Browns extend a key young part


No one can now argue the Browns’ commitment to identifying and locking up their key young parts.

Or something.

The team announced they reached a five-year contract agreement with long snapper Christian Yount Tuesday.

The deal will carry him through the 2017 season. He was acquired by the team in 2011 after a stint with the Bucs.

“Christian has proven that he’s a reliable contributor,” coach Rob Chudzinski said in a statement released by the team. “He’s an important cog at an often undervalued position. We’re happy to have him on our team.”

Long snappers are certainly important, but if your first “important cog” is a special teamer, it says a little something about the overall talent on hand.

17 responses to “Browns extend a key young part

  1. I am just curious, where do you see the word “first” in his quote?

    How else would you want a coach to explain a contract extension for a player?

  2. As often as this team punts, he’s gotta be one of their most valuable players. Makes sense to me.

  3. All of you guys are wrong.!!!! The raiders beat the Brown once again. They signed their long snapper to an extension about 3 days ago. All I have to say is what’s up with these below 500. teams making these kind of epic moves. Note to all 30 teams lock up your long snappers before they hit free agency next year or your team will be in a bidding war for their services.

  4. “but if your first “important cog” is a special teamer, it says a little something about the overall talent on hand.”

    No it doesn’t.

  5. They signed their left guard to a 5 year contract last week. So tone down the snark and maybe do two minutes of research before posting these things.

  6. gee,lst Richardson, now this, what did the browns do to tick you off? a personal vandeta for some reason?

  7. That contract is 5 minutes long if the snap is high and it costs you the game…

  8. Gotta love the moves Banner and Lombardi are making. First they sign John Grecco to a long term deal, next up the long snapper.

    Where is the deal for Alex Mack?

    That Mike Lombardi–he sure is a shrewd talent evaluator.

  9. Who doesnt want to keep their young snapper. When the snapper gets old its time for some newer, younger, and cheaper snapper.

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