Philly mayor continues to pressure Eagles over Cooper


At a time when internal factors primarily will drive the Eagles’ handling of receiver Riley Cooper, the mayor of the town where the Eagles play continues to apply a significant amount of external pressure.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Michael Nutter addressed Cooper’s racist slur during a Monday event in the courtyard at City Hall.

“Somebody said something, either out of their mouth or out of the side of their neck, and didn’t think anybody was listening,” Nutter said regarding Cooper.
Nutter, who issued a statement last week calling for the team to suspend Cooper, made another reference to the movie 42, explaining that during the film the Phillies manager directs a racial at Jackie Robinson.
“[It was] the same word that the Philadelphia Eagles player used last week — 66 years later, still dealing with the same kind of nonsense, same kind of mind-set,” Nutter said.
It’s unknown whether Nutter’s words will influence the team’s decision-making process.  On one hand, it could contribute to finding a way to move on from Cooper, in order to prevent the situation from creating political problems and/or potential fan discontent.  On the other hand, it could prompt the Eagles to circle the wagons, sending a broader message to Nutter and anyone else outside the organization that the team can’t be pushed in situation like this.
The easy thing to do would be to find a replacement for Cooper and move on.  Whether that’s the right thing to do is an issue that likely will require further thought, reflection, and discussion.

91 responses to “Philly mayor continues to pressure Eagles over Cooper

  1. Hey Nutter, instead of worrying about one morons drunkin lapse of judgement, why don’t you focus your office on the multiple daily shootings and killings that make your town a warzone?

  2. It’s not against the law to be a racist. Get over it already. This is so annoying that you journalists can’t let it go. No one else cares anymore other than public figures who “have to care” because they are in the spot light.

  3. Suck up your 15 minutes as long as you can, Nutter. No one outside of Philly will remember who you are or what you said in about two weeks.

  4. again “somebody said something”

    OK. yes he did.

    but last I checked, we can forgive people for saying things. this man didn’t murder anyone, yet I don’t see any real legitimate outrage over players wearing “free hernandez” hats. that’s “free a murderer” in reality.

    and we are supposed to what? never forgive this man, and if we do “forgive”, just never forget to the point where he can never return to his job, and needs to get a new name?

    he apologized, accept it, or move on. if he had actually physically got into it there…OK, but he hasn’t, he didn’t…LET IT GO!!!

  5. Grandstanding, plain and simple.
    At no time in the history of this nation have we had a lower caliber of person in public office than we do right now. Today’s politicians are an embarrassing disgrace.

  6. Nothing like being a city leader and encouraging people not to forgive. Racism will never go away because people like him, Sharpton, and Jackson don’t want it to.

  7. Cooper should donate money to my charity, the united black guy fun. They I will unite with some other black guys and have some fun! But on the serious not he said sorry so let kiss and play a sport that does a lot to fight racism. King’s dream is the NFL!

  8. Shouldn’t Nutter be looking into the important issues: soda taxes & sales of exclusive trash bags.

  9. The sad irony is if everyone just accepted Cooper’s apology and moved on, it actually might set a good example for how to react in the future to other similar situations. Nutter seems to think if there aren’t enough people who were truly offended by Cooper’s words, he will be offended for them.

    I know very little about Riley Cooper, but if there was a history of ethnic or racial slurs from him, that would be a much bigger issue. As far as I know, his comments suggest this was a one-time thing after he had too much to drink at a concert. He doesn’t have a chronic drinking problem or history of making ethnic slurs, so it’s not like he’s Mel Gibson.

    Give the man a break. Not a suspension.

  10. I love how the Sharptons, Jacksons and Nutters of the world pounce on top of stuff like this under the guise of righteousness.

    They’re just as divisive and hateful as those they denigrate.

    Cooper said some things that were way out of line – let’s not go all Reginald Denny over it all.

  11. @ rc33, so true.

    I love the guy calling out another person for a word and trying to get a private business to fire one of their employees for a word when he uses a “professional” phrase such as “talking out of the side of their neck” in his official capacity as mayor.

