3rd. Now with Young in the mix, both QB’s will be on edge.

  17. For the uneducated in the way the Packers do things they have had close to a 100 players try out since the draft. What does this mean in the grand scheme of things? Not much when you have a player like Rodgers at the helm.

  18. He is just there to run the read offense so the defense can learn to play much better against it since their first two opponents will run it against them.he will be one of the Packers cuts as the season begins.they also will find a left tackle later on when other teams make their cuts of still good players.Balaga has been hurt more than healthy since he became a Packer and they still won without him.

  19. How rare would that be, that one team could have both the smartest and dumbest QB on the same team. I don’t know anything about the current backup QB’s in GB but this tryout now tells you volumes about them.

  20. This will end up being a “what is there to lose” decision, similar to the Vikings picking up Bishop. If he has gas in the tank and the superb QB coaching system at Green Bay can settle the guy down, truly, what is there to lose?

    At the very least, if he were no more effective than the two back-ups they have now, at least he can take off running on a broken play and potentially make somethiong happen. The other two can’t.

  21. Young was so happy for the tryout that he asked his agent if he could borrow a couple hundred k to throw a “small party”

  22. Right now he’s at a bank in Milwaukee getting a loan to celebrate this good news properly.

  23. AT least the Packers are looking t upgrade the QB position. He’ll be starting soon.

  24. I know its not what all the “cool kids” want but I hope Vince does well. Glad he’s getting another shot.

  25. VY no job, Tebow has a job, you have think VY is at least as capable of carrying a clipboard as well as Tebow.

  26. Uh, Green Bay, this is Vince Young, not Vince Lombardi. Don’t be taken in by that first name.

  27. What are they thinking? This guy IMHO costs a very good coach (Fisher) his job when the owner sided with a black QB over a white coach. Terrible decision by the Owner.

  28. Hey, fellow Packer fans….the haters are laying-in-wait for the Packers more than any other team on this site. Their jealousies know no bounds.

    Refrain from getting into (h)issing matches with them. It is a waste of your time and energy…and they have nothing better to do.

    Remember: “A tiger does not lose sleep from the opinions of sheep.”

  29. Packer fans better pray that Rodgers stays upright the whole season because the Packer front office just revealed they have NO ONE behind him. Good luck AR, your fun to watch.

  30. Teams bringing him in ‘for a look’ like this is not doing Young any favors – it just keeps that spark of misguided hope in his mind that he can still be in the league, instead of facing reality and moving on to the next phase of his life like he needs to. Helping him to stay delusional does him more harm than good.

  31. He isn’t eligible for the practice squad.
    But if they are looking for a practice QB who can run the read option look to help get them ready when they are set to play the Redskins, 49ers, etc. then it could be a smart move.

  32. I want to pull for Vince Young, I really do. But as long as he refuses to show humility, own his past, and take the “No more excuses” approach that Cam Newton announced recently, I have no interest in cheering him on. I wasted seven years doing that while he was at Texas and on my Titans.

  33. Let’s see what’s on Vince Young’s Wisconsin list:

    1. Ed Gein – check
    2. Jeff Dahmer – check
    3. Fat chicks – check
    4. Alcoholism – check
    5. Ego maniac for QB – Check
    6. Don Majkowski – check
    7. Hating Brett Favre even though he gave GB everything – check
    8. America hates the Packers more than the Cowboys – check.

  34. Vince Young is a winner. Plain and Simple. Everything he has done in earnest has resulted in a win or close game. Only his willingness to allow professionals off the field to guide and direct him stands in the way of him leading any team to victory.

  35. is this the guy who always claimed he’s better player than reggie bush?
    As it turn out, bush is still active in the league i thought… what happened here vince?

  36. An interesting thing to do. Doesn’t really seem like a fit but Thompson has a good record with retreads.

  37. Good for Vince. He’s better than 90% of the backup QB’s in the league right now and he has a winning record as a starter. How many QB’s can say that and they are on many rosters.

  38. Its amazing looking back and hearing all the hype after that huge Bowl win. All the draft ‘experts’ seemed to be praising Young. I must admit as a Raiders fan i was hoping the Raiders would have landed Young.

    Years later now look, bankrupt, out of work, can hardly get a sniff in camp (This Packers try out was a surprise).

    Even when he said how broke he was this offseason this was the same guy spending a fortune on his birthday celebrations wasnt it ? He just doesn’t seem to learn. Sad story

  39. Being drafted by the Titans was the worse thing for VY. Their pass offense was way too conservative. So much that it hindered VY’s development as a quarterback.

  40. thefiesty1 says: Aug 5, 2013 11:54 AM

    “Good for Vince. He’s better than 90% of the backup QB’s in the league right now…”

    People always say that about him when some team gives him a sympathy sniff. If this statement was even remotely true, 29 teams would be giving him a tryout to be their backup. Right now, one is giving him the opportunity to be on their practice squad. VY doesn’t have the proper equipment between the ears. Can he run fast? Yes. Can he throw a football a long way in one direction? Yes. Can he audible at the line to a post play and then check off two receivers before hitting the TE in the flat? Not even close, which is why his interceptions outnumber his touchdowns.

    I really hate piling on the guy. Seriously. I’m a Titans fan and cheered for him despite his shortcomings for several years. But when Jeff Fisher wanted Jay Cutler (rumored) and Ol’ Bud insisted his Texas homeboy get the job, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  41. Wow……packers becoming the joke of the NFL……GOOD LUCK ON THE OLINE THIS YEAR!!!!!!!

    The 51 sacks given up from LY will be shattered!!!!!

  42. packerman1968 says: Aug 5, 2013 7:09 AM

    I just threw up in my mouth.

    duece5 says:

    Well, from what other packer drunks say: “It tastes better the 2nd time around!”


  43. I think Vince biggest problem in keeping a job is not that he isn’t talented–he has a truckload of athletic ability–it’s his attitude. He hasn’t been able to meet adversity with the consistent effort needed to plow through it.

  44. Someone said earlier that Vince turned one good bowl game into an NFL career. Really??? Young was 30-2 for his college career. He led D1 in QB efficiency. Young was also the first D1 QB to throw for over 3,000 yards and rush for over 1,000 in the same season. Texas beat the U$C pros with a converted WR at RB because their other RB’s were injured. Let’s not pretend that Young wasn’t one of the best college QB’s in the past 15 years.

  45. will never forget him at steve mcnair’s wake. he ahrugges his shoulders and said, “i don’t have anything prepared [to say].”

    and that was all you needed to know about his character.

    but being a human being doesn’t require character, luckily for him.

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