D.J. Hayden won’t play in Raiders preseason opener


Oakland Raiders first-round draft pick D.J. Hayden will not play in the team’s preseason opener against the Dallas Cowboys on Friday.

According to Michael Wagaman of the Associated Press, Hayden suffered a pulled hamstring during the Raiders’ practice on Monday, However, the reason Hayden won’t play Friday is more related to his abdominal surgery this offseason to remove scar tissue from the surgery required to save his life last fall.

Hayden still has not been cleared for contact and has been practicing in a red “no-contact” jersey during training camp. Hayden tweaked his hamstring during practice Monday but was able to continue to work throughout the session. Raiders head coach Dennis Allen said Hayden would not have played Friday regardless of any injury stemming from Monday’s practice.

39 responses to “D.J. Hayden won’t play in Raiders preseason opener

  1. This is not because he does not want to. He has been trying to get into the contact drills. He even tried to come out in the black jersey hoping the coaches would not catch on.

  2. If you were rebuilding the Raiders, would you pick this kid in the 1st round?

    Great story with the injury and all, buy why not grab (insert name of player drafted #13+) instead?

    I’ll take Betty White with a Snickers over this kid right now…

  3. Bummer. I love this guys heart and determination. I liked the pick and think its gonna work it. But I must admit, I am a little worried about his ability to stay healthy.

  4. I will ne on pins and needles waching this guy play…one bad not in the chest and we could see the first player die on the field….scary

  5. Dj does not need to play in the first preseason game. He will be ready for the season opener and cover half the field for the next decade for the silver and black. Raidahs baby!! Que the haters that claim we are irrelevant yet post on our stories more than their own teams.

  6. im hoping he can play in at least the last pre season game and take some reps he has missed alot of practice and has to be behind in schemes and assignments , that shouldnt take that long to understand it as offense would but still he needs the reps..tell you what though im glad Reggie McKenzie signed some veteren DBs like Woodson and Porter just in case …i am thinking the Raiders can surprise alot of people this season if they can get off to a good start and get some confidence going early…

  7. It’s expected .. General muscle strain will be a common occurrence as he gets back into playing shape.. It has been 9 months since he last played football.

  8. I am really hoping that this is nothing, but I’m starting to think that Reg, might of made a mistake with his first, first round choice.

  9. I’m starting to get a little nervous about this guy. First round picks are supposed to contribute immediately. Now we have a first and second round pick that aren’t doing anything for us. Gotta keep my fingers crossed that this is only temporary.

  10. Wish this guy would have fallen to the Pats….I think he is going to be a lock down corner for the Raiders as long as he stays healthy. Great draft pick IMO, best CB of the draft.

  11. Haters are lacking in firepower on this topic. C’mon haters pump it up a littler better than this.

    Just on potential alone I would take him over any other corner in the AFC west right now, maybe except for Flowers in KC. And that is calling down the middle. That’s how it’s done, kids.

  12. It’s a nice lil story, but unfortunately this kid is going to end up being severely injured.

    I can’t believe he was picked so high with all the questions about health going forward. This really could be a matter of life or death.

  13. Bummed I won’t get to see him play at the O this Friday. As long as he’s ready for the season opener that’s all I care about….he’s already got the starting job, no need to get hurt in preseason.

  14. There are reports that Reggie McKenzie “raised alot of eyebrows” when he selected D.J . Now I see why. This team has had bad pics the past 7 years, u would think they would have learn there lesson. My prediction for the Raiders this season is if they dont win at least 7 games Reggie and DA will be gone in JAN 14

  15. jdubkc says:
    Aug 6, 2013 12:16 PM
    LOL silly faider’s

    and the queefs lost twice last year to the silly faiders..”KC winning nothing since 1970″

  16. All you guys calling this kid a bust… since you can predict the future, can I go ahead and get next weeks winning Powerball numbers? Thanks, the family will really appreciate it

  17. I hope he pans out but I hated the pick when it was made and I’m really starting to worry after this 2nd surgery and doctors not clearing him.

    Still don’t understand how a team with no D line trying to rebuild takes a finess corner in a draft class loaded with trench guys.

  18. tooz72 says: Aug 6, 2013 12:38 PM

    jdubkc says:
    Aug 6, 2013 12:16 PM
    LOL silly faider’s

    and the queefs lost twice last year to the silly faiders..”KC winning nothing since 1970″

    The more you know
    The Chiefs lead the all time series 55-51-2

    Raiders will suck it up this year

  19. and please don’t bring up Super Bowls from 20+ years ago… You know it, Raiders are in decline.

  20. jdubkc says:
    Aug 6, 2013 4:50 PM
    The Chiefs are ahead in playoff match-ups with a record of 2-1

    jdubkc says:
    Aug 6, 2013 4:54 PM
    and please don’t bring up Super Bowls from 20+ years ago… You know it, Raiders are in decline.

    And yet, you bring up playoff match-ups from 20+ years ago…

  21. He tweeks a hamstring and still finishes practice and he’s a bust? Dennis Allen, “He wasn’t going to play the 1st preseason game regardless of any injury”.

    Don’t quit your day jobs prognosticators!!!!

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