  12. I wonder why the mayor of “Killadelphia” would want to focus people’s attention on some other villain?

    Hard to imagine.

  13. I’m glad your so.worried about a single player on a football team that plays in your city all The while most of America would agree that moving into phili is barely over moving to Washington d.c. Keep talking about a racial slur that didn’t hurt anyone while The black unemployment in your city skyrockets and black on black murders rise. False anger

  14. Nutter is a effin joke. Cooper was wrong, no excuse for it and there is no excuse for anyone of any color or race to use that word. But if you want equality why isn’t he calling for suspensions of people of color who throw around that word like its nothing.

  15. Last time a Philadelphia mayor called for the Eagles to make a transaction (draft Ricky Williams with the #2 overall pick in 1999) and the Eagles did the exact opposite, it worked out much better than the mayor’s plan. I expect the same will be true here.

  16. There should be a serious fine for anyone who utters that word while employed by NFL. Hear that Shady McCoy?? Anyone who utters that word, no matter what color the speaker is.

  17. When a politician trys this hard to place unnecessary focus on a topic this small… one needs to wonder what or why he’s trying to deflect.

    He should make sure his own backyard is squeeky clean first.

  18. Lets be honest: If you’re calling for Cooper to be cut, you’re essentially calling for a likely lifetime ban for a single (documented, anyway) instance of using a racial slur. What team would take him on at this point? Wouldn’t the next team that takes him be scrutinized by the press and politicians as the team that “didn’t take racism seriously”?

  19. Ah yes with all the issues I’m sure are facing your great city. This is the number 1 issue. Mr Nutter you have a call on line 1, it’s Al Sharpton. He needs his race card back

  20. “Somebody said something, either out of their mouth or out of the side of their neck, and didn’t think anybody was listening,” said the POLITICIAN.

  21. Who said what to this man to make him so mad he wanted to climb a fence and fight a whole crowd. Maybe some of his peeps are guilty of the same lapse of judgment.

  22. funny,, shouldn’t he be more concerned with the murder rate of his fine city??

    or the endless traffic created through the terrible PENDOT struggles,,
    or the fat people soda tax he initiated
    or the countless other issues that SHOULD be on the main agenda for a mayor????

  23. Give Nutter and all these people saying how wrong Cooper was in using the word he did a polygraph to see if they lived a perfect life and never said a derogatory word. Guarantee most of them have said something in there lifetime that offended someone else. Get over it already. He slipped up and apologized for it. They forgave Vick and gave him a second chance. McCoy has some guts talking about Cooper after his incident. No one says what Cooper did was right, but it definitely wasn’t as bad as people like Nutter are making it out to be. No one alive has dealt with slavery, so stop saying it is from slavery times and brings back memories from your ancestors. Nutter needs to focus on the city of Philly, not stuff that has nothing to do with being Mayor of Philly.

  24. Everyone should be forced to watch Southpark, season 7, episode “With apologies to Jesse Jackson”. Perhaps that would bring a proper perspective to all this.

  25. No journalist and surely no politician could pass a polygraph with one question – “Have you ever uttered a racial slur?” The hypocrisy makes me want to vomit.

  26. A city where a large population (white and black and very liberal) think Mumia Abu Jamal is a hero for being a cop killer.

  27. Lets see, the mayor of philly is black, so is the attorney general, president, highest paid athlete, highest paid actor, and highest paid musician…. Yeah race is a huge problem still when will America finally treat you as an equal…

  28. Amen to all the comments so far! I’d wager serious money that everyone has said that word at some point in their life, so the goody goody mayor needs to mind his own business and put his focus where it needs to be on more serious matters affecting his city of “brotherly” love. If you drink and have never done something you regret while inebriated, you’re in the minority.

    At least he didn’t get arrested for DUI or kill anyone! If you’re still offended by what he said, save your energy and move on. He apologized sincerely unlike many other athletes that screw up.

