Lurie: Cooper’s words “hurt everyone”


In the immediate aftermath of Riley Cooper being shown on video using racist language, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie put out word that he was “shocked and appalled.”

The message upon Cooper’s return Tuesday wasn’t quite as strong, but made it obvious there’s still work to be done.

“I want to make this clear; the words Riley Cooper used were totally unacceptable,” Lurie’s statement read. “His words may have been directed at one person but they hurt everyone. Riley has apologized to the team and community and has made a personal commitment to work hard to try and gain their trust and earn his position on the team.”

It’s clear the Eagles are going to give him that chance to earn the job on the field,  and because they need him, he’s going to get a chance others might not have.

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  1. I’m an African American male, and I’m sure I work with people who have made similar, if not worse than what he said. But what can you do? The guy has apologized, it’s time to move on. You don’t have to eat dinner or hang out with him. Just work with him. The more this persists, the more Cooper begins to look like the victim.

  2. You know what, it was totally wrong with Riley Cooper said. It was offensive and boneheaded to boot — and he’s gonna have to earn his way back as the article says.

    But I have to say, the reaction from everyone, including media and public officials, appears to be so excessive that it seems almost disingenuous — almost for “show.” I mean, I think when someone says something like this, folks feel like they have to line up to crucify the “offender” in order to:

    a. make sure everyone knows how high minded and sensitive “they” are.

    b. sufficiently distance themselves from the offender, again, showing how sensitive they are.

    This is how bs-ers live. Crucify others so that everyone thinks you are pure.

    This is not to say that Cooper is not guilty of being offensive…he is and as I say, he needs to earn his way back into good graces.

    But at the same time, I do not believe for one minute that all of the people lining up to paddle Cooper are so “pure.” Does anyone really believe Marcus Vick has never had a pre-conception about a white person? Or never said an offensive thing? And yet, he is so pure and above the fray he can stand in judgement of Cooper.

    And that goes for the media and that goes for politicians. These media and politicians play the race card to make themselves look all pure but then they cynically exploit it for ratings.

    Why don’t we all just admit Cooper did a rotten thing but at the same time, none of us are pure so we should put down the stones and try to work through this. This is why Michael Vick has emerged as a true leader in this … not piling on but trying to work through it.

    Too bad the rest of us can’t do that.

  3. Hugh Douglas’s words to his ESPN teammate Michael have hurt me and I don’t think I will ever be able to recover to the point that I can watch Douglas talk about football on tv ever again !

  4. Stop with this ‘because they need him” stuff. They are giving him another shot because it’s really not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.

    It’s not because of his overwhelming talent, because he doens’t hav it. He’s a fringe NFL player, that’s it.

    If they thought it was a huge deal like the media does, he’d be gone, period. This whole “because they need him on the field” is idiotic. He’s beenin the league for years, and hasn’t done anything. He’d be lucky to make the roster regardless

  5. Jay z calls white people racist names in songs and hangs with the president and is associated with the nfl, even the athletes, no one should use that word if there is this much stink over it, Oprah Winfrey once said that she knows blacks were hung with that word being the last word they ever heard as they were murdered.. With that in mind no one should say it and don’t treat Riley cooper any different than anyone else who uses it

  6. I just want to say that what he said was despicable. That said, I don’t know if I can paint a man as a racist over 1 angry word.

    I can understand if someone were raised around racism, how easy it could be in a drunken angry moment blurt out something they’ve heard a million times as a child even if that’s not how he truly feels.

    Look me in the eye and tell me that you’ve never made a harsh comment regarding another culture or religion, jokingly, out of anger, or otherwise. Tell me you’ve never said something that you didn’t mean out of anger and regretted. Were you forgiven?

    Other hand, maybe the dude’s a closet racist, but I’m not placing judgment and this feels like a witch hunt over 1 angry word.

  7. What ever happened to stick and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me???

    This kid did not know any better he is the product of his upbring.

    Hey it worked for Vick why not RC?

  8. When do we get the same spiel about DeSean Jackson’s use of the feared “N WORD”? How about his use of the feared “gay slurs”?

    Lurie is a hypocrite for overlooking the EXACT same language from a black player but punishing it from a white player.

  9. Nobody cares about Cooper. If you’re a racist in 2013 you’re just a sad individual who’s not cable of advancing as an Human Being.


    You already know what happens to the Eagles when they play in the Black Hole.

  10. Why is the media not beating down on Hugh Douglas? He is a known racist but since he is part of the media and black… Oh that’s okay!

  11. Gee, I must be tougher than I thought, cuz the drunken ramblings of a guy I’ve never met didn’t hurt me in the least, but evidently gashed everyone else.

    I’m just happy people with cameras don’t follow me around when I’m drunk.

  12. Hey Lurie, enough of this PR junk. Oh, I forgot, even though you said that word only once in your life, it is still a mortal sin and you won’t make it into heaven. It was stupid drunken mistake. If you want to make it a big deal, then go after the guys in the locker room who use it all the time, otherwise put a sock in it.

  13. He was wrong. What he said was bad.

    But really how much do we need to hear about it at this point.
    A drunk guy said something mean – time to move on.

