New Mannings video shows funnier Eli


The Manning brothers have done it again.

Two years after their Football Cops faux movie trailer provided a welcome oasis in the desert that was the NFL lockout, Eli and Peyton Manning are pitching the DirecTV Sunday Ticket with a D–k in a Box-style rap video entitled Football On Your Phone.

Sure, it rips off the Timberlake-Samberg Color Me Badd vibe, which has shown up in at least three SNL Digital Shorts.  But Eli and Peyton can pull it off, making the end result look far easier than it is.

For a change, Eli is actually funnier in this one than Peyton.

It could be that Peyton opted to give the best lines to Eli.  Regardless, the end result (including a cameo from Archie Manning) is memorable.

There may not be many more encores.  DirecTV’s deal with the NFL expires after the 2014 season, and DirecTV CFO Pat Doyle told investors earlier this year that DirecTV may drop the package, if it gets too expensive.

Hopefully, they’ll still use some of that money to develop Eli and Peyton videos.