Jared Allen has ankle injury


As Vikings defensive end Jared Allen enters his contract year, the perennial Pro Bowl has a problem.  Unless he doesn’t.

Per multiple reports, Allen suffered an ankle injury during practice on Tuesday.  He left the practice field limping, with the ankle wrapped.

“We’ll look it over and determine whether or not we need to do an MRI,” coach Leslie Frazier said, via Dan Wiederer of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Allen, who we just realized looks a little like the guy who plays Wilfred in Wilfred, wasn’t going to play in the preseason opener against the Texans even if he were healthy.

The Vikings have every reason to protect Allen.  He carries a cap number of more than $17 million, with 2013 compensation in excess of $14 million.

The team has shown no inclination to extend Allen’s contract, which could dramatically reduce his current-year cap charge.

44 responses to “Jared Allen has ankle injury

  1. I hope his ankle is ok and I hope the Vikes extend his contract. Allen is the heart of the Viking defense and he should be a Viking for the remainder of his career.

  2. Really hope JA is back soon. I’m a hard core packers fan, and as much as I don’t like the vikings, or trying to stomach their fans, this guy is fun to watch. Great motor, no quite. Hope to see him back soon. GO PACK

  3. As a big Packers fan- I hope JA makes a quick recovery. As much a I dislike the vikings, as well as trying to stomach their fans- I like watching this guy play ball. Great motor, no quit. Hope to see him 100 % soon.

  4. Which is why a guy with his age & ability doesn’t need to be wearing his ass out in camp. Super Bowls aren’t won or lost in August by your 10+ year vets.

  5. Obviously Allen is disgusted with the lack of interest in extending his contract shown by the ungrateful vikqueefs. He’s faking an injury to save himself for his next team. Your purple toads should be ashamed.

  6. Jared is the type to play thru the lil stuff. Last year he played thru a torn labrum and still had like 16 sacks.

    Even though JA played over 90% of defensive snaps last year, his replacement Everson Griffen, had 8 sacks… I think the Vikes are more than okay at DE

  7. Several people covering the team have stated they have the feeling the Vikings DO want Allen back and that something will eventually get done. Probably after the season when there will be a better feel for what the numbers should be.

  8. As others stated….I think Allen would be fine. We have a guy foaming at the mouth to prove himself though, Everson Griffen. Super strong and fast. I really believe he will become a star, capable of big sack stats if given the snaps…

  9. Vikings seem content to let this season play out, then try to sign two of their three DE’s most likely. Griffen, Robison, and Allen are all starter caliber.

    Allen is a beast but on decline.

    Robison is solid but probably peaking short of an all pro type.

    Griffen has potential as a star, though my money would be that his ceiling is just above average. He makes splash plays but isn’t great sometimes at the basic of run defense, staying in his lane, and batting down balls.

  10. Minor injury but when you tie up $17 mil in a DE, there is something wrong with your GM.

    I hope JA comes out the gate with his balls on fire, gets 6 or 8 sacks in the first few games. Then the Vikings will dump silly money on him in the middle of the season at which point he will do his annual disappearing act.

  11. Hilarious that Vikings fans give the Packers crap for signing Aaron Rodgers to “such a huge contract”, yet Jared Allen, a defensive end, costs the Vikings nearly 20% of their cap at 17m this year. Next time Allen wins the MVP let me know

  12. I hope he will be 100% by season opener or Viking fan will surely use that as their excuse for losing to the Packers, yet again. Of course there is always some lame excuse. Last year it was Joe Webb, like it was the Packers fault the Vikings have terrible quarterbacks.

  13. We last saw this hapless, tasteless Viking team getting humiliated by the Packers as they finally played in their disastrous first playoff game of this decade. That Ponder chick sat out of the game with an arm bruise thingy.

    This is the “excuse” Viking fans use to justify losing again – that it wasn’t fair because one of their guys had a bruise.

    Let’s hope Jared’s horribly disfigured ankle isn’t as bad as Ponder’s arm bruise thingy.

  14. Allen is the top player on defense, but if the injury bug is going to bite any position, it might as well be the dline. Vikings have incredible depth there (and unlike some years, that’s not an optimistic homer statement).

  15. Who is this Jared Allen everyone is talking about.???? What team dose he play for.?????

  16. I wouldn’t worry about this. I don’t think this is a Percy Harvin-type of ankle injury, which makes you miss the last 9 weeks of the season and makes your coach suggest that you spend those 9 weeks as far away from the team as possible. I think it’s more of a veteran in training camp type of ankle injury, which a guy who doesn’t need to spend much time practicing uses to relax a bit during the dog days of training camp.

  17. Everson Griffen is the future of that pass rush. Vikes should have traded Allen and Kevin Williams while they can still get high value for both. I’ve been saying that since the season ended. Seattle needs a pass rusher and a reliable tackle. It would be perfect since Winfield is there, and Allen would thrive with a dominant secondary. Williams is still top three run stoppers in the league. Vikes need to get younger. Perfect trade.

  18. As a Packer fan I can say with utmost certainty that Packer fans can’t stand filthy either. I hope Jared is okay. I love watching the Vikings and Packers play and want all the stars to be in the game.

  19. I dont know who the packer fans are talking too that say us (Minnesota) losing last years play off game was anybody’s “fault”.

    Me and my circle didn’t make excuses. Both teams played hard. Our starting QB sat out and we had poor play out of our back-up.

    These are the facts. Not opinions. Nobody blamed officiating or weather or coaching. We flat out didn’t play up to snuff.

  20. As a Packer fan I have always enjoyed watching Jared Allen play at least 14 weeks each year. Glad to hear it is only a minor injury, hope it stays that way.

  21. Good player. I am concerned about his injuries the past two seasons and that reduces his productivity of course. As I said before, I think the Vikings will not re-sign Jared Allen so they can use the $14 million for 2014 to get a real good veteran QB. Because I do not think ponder can cut it and Kassel can’t cut it Either. Just being truthful.

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