Falcons tackle Mike Johnson hurts leg, leaves facility in ambulance


The Falcons cut Tyson Clabo this spring and left the right tackle job open for a competition between Mike Johnson and Lamar Holmes.

Holmes is currently listed second on the depth chart, but he may be moving up to the top spot after Johnson was injured in Tuesday’s practice. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Johnson suffered an injury to his left leg during 9-on-7 run drills in the team’s joint practice with the Bengals. The injury was serious enough to force Johnson to be carted off the field and he later left the team’s practice facility in an ambulance.

We’ll be on the lookout for updates as to Johnson’s condition, but nothing about that description sounds good. If his absence is a long one, the Falcons may need to dip into their cap space for some help on the line because they’re awfully thin at tackle after Holmes and left tackle Sam Baker.

Johnson, a third-round pick in 2010, played all 16 games and started once for Atlanta last season.

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  1. Just the beginning of the wrath of god for tearing down houses of worship to feed the greedy billionaires.

  2. tell me one good reason why two NFL teams hold joint practice in pre-season….wouldn’t that tend to go ALL out even more so if it’s against another team and not your own players

  3. I live in Atlanta but root for my Bengals and show some love to them after living here 15 years…My point….They are receiving an INCREAS! A payment that will ReBUILD their house of worship with money left over….SO what the hell are you talking about??? If Im a pastor of a church I would JUMP at the opportunity for my church to be rebuilt paid for and have cash left over….Dude shut it and come with something people can really talk about……Weak Sauce

  4. @mrlaloosh:

    I live in ATL & know enough about that property to tell you that the Church just received almost $20M for a property worth about $2.5M at the most. They have 450 members. Any church that can say they brought about $45k per member in exchange for property in a blighted neighborhood just made out like a bandit. They could buy a couple of blocks in their current neighborhood, raze the horrible, crime-ridden neighborhoods that exist, build a great facility and still have millions left over for church activities.

    In short, nobody was greedy here except the members of that church that in turn, drove a hard bargain. I hope they’re wise with the money.

  5. Holmes would have been the starter at tackle. Johnson better as a back up can play all the positions. Hope Johnson if ok.

  6. Sucks that a player was injured. I hope its not career threatening. But, screw the Falcons and I hope this is just one of the pitfalls they have to deal with this year. May their overhyped QB and overhyped team go down in flames. The Falcons: they’re the team that overpays for their QB and overpays for their stadium that isn’t needed. Down in flames I say, down in flames!

  7. @johnnyjagfan:

    Uh, “property worth about $2.5M at the most”? You must not know much about real estate. Real estate is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. It may have been worth $2.5M before the Falcons decided to buy a new stadium. But its gone up since then because of DEMAND. The Falcons (led by moron Rich McKay) just showed ALL of their cards. We now know the south site is the one they prefer. Considering the Falcons originally offered $6.2M and word was that the two parties were $14M apart, the Falcons CAVED. The second church is foaming at the mouth at this point.

    What a joke of an organization.

  8. I bet that Church leader went a bought a new car tonight “in the name of God”. And probably has a new house lined up “in the name of God”.

  9. As for the Falcons on the field…. here’s the problem with basically EVERYONE picking them to repeat as NFC South champs – And I’m not talking about the defense….

    Its their OFFENSIVE LINE.

    They’re having to replace THREE starters on a line that’s been pretty consistent and injury free since Ryan has been there.

    In 2013, they’re replacing RT, C and RG (Konz played there in 2012 and is moving to C). Not an easy task for a team that struggled to run the ball last season. All that can’t be blamed on Michael Turner. Baker and Blalock are WEAK on the left side in rush blocking.

    The Falcons are in for a WAKE UP call this season. Back to being a middle of the pack team… and if they have a few more injuries, it could be the end of Atlanta’s consecutive winning seasons streak — afterall, it has to end sometime.

  10. I wish a requirement for posting on this site was to show your team allegiance. The uneducated postings of those who have not read a single article on the falcons new stadium are evident due to lack knowledge of information that the city and team have put out.

    Why do you care about Atlanta getting a new stadium If you are a Bucs, saints, eagles or fan of any other team? As a fan, I try to get to a road game of a stadium I have not been to each year, I love seeing how these facilities get better and better for us, the fans. The dome may not be old but it is dated and lacks what many stadiums built just 10 years later have. No, it doesn’t mean that in 10 years it will be lacking again, it will be built with space and the ability to adapt unlike the dome. Believe it or not, there was a time when stadiums were built solely to host games on a field, with HD tv now coming cheap, teams have more competition than ever. Atlanta is looking to get to the forefront in having a spot where fans of their team have the best home in football and fans of opposing teams will come and leave jealously.

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