Falcons ORT Mike Johnson has broken fibula, dislocated ankle

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Falcons right tackle Mike Johnson sustained a dislocated left ankle and a broken left fibula during Tuesday’s practice with the Bengals, head coach Mike Smith said this evening, according to the club’s official Twitter feed.

Johnson, 26, was taken away from practice in an ambulance after being transported from the field on a cart, per multiple reports. He was one of the Falcons’ options to replace the departed Tyson Clabo as Atlanta’s starting right tackle. First-year pro Lamar Holmes is listed as Johnson’s backup on Atlanta’s depth chart.

According to Smith, Johnson is slated to have surgery next week.

Given the nature of Johnson’s injuries and their thinned depth at the position, it will be interesting to see if the Falcons look to add a free agent right tackle. Notable unsigned tackles with experience on the right side include Winston Justice, Sean Locklear and Jared Gaither.

11 responses to “Falcons ORT Mike Johnson has broken fibula, dislocated ankle

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  2. I never want to see anyone get a devastating injury. This could be career ending for such a young player. And I hope he recovers fully, and is able to line up again. With that said

    this might quiet all the chirping falcons fans. There team isn’t as good as advertised and won many games by a slight margin. The panthers will surprise people this season. Atlanta let go off all there corners, and they are going to be starting a rookie. I’ll take steve smith all day

  3. This is what is eroding the game. I know parity is supposed to be so great, but to me it just leads to mediocre product on the field as the bodies fall. There has to be a happy medium between free agency, the salary cap, and not destroying every good team’s depth in the process.

  4. As long as Cam is in Carolina and he keeps turning the ball over they have no shot. Really you take Steve Smith over Julio or Roddy. Alford and trufant will be going up against two of the best so they will be ready to cover a washed up Steve smith

  5. Google “Dangers of eating lead-based paint chips,” Trevor.

    Then ask yourself “Did this guy just dislocate his ankle and break his leg OR DID HE DIE???”

  6. Now the Clabo release makes even less sense…

    And lol Gaither, I can promise the Falcons if they sign me to play RT I will both give more effort and be “injured” less than Gaither.

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