PFT Live: 49ers predicted to dominate

49ers beat writer Matt Maiocco talks to Mike Florio about San Francisco’s chance of winning a championship this season. It’s been 41 years since a team has lost in a Super Bowl and then went on to win one the next season. Maiocco believes this team has a real chance to break that streak.


3 responses to “PFT Live: 49ers predicted to dominate

  1. OK Florio….lets get real here.

    While you are busy trying to blame the team for not telling Terrell he was about to blo his bonus, you might want to mention that perhaps the player and his agent should know that as well and it isn’t on the 49ers to go over the players contract with him every single season.

  2. These are big boys in this league. They have agents to tell them when to wipe their butts and yet when it comes to Brown “not knowing” his contract its the organizations fault? Please! I do hope the Niners make right on it and pay him, but other than that, you have to know what’s in your own contract. Grow up like the rest of the world has too!

  3. Wow, didn’t realize we had 15 receivers on the roster right now….this is going to be a crazy position battle.

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