DHB returns to practice


On Monday, the Colts said receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey’s knee injury isn’t serious.  On Tuesday, they proved it.

The Colts announced that Heyward-Bey was back at practice on Tuesday night.  He participated in individual drills.

“We talked about, after the MRI coming back negative, that it wasn’t anything serious,” coach Chuck Pagano told reporters.  “[Heyward-Bey] came out, warmed up, put him through individual [drills], and then basically routes versus air, and then pulled him back.  We didn’t want to do too much today. Tomorrow’s a day off.  He’ll get treatment at least probably three or four times tomorrow and then come back and probably get a little bit more on Thursday.”

Griff Whalen took Heyward-Bey’s reps during practice.

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  1. This is one tough kid. Saw him get carted off the field two years in a row. Came back to practice the following Wednesday.
    Excellent blocker. Hard worker. Had a DUI, no big deal. Only time he’s ever got into trouble.
    As a Raider fan I would like to see this kid succeed. Hopefully the Colts can do that for him. Raiders couldn’t afford that contract but Indy got a fair price for him.

  2. DHB never received this much media attention in his 4 years with the Raiders as he has with the Colts, and he hasn’t played a game for them yet. I guess some franchises have all the LUCK.

  3. The fact he was severely over drafted is not his fault . However, there is no doubt that this guy works his butt off to be as good as he can be. Slam the Raiders for the pick all you want, but please don’t slam a guy who works as hard as he does.

  4. Reports I’ve read indicate that DHB improved steadily through the first week of camp. Reggie made it a point to talk about his potential. Good to see the kid won’t be side lined for long.

  5. Darrius will more than likely be all world with the Colts this year. The Colts are the most outstanding team in the NFL so I can understand why anyone who is an idiot would post something negative about them. Anyone who is mentally challenged will click on the thumbs down button just to prove me right. The Colts will win the Super Bowl easily this year. In fact, I think the Colts will set a new record for most consecutive SuperBowl wins..GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!

  6. While I may not disagree that Hilton could be the 2nd WR on the team, I think the DHB has the unfair reputation of dropping the ball. If you look at his statistics from last year, his drop rate was similar to Victor Cruz….who I don’t believe is viewed as a guy who drops a ton of catchable balls.

  7. Since his first couple of seasons, he’s gotten the dropsies under control that still seems to be his unfair reputation.

    It will be interesting to see if the Colts realize that despite his world class speed to get on top of anyone in the league, this guy excels with the ball in his hand after the catch when he catches shorter routes better than going up for a deep ball.

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