  29. Meanwhile………on locker rooms across America we’ve got black guys/kids throwing the words “white boy” and “cracker” left and right and nobody bats an eye because that kind of racism is socially acceptable. If I had a buck for every time I heard those words thrown around during high school football I could buy several cases of the most expensive micro brew on the planet.

  30. Let me preface what I’m about to say but saying this: I believe that word should never be used by ANYONE for ANY reason. I believe Riley Cooper used the term in an extremely derogatory manner and the only reason he’s apologizing is because he was caught, not because he’s truely sorry.

    That being said, I can guarauntee with 100% certainty that black players in the Eagles lockerroom, and other lockerrooms around all professional sports, use that word with each other on a daily basis.

    Where’s the outrage? Where’s the fine? Where’s the team mandated counseling and unpaid leave? Where’s the mayor calling for the black players to be suspended or even cut from the team?

    Oh, that’s right, it’s only a racist term when a white person uses it. Black people use the very same word on a daily basis, but that’s apparently OK.

    If you are a black person and find the use of the word racist and offensive when used by a person of another race, then how can you use it yourself and be perfectly OK with it? It either offends you or it doesn’t. You can’t use the term yourself, them cry racism when someone else uses it.

    Listen, if it’s wrong for a white person to use it, it’s wrong for a black person to use it.

  31. He Nutter, you are a nut job. Perhaps the only reason the word is so prevalent today is because black people use it 24/7. If you dont want to hear that word, perhaps you should address your people and not anyone else. Really stupid but with Obama in office, Im not surprised.

  32. Get a clue, Nutter. They have already effectively suspended him by forcing him to leave the team while he gets counseling.

  33. This is nothing more than a politician (Michael Nutter) trying to gain attention and to equate what Cooper said to what Jackie Robinson dealt with is ignorant & insulting – let alone ignores the progress we have made since in this Country. Not saying the Mayor shouldn’t have commented, but, maybe the Mayor could focus his attention now on the crime rate in Philly (2011 stats): Murders 324, Rapes 833, Robberies 8,246, assaults 8,865.

  34. southpaw2k says:
    Aug 6, 2013 10:08 AM

    “He doesn’t have a chronic drinking problem or history of making ethnic slurs, so it’s not like he’s Mel Gibson.”

  35. This guy needs to worry more about the CITY OF PHILADELPHIA than he does about a professional football player that made a mistake over a month ago. Like I have said on other comments, if this were an African American man calling a Caucasian security guard a “Cracker” it would be as if nothing ever happened. Can someone say double standards?

  36. The mayor of Filthadelphia chimed in? Well, I guess it’s only a matter of time until Obama weighs in and wonders how if he had a son who played for the Eagles, how that fictional son would feel about it Cooper. Then, Eric Holder would probably find some civil rights charges to bring him up on…

  37. Nutter is indignant over this. He is like a dog with a bone. I have the perfect solution. Nutter should fight Riley Cooper

  38. The NFL will police it’s own. He’s already been fined and apologized. Go back and concern yourself with the operation of your city which has a reputation for being a sh–hole. Take care of the school problems, the firefighters, the crime problems, then when that is done then maybe we’ll listen to what you have to say.

  39. I’d like to point out that 22 of the last 29 years there has been a black Mayor in Philly – and the 7 years there wasn’t was Ed Rendell – super liberal. And the black community is in the worst shape it’s ever been.

  40. Hey Nutter shut your mouth! Focus your attention on the daily shootings, terrible public school system, and maybe fixing the demilitarized zone in Philly (A.K.A. North Philly)!

  41. The picture of Nut Job holding that hoodie that says, “The heart beneath the hood” explains it all. He’s not going to let the Trayvon Martin case die down and he’s not going to let the Riley Cooper case die down either.

  42. While I agree with the essence of what he said, as a Philly resident I would much prefer he spend less time grandstanding by city hall and more time keeping schools and libraries from shutting down. More time securing funding to keep more police on the streets. And if he wants to grandstand, he’d be better served doing it against our sham of a governor who would rather spend hundreds of millions on opening prisons than giving that money to Philadelphia schools. The more Mayor Nutter focuses on trivialities such as a fourth string wide receiver, the closer our city gets to becoming the next Detroit.

