Grigson thinks Fleener will make a big jump in 2013


The Colts had five rookie skill-position players who made significant impacts as rookies.  The guy who drafted each of them sees one having the biggest potential of any guy on the roster to break out in 2013.

“The first player that would come to mind would be [tight end] Coby Fleener,” G.M. Ryan Grigson sold Scott Pioli of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.  “Knock on wood, he’s a guy that you knew had speed, had size being six-six and running 4.51 [seconds in the 40-yard dash].  You know he could be a tough mismatch downfield because he could play above the rim.”

Helping Fleener is the arrival of his offensive coordinator at Stanford, Pep Hamilton, who is now running the offense in Indy.

“He’s doing the same things that made him that guy that we all said, ‘Wow,'” Grigson said.  “So I think just him having that comfort with Pep being here and being back in the system, it’s really come across like he’s ready to have a great year.  We expect that from him, top. He’s got to get better as a blocker, he knows that.  We want him to be a threat downfield.”

His name is also a lot of fun to say.  If Grigson is right, we’ll all be saying it a lot this year.

7 responses to “Grigson thinks Fleener will make a big jump in 2013

  1. Luck is as likely to throw the ball to him as he is the other team. Rex Grossman 2.0

  2. Amen to that brother. They shall be in the front while brother Blame, sorry I meant Blaine and brother Shoelace bring up the rear.

  3. Fleener is the kind of player who looks like he is pretty good when he is wearing shorts & the contact is toned down.

  4. He’s the second best tight end on the team if you ask me. Waste of a pick for the Colts. Should have taken Janoris Jenkins.

  5. The Colts are the best team in the NFL. Andy is a superior QB to Rgknee and Rusty Wilson and you all know it, only someone who has less than a kindergarten education and who likes women who weigh over 500lbs will click the thumbs down button.

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