Grigson says better line should help Luck reduce mistakes


When it comes to quarterback Andrew Luck’s second NFL season, the Colts want to see Luck make fewer mistakes.

G.M. Ryan Grigson thinks that’ll happen via blockers who make fewer mistakes.

In an interview with Scott Pioli from training camp that aired on Tuesday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, Grigson praised Luck’s “innate” ability to lead game-winning drives but explained the connection between Luck’s rookie blunders and his blocking.

“I think that just cutting down maybe on the [interceptions] because we’ve put people around him I think to make him more comfortable,” Grigson said regarding the team’s goal for Luck in 2013.  “Last year he was a lot of times under duress and he’s throwing from a lot of different contorted positions and usually making completions. But I think just by fortifying the line it should cut down on some of his mistakes.

Grigson told Pioli that the second-year G.M. is sufficiently concerned about protecting Luck that Grigson doesn’t even pay attention to Luck during practice, focusing instead on the quality of the blocking.

If it improves this year, Luck will improve.  And the team will improve.  And the gap between the Colts and the teams they’re chasing will get more narrow.

10 responses to “Grigson says better line should help Luck reduce mistakes

  1. George Costanza says that’s all wrong, you want a worse line, or the worst line you can come up with. Never give in to conventional thinking. This coach thinks he’s so smart and that a better line is better. Well we’ll see mister.

    And he thinks reducing INTs is going to help out as well, gosh he has a plan for everything! I guess there’s nothing left to do but win.

  2. “Grigson praised Luck’s “innate” ability to lead game-winning drives but explained the connection between Luck’s rookie blunders and his blocking.”
    Well, at least he acknowledged that Luck made mistakes, something that worshipers have appeared hesitant to do. 54%, 18 ints and 5 fumbles, is not good enough for the praise he received. Cam Newton had 60% his rookie year and was highly criticized by the same people.

  3. Qdog112- luck “worshipers” don’t discount the picks and completion percentage. It’s just the luck “haters” apparently didn’t watch a game. Your gonna have a low completion % and picks when your told to throw 35-50 times a game. With EVERY pass with 3 WRs and a TE blocking to run 30 yards and turn around lol with absolutely ZERO checkdowns. With the worst O-line in football last year, with a rookie RB, with 2 rookie TEs, with 2-3 rookie WRs playing a big roll. So we can assume a good amount of the picks and completion% is because of rookie mistakes by WR, TE and the occasional dumb off to a RB (very rare) Some of lucks picks came in the 4tg quarter when his team was down by 14+ points because the Defense couldn’t stop anyone. Luck would push the ball to try and get his team back in the game. Luck carried his team with a Terrible Defense, a absolutely HORRIBLE o-line and no run game, a lot of rookies and a OC with a system that isn’t great for a rookie, to 11 wins and a playoff berth. That is stupidly unbelievable. The colts had the reason to be in the playoffs. But they had 1 reason to be in the playoffs. And that’s because of Andrew Luck

  4. Yeah, stats weren’t great but when u take a 2-14 team to the playoffs as a rookie, you’re doing something right. The future is bright in Indy and there is a new sheriff in town for years to come.

  5. Luck is horrible. The Colts cut what? Like 9 players that started on other teams? 2-14 team my ass that made the playoffs for a decade straight? Tank job.

    He has a HOF receiver. He was surrounded by talent. His comebacks were often just huge oopsies by the opposing team or after his defense made a big turnover.

    Luck is similar to Blaine Gabbert, but his TEAM won some games in spite of his horrible play.

    P.S. he led the league in dropped interceptions as well. Would have put his int total over 30.

  6. BOB G 3 wouldn’t have won 2 games with this Colts team of last year. He wouldn’t have lasted 1 game with that OL and lack of talent at all positions surrounding him. You think if the Colts backup QB was called in to win a game last year, they would’ve won? like the deadskins did when BOB was out and had to rely on Cousins who looked better than BOB did all year?

  7. Who were those 9 players that started on other teams? And if they did cut “starters” they weren’t playing for the colts. Luck had a hof receiver, but also had two rookie receivers, 2 rookie tight ends and a rookie running back. Hate in hater!!

  8. @thermanmerman99

    Cousins looked better than “Bob”? Like when “Bob” threw 8 tds in two games? Or when “Bob” was shredding the #1 defense to shreds before he got hurt? What an idiot. Typical representation of the Midwest.

    Chime in when Luck has a triple digit QB rating, breaks 23 records, or has a 4:1 td to int ratio.

  9. “Bob” also had a rookie running back who was drafted after Vick Ballard and a defense that finished 2 spots worse than the Colts did (28th vs. 26th).

    “Bob” also lost his starting tight end in week 7 and his number 1 receiver for 6 weeks.

    I’d also point out that the Colts turned over about two thirds of their roster last year. It wasn’t all just Andrew Luck’s doings.

  10. Lost in how good he was in an offense that didn’t at all suit his talents ideally is how awful the Colts line was. I still think they have more upgrades on that line to do in the future than they want to admit right now, but Luck is the real deal.

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