Jason Avant on Riley Cooper: Guys are definitely over it


Wide receiver Riley Cooper returned to the Eagles on Tuesday and said that he wasn’t asking his teammates to forgive him from uttering a racial slur “because that puts the burden on you.”

Several of those teammates addressed Cooper’s return after Tuesday’s practice and they may not have forgiven him, but they did send a message that they have come to terms with Cooper’s actions in a way that will allow them to move forward with the season. John Gonzalez of CSNPhilly.com heard from several members of the team — safety Patrick Chung, tight end Brent Celek, linebacker DeMeco Ryans and wide receiver DeSean Jackson among them — who shared wide receiver Jason Avant’s feeling that the team was ready to move on with Cooper as part of the team.

“As far as our team, guys are definitely over it,” Avant said. “We’ve talked. We’ve had dialogue. We’ve accepted his apology. The only thing he can do is apologize. What else can he do? When a situation happens like that, there aren’t too many things you can do but apologize and be sincere about it.”

Coach Chip Kelly was wise to say during his own meeting with the media that “it’s not something that we can just say, hey, it’s over with,” because the issue isn’t just going to disappear. That doesn’t mean that it has to knock the Eagles off stride, however, and it probably won’t if Avant’s read on the situation proves correct.

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  1. I call your bluff Jason, and I’ll take my chances on 80+ quotes from everybody else producing at least one seriously controversial lingering opinion.

    Put me down for a billion dollars.

  2. Whoever doesn’t have some forgiveness for the guy is ignorant. It takes 5 seconds to reflect about how this will burden this guy in public…that’s punishment enough– to be ridiculed by an unforgiving society and media.

  3. I think just about the whole world is over this one, and those of you who actually believe that Riley Cooper should never be forgiven should take a look in the mirror at your very imperfect selves.

    If you expect people to forgive you for your future transgressions, show some willingness to step down from your high horse and forgive others yourself.

  4. There should be another controversy coming soon enough the media can pounce on and exploit until every ounce of drama is squeezed from it…

    Someone said it best: When Cooper hits 100 yards and 2 TD’s in week 1…..all will be forgiven and forgotten.

  5. His teammates won’t be the problem…it will be the opposing players trying to “eject the ball from his hands with extreme prejudice.”

  6. I think the leave of absence was unnecessary. He should have just apologized and told all the pissed off corners, safeties and linebackers in the league that he wouldn’t blame them for trying to knock him a little harder during games.

  7. It will be interesting if some person of color launches himself at his head and puts him out of the game will the media justify the illigal hit because of something he said months earlier when he was drunk, or will the put the person of color in the spot light for intentionally injuring someone. If they don’t what is worse. As little kids say “stick and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Unless of course I am an adult male 6’5” 300 lbs. Then names do hurt so much that I bring out my sticks and stones and hurt someone with them and be justified.

  8. Riley Cooper returned to the Eagles on Tuesday and said that he wasn’t asking his teammates to forgive him from uttering a racial slur “because that puts the burden on you.”
    Ummm…… who, exactly, SHOULD the “burden” be on, Riley?

  9. NFL players are a “touched” lot. Gotta be to play the game. In many ways a reflection of the best and worse society has to offer. It is what it is.

  10. It’s not a matter of “forgiveness,” or even a matter of him being racist. The issue is just what LeSean Mcoy said it was: “you can’t respect a guy like that.”

    There’s proof that Cooper acts one way around one group of people and a different away around his teammates. Impossible to respect that kind of guy.

  11. That s a good team leader thing to say but avant doesn t believe that even a little bit. That s a locker room divided. 3 days of sensetivity training or not.

  12. The only “people” that still give a rats arse about this topic are the media outlets that can’t think of anything original to print.

  13. Yeah id hope there over it, its a word the probably hear or use alot, I work with black guys who call each other the N word all the time, people sre to damn sensitive

  14. Isn’t it mind boggling that nobody is talking about Hugh Douglass calling a black man an “Uncle Tom” and a “House N”? Those are 2 very racist terms yet nobody cares. Think about the term “House N” it implies that black folks who live in a nice house in suburbia are not “black enough”? Unreal.

  15. I’m black and I hate what Cooper said but I’m also tired of talking about it. Let’s let it go, let’s all be better people and let’s go back to doing one of the things that bring people of all races together in harmony: hating on the Dallas Cowboys. You know, just saying that makes me feel a little better already.

  16. The eagles are over it-the media is crushed and will do everything they can to keep this going.

  17. Yep…amazing…not one word on this site. Holding people to a different set of standards, based on their race, is racist. To not report on it, is racist. I thought everyone was trying to end racism?

  18. What will be very interesting is seeing how far Vick leads him when he’s going over the middle.

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