ProFootballTalk: Packers injuries mounting

ProFootballTalk: The Packers offseason woes continue as WR Jordy Nelson and WR Randall Cobb both suffered injuries in camp. Nelson will miss 4-6 weeks after having knee surgery.



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  1. Wow this is really gonna be a hapless year in dairy land. I really actually feel sorry for Packers fans. They think its all good but when its week 10 and they are 3-7 it will begin to sink in…

  2. Lol the Viking fan comments are just unreal. Every year we get them saying the Packers are done and every year its 10 wins or more and the playoffs. When’s the last time the Lions beat the Packers in a game Aaron Rodgers played start to finish? When’s the last time the Bears beat the Packers? Vikings have beaten the Pack once in the last 7 tries – a game Cobb didn’t play in btw.

  3. The most critical injury wasn’t even mentioned – Rodgers bruised ego. Loosing his homeboy-hookup and looking foolish in public will shatter his already fragile psyche. Look for a ton of indecision on Sundays.

  4. Remember – this is the fanbase that was duped into forking over their hard earned welfare checks in exchange for fake stock. Their team lied to them and they are proud of it. They have no credibility!

  5. Count this Vikings fan as one who isn’t happy about this at all. Beating a wounded team isn’t that much fun. I’d rather see both teams at full strength when they play each other, but the Packers training staff hasn’t been able to make that a reality the last few years.

    Just out of curiosity, though….. Nelson will be 29 when camp rolls around next year, and hurt two years in a row. So if the Packer Way says he needs to go (like so many other players in the same position recently), who will be the “next man up”?

    Oh well, the Packers were going to be more balanced now that “Jumbo” Lacy and fourth-round Franklin will do what Jackson and Green couldn’t do. Heck, Starks is the most successful of the RBs the Packers have drafted recently, and he has less than 1000 yards and only 2 TDs to show for 3 years with the team. But those two rookies will change all that this year. Assuming the trainers can keep them on the field…..

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