  43. Amen Mayor Nutter!!! And ANY player of color who accepts that racist in his space or even speaks to him, is a self hating lowlife. Why in God’s name would you wrap your arms around or forgive anyone you KNOW hates you?

  44. Ha Ha to the philly mayor! I didn’t even know you existed till ya got your panties all in a wad over a silly drunk white boy. Ha Ha. I bet the real reason your mad is because the Eagles are an awful football franchise. Zero Super Bowl wins. ZERO! ZERO! Ha ha. I didn’t hear the mayor complain when the eagles signed a convicted fellon to play QB! Ha Ha! Geaux Saints!

  45. Nutter wouldn’t be commenting or so passionate about it, if Riley had said “I’ll fight every(insert slur for a Latino) in here”.

    He cares for one reason and one reason alone and at the end of the day that makes his comments about the situation equally offensive as Riley’s.

    At least Riley was in a drunken stupor. Nutter’s are allegedly thought out and constructed. I still think Nutter’s runs Marcus Vick’s twitter for him.

  46. @salmen76 says:Aug 6, 2013 11:23 AM

    Ha Ha to the philly mayor! I didn’t even know you existed till ya got your panties all in a wad over a silly drunk white boy. Ha Ha. I bet the real reason your mad is because the Eagles are an awful football franchise. Zero Super Bowl wins. ZERO! ZERO! Ha ha. I didn’t hear the mayor complain when the eagles signed a convicted fellon to play QB! Ha Ha! Geaux Saints!

    What are you like 12 years old? Geaux back to the basement.

  47. Best thing that can happen for any politician is for a controversy to occur that takes the constituents eyes off the politicians ineffectiveness.

    Hey… look over there… really bad stuff over there…

  48. So glad the Mayor Nutter has nothing better to do with his time….

    And we wonder why we’re in the situation were in. Think about this next time you vote.

  49. What’s he gonna do if the wrong QB is picked a head of the other one. You know what I mean by that. Then what is he gonna say then.

  50. Salem76, as a fellow Saints fan I would like to point out that you are the saints fans that deadspin was speaking of in their article about why we suck. That is all

  51. Nutter stoops to referencing something that happened 66 years ago and has absolutely nothing to do with this situation. Not like cooper was sober and slinging the word around in the locker room or something.

    Politicians swarm to these type stories like flies to s___.

  52. As bad as Cooper is in saying the N , I would find it more offensive when a black man calls a black the N word or all the black singers using the N word in the songs. If the N word users are called racist then lets all get up and scream at these individuals as well.

  53. You really have to ignore the Philadelphia mayor, regardless of Cooper. Nutter is appropriately named, and is an incompetent racist after the glorious example of Coleman Young, who did so much for Detroit.

    Wait and see if Cory Booker, a more adult mayor, has a view on this.

  54. Good thing now we have politicians encouraging others not to forgive people for making mistakes. Nice example he’s setting.

    Maybe he ought to spend more time worrying about that train wreck of a city he’s supposed to be mayor of and its alarmingly high crime rates.

  55. Like Mayor Nutter “never” used a racial slur toward any other minority, There is no place in pro sports for politicians …he needs to worry about the schools, unemployment, crime rate and to stop cutting the police and fire depts!

  56. African American Media want this word used as much as possible because as long as they can turn over a rock or record a white person in the bathroom using it than it gives them empowerment to feel wronged and it always will. I never use this word or any other derogatory racial remark for that reason.

  57. African American Media want this word used as much as possible because as long as they can turn over a rock or record a white person in the bathroom using it than it gives them empowerment to feel wronged and it always will. I never use this word or any other derogatory racial remark for that reason.

  58. Why don’t he worry about his crappy dirty broke down city and less about a wr on the eagles. Cooper has a right to say what he wants,weather it offends people or not

  59. After this amount of time, an actual, genuine leader would have the sense to diffuse this and simply move on.
    Let me know if you find an adult who can handle this, OK Nutter?

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