  14. Obama, Holder, Jackson and Sharpton ALL BLACK RACISTS, say a lot worse every day.
    You stupid, gullible whites should grow up and see the real world.
    A bunch of jerks

  15. What hurts most to many of us Native Americans is Lurie’s refusal to play the team from our Nation’s Capitol that uses a derogatory and offensive Logo and team name to represent our people as wild savages.

    Until every owner and fan rises up and shouts against this racist activity then let Riley say whatever he so pleases without judgment.

  16. As for the white guilt thing, I wish everyone would take to understanding that white people all came from different countries at different times. My grandparents came from a farm in Italy in the 1910s. My neighbor is white and hes Irish. His family came in the 1920s here.

    Many whites are Germans, Scotts, Italians, French, Irish Swedish Russians etc that all have no bloodlines to slavery. Say what you want, but thats the truth Im laying down.

  17. stonefish67 says:
    Aug 6, 2013 6:11 PM
    Obama, Holder, Jackson and Sharpton ALL BLACK RACISTS, say a lot worse every day.
    You stupid, gullible whites should grow up and see the real world.
    A bunch of jerks


    “stonefish67” from Pro Football Talk’s comment section has it ALL figured out. We should listen and do exactly whatever he has to say because… he says we’re stupid if we don’t. Think that about settles it.

  18. WAAA! As a father and having worked around young folks for my entire life – guess what – shocked intake of breath – folks say things that hurt other folks’ feelings – GET OVER IT – if anyone has evolved to any degree – names do not hurt! No sensitivity class required for the name callers – DEFINITE DE-sensitivity class required for every damned body else!

  19. If a guy yelled cracker, whitey, or honkey at me, I would just think they are being stupid, and I would continue going my merry way. A guy says the N word once in his life and you want label him for life. Hey, he only said it once and he was drunk. That is not an excuse, but c’mon man. Don’t you have other things going on in your lives. Just give it up and move on. You’ll be fine.

  20. I have white ancestors that pre-date the revolution. They all settled in New England, and while none of them owned slaves, they were here when the north was complicit with the south in keeping slaves even after the revolution.

    As a white person, it isn’t up to me to tell black people when to be offended, or when they should “get over it.” Speaking for myself, what an awful thing Riley Cooper has said. If his teammates, especially his black teammates, can see past it, they are a bigger men for doing so, and I can’t blame them if they don’t see past it. I don’t know that I could.

  21. People say “Redskins” every time they reference that team in the Nation’s Capitol!

    …..Why not “Blackskins”?


    I said it.

    I don’t feel good about it but I said it and i don’t need no stinkin sensitivity training class.

  22. Reasonable people can disagree on the appropriate level of attention paid to the actions of an intoxicated NFL player. Sadly, there are plenty of examples to consider.

    Should Riley Cooper get another chance at an NFL career after the harm he caused while intoxicated? That question was actually posed on this very site just days ago.

    That question suggests that the harm inflicted by Riley Cooper exceeds the harm of inflicted by another intoxicated NFL player who HAS been given a second NFL chance.

    Donate Stallworth, under the influence of marijuana and alcohol, got into a car. He ended the life of an innocent pedestrian. He destroyed the lives of that man’s family and friends. Second chance after drunkenly taking a human life? Apparently so.

    Someone please explain why the harm caused by Riley Cooper exceeds
    the harm caused by Donte Stallworth.

  23. Meanwhile….Hugh Douglas words are flying under the radar…no mention on local news ESPN, CSN or Philly Sports Talk tv show. Double standard? Sure seems that way.

  24. Youarejealousof6rings…I would bet you were not even born for four of them. It’s a shame that these dopes in Pittsburg have nothing else but 6 rings. You get on every blog and do nothing but trash. Grow up 2 year old!

  25. I look forward to learning more of how drunken, racially-charged hate speech, uttered at a public event, destroys the fabric of our society. How do we reconcile the actions of Hugh Douglas with those of Riley Cooper?
    Getting my notepad and pencil ready. This is promises to be an informative news cycle. Or maybe just an entertaining display of tap-dancing.

  26. People are toooo sensitive nowadays. Too easily offended. Build a bridge and get over it. Especially Shady McCoy. Saying he can’t trust him anymore. What a dumba$$.

  27. Man, this really has to chap some of y’alls butts… that Cooper has been unable to be made into a pariah is clearly bothering folks.

  28. In as much as it is regarded a horrible/racist/insensitive word (or whatever) and I dont use it, I am seriously going into the not care over the usage of this word.

    That is because as long as it is OK for a black to use it, but the world must stop if a white uses it, then that is, well, completely pathetic and hypocritical.

    If the word is foul and should be regarded as it, then any use of it is foul. Strangely enough, that is not what we see.

  29. Put your actions where your mouth is. Last year Flacco used the word “retarded” referring to a situation not a person. He apologized and said he would make it right. Just this week Special Olympics has a local event that Flacco supported extensively and SO even sent a thank you tweet to “teamflacco” for his hard work and support during the event. There are plenty of opportunities for Cooper to speak to groups, work in low income or minority neighborhoods or do some kind of donation to a school that has a large minority. Sorry is ok, but like Flacco, sorry wasn’t it and Cooper needs to step up and show he is sorry not just pay lip service to it and think that is ok. I wish you would get rid of that moving toolbar with follow/reblog on it. It gets in the middle of your comment while typing and won’t go away. It is not at all user friendly.

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