Blackout lifted for Chargers preseason opener

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At a time when NFL teams are trying to get more fans to show up for games that count, it’s not getting any easier to get them to pay for the ones that don’t.

The Chargers, however, have pulled it off.

The team has announced that all non-premium tickets have been purchased for Thursday night’s game against the Seahawks.  As of Monday, 1,800 remained.

The Chargers have opted for each of the past two years not to reduce the minimum to as low as 85 percent of all non-premium tickets.  Teams that reduce their threshold must pay 50 cents (instead of 34 cents) of every dollar for any excess ticket sales to the league.

Selling all of the non-premium tickets for a meaningless bodes well for the team’s ability to sell tickets to the regular-season contests.

8 responses to “Blackout lifted for Chargers preseason opener

  1. As a Buffalo Bills season ticket holder, I feel absolutely robbed when I have to pay full price for my lower level season tickets to preseason games. The game is an exhibition, where the starters play no longer than 1 quarter. Most of the players that are playing are not making the 53 man roster. It’s an absolute disgrace that they require a sell out to avoid a black out for a preseason game. Why pay $120 from ticketmaster for a preseason game when you can go on Stubhub and buy them from a season ticket holder for less than a beer? Blackouts are so out dated. They need to go.

  2. Just so you all know, I don’t put my preseason tickets on Stubhub. I put them to good use. I donate them to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. I’d rather give them to a child and their parent that couldn’t otherwise attend a game because of the medical costs. It would be awesome if some other season ticket holders see this message and decide to do the same thing. At the very least, you can get the tax information and claim it on your taxes as a donation (for the face value on the stub).

  3. The seahawks will embarrass the bolts, their second and third string players are wayyy better than SD, it won’t be fair, I expect an @$$ whoopin.

    Unlike most Teo is a beast in my eyes nieve yess but dude can ball

  4. maybe they ought to start tarping off the top of Quallcomm like they do in Oakland and Jacksonville.

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