Robert Meachem’s self-evaluation of 2012: “You sucked last year”


Robert Meachem’s first season with the San Diego Chargers was a complete disappointment.

After signing a four-year deal worth nearly $30 million with the Chargers last year, Meachem posted perhaps the worst season of his six-year career. Meachem caught just 14 passes for 207 yards and two touchdowns last season for San Diego while making just three starts for his new team.

Meachem knows he has to produce on the field for the Chargers this year but first he had to take a closer look at himself. He wanted to get to the root of why he underperformed and how he could approach getting better this year.

What did you do last year?” Meachem said in an interview with Mike Costa and Judson Richards on XTRA Sports 1360 in San Diego. “To yourself, you’ve got to totally be honest with yourself and look yourself in the mirror. You sucked last year. So now what are you going to do? Are you going to be the same guy as last year or are you going to be a new guy?”

His struggles from last season continued to weigh heavily on him. Finally his wife had to deliver a blunt message to get him refocused.

“‘Stop feeling sorry for yourself,'” Meachem relayed. “She just put it like that. She was honest. She was just saying ‘stop feeling sorry for yourself and go play your ball. Go do what you do. Go have fun and enjoy the game again.'”

With new head coach Mike McCoy and offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt, Meachem has a new offense to adjust to and new coaches to win the respect of. It serves as a fresh start for Meachem as he looks to prove he can live up to expectations.

“Every year is a new start. Every day is a new start. You have to take it one day at a time,” Meachem said. “Last year was last year. If you’re going to dwell on last year, this year is going to be bad. So you’ve got to look toward the future.”

17 responses to “Robert Meachem’s self-evaluation of 2012: “You sucked last year”

  1. This was yet another bad move by the Chargers.

    What were they thinking, that they had Drew Brees throwing him the ball? 🙂

  2. The dude agreed to terms from a Buffalo hotel room. I was pissed then, but as a Bills fan, I now thank him for it.

  3. One of AJ Smith’s worst mistakes. Vincent Jackson isn’t worth $25m more over the life of a contract. Saying that, I don’t blame Meachem – just AJ.

    The trouble Meachem is going to have this season is even if he improves, WR is one of the Chargers few positions of strength:

    * Alexander is a dangerous weapon if he’s healthy.
    *Floyd is a dependable #2 receiver with great chemistry with Rivers.
    * Vincent Brown and Keenan Allen are rising stars.
    * Eddie Royal, while also disappointing last season, is more versatile and played well under Mike McCoy.

  4. RM you have a ton to prove. Will you be a bust akin to Gaither or bounce back with some pride and contribute? Man up if you need pep talks from your wife you’re in trouble man

  5. Look in the mirror… NO … look to the future! Sounds like he doesn’t have a clue.

  6. We’ve seen this scenario umpteen times over the years: Free agent gets paid big and his game suddenly disappears. Now he’s trying to talk his way into getting paid for another season.

  7. This was an abysmal FA signing. Sometimes I don’t know how some GM’s have jobs. This is a guy who never produced with Brees throwing him the ball and the defense double covering the plethora of WR’s that they have and yet SD thought it sensible to make him their #1 option???

  8. I feel like the AFC West will be much tougher and more competitive than most people expect. I’m excited about football more this year than in the last few, and not just because the Falcon’s are going to win the SB!!

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