Geno Smith fighting through red zone mistakes


The good news for Geno Smith is that he’s too new to be hearing boos.

Those are saved for incumbent Mark Sanchez, but Smith isn’t do so much to separate himself in a competition that appears within his reach.

According to Seth Walder of the New York Daily News, Smith threw a pair of interceptions in 7-on-7 red zone drills, which stayed on his mind.

“Down in the red zone, I think I should probably do a better job of, well not probably, but I need to do a better job of taking care of the ball,” Smith said. “That drill is made for us to kind of pretend that we’re in the game and we’re down in the red zone and we’re passing the ball and you’ve always got to be mindful of not turning it over, and that’s something that I did today that can be fixed; I’ll improve on that.”

Smith acknowledged he should have checked down on both picks. And while Jets coach Rex Ryan insisted the mistakes could easily be turned into a teaching moment, he wanted to make sure the rookie knew how costly they could be.

“It’s almost like a turnover in the red zone is worth two. And part of that is based on the momentum that the defense gets from it,” Ryan said. “When you get a turnover on defense in the red zone, it is unbelievable what that does to the mentality of your unit and your football team. Likewise on offense, you’re right there, knocking at the door, and you don’t come away with any points based on a turnover. And I’ve seen too many of ’em, but it does kill you.”

Of course, Smith hasn’t thrown any picks in team drills (which we know because all the Jets beat writers are awesome and track passing stats in training camp), and has been more efficient than Mark Sanchez over the course of camp.

But if Smith makes mistakes like the red zone picks, he’ll give away any advantage he might have by simply being the new guy.

18 responses to “Geno Smith fighting through red zone mistakes

  1. It’s not unusual for a young QB to struggle in the red zone. It’s good that Geno seems to recognize what he did mistake wise and looks to improve.

  2. He had one bad day in the red zone at practice yesterday and all of a sudden this title/article make it sound like he’s been struggling with red zone mistakes for weeks. Quite the disconnect. Do a little more research next time.

  3. J E T S.
    The most dysfunctional, embarrassing, and clueless organization in the league.
    Until the owner, GM and coach are all gone, this team will continue to be the laughingstock of the league

  4. The Jets lack any sort of stability necessary for a winning season. They need at least a couple of years to stabilize the team. Smith is an exciting player but it takes a great deal more to lead an NFL team to the playoffs. The trophy case in the team HQ’s has plenty of room and will continue to collect dust for the future.

  5. Tim Tebow is starting to look good to the Jets already !!!!!!!

    They will probably be trading a number one draft pick to New England to get him back in a few short years.

  6. Honestly there’s way too much scrutiny going on for mistakes in practice… especially from non players and media… practice is where you get your stuff together, it’s not meant to be a spectacle… also, when playing against your own defense, the defense tends to cheat because of their familiarity of the offensive plays..

  7. The fact that a lightly regarding rook has been more efficient than Sanchez speaks volumes about Sanchez.

  8. Jets got a steal. I’ve said it repeatedly since draft day that those teams with perennially woeful QB situations will regret passing on him. He obviously eats and sleeps football, is a bright kid from how everyone says he gets into his playbook, and is mindful of making mistakes as evidenced by his low interception rate in college and so far in camp.

  9. Geno is a smart QB. He’s learming fast. He’s the man.. Why pass, when he can run in the end-zone.

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