Bills OC: Spiller will get ball “until he throws up”


We may know all about the Bills’ pre-game meals this season, because their coaching staff wants C.J. Spiller to show them to you.

Offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett gave a colorful description of the anticipated role for Spiller this morning on WGR Radio (via Tim Graham of the Buffalo News), making it clear they want to get everything out of him.

“It’s real simple,” Hackett said. “We’re going to give him the ball until he throws up. So he’s either got to tap out or throw up on the field. Let’s just put it that way.”

While that’s hardly a revelation, Spiller hasn’t always been utilized so heavily. He had just 250 touches last year (207 rushes, 43 receptions) and averaged 6.0 yards per carry and 10.7 yards per reception.

“It doesn’t matter,” Hackett said of giving away a secret. “You can say that because any team that has ever watched him should, I mean, . . . You’ve got to stop C.J.

“The great thing is now we have some awesome weapons on the outside that if you do want to stop that guy, I mean, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re going to be looking to not make him a focal point. It’s that even though he is a very good player, there are some ways that they can stop him. I mean, they can put everybody down in the box. They can attack you and do all kinds of stuff. So you’re going to have to be able to attack.

“I think it’s really exciting to see what’s going on on the outside there, and the happiest guy of them all is C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson.”

And the unhappiest will be either opponents, or the guy who has to clean up after him.

19 responses to “Bills OC: Spiller will get ball “until he throws up”

  1. If theres any Bill that you want in Round 1 of your fantasy draft.. Spiller is it. I think Fred is only coming in when Spiller needs a breather.

    With a rookie possibly starting at QB… Spiller will see the ball in the passing game a lot as well.

  2. That’s a good thing to hear as a Bills fan. It looks like we’re going to be starting EJ, and he’s going to need a running game to lean on. Its much better then the previous staffs approach… Taking turns! Fred still can be a good back but he just isn’t the game breaker CJ is.
    The bad thing… I definitely won’t be getting CJ in the 7th round of my draft again.

  3. People forget that Spiller was the ninth pick in the draft. Dude’s got some talent and he’s been doing really well the last couple years. It will be interesting to see if he can hold up under a larger workload.

  4. That’s exactly what you should do with a RB. They have the shortest career window in the league. Run them into the ground and move on. There’s only so many great one’s that can withstand the beating till the early thirties.

  5. You can’t just say Spiller had “just” 250 touches. The man plays for the Bills (bad offense), Fred Jackson had 115 carries and Tashard Choice had 47. AND Spiller only had 4 carries before he was hurt and taken out of the Browns game last year.

    It’s clearly not a fair comparison, but Adrian Peterson had 6 yards/carry. That’s tied for second btw.

    Spiller only fumbled twice last year as well.

  6. you better plan on handcuffing the RB position here.

    CJ isn’t a big guy at all.
    his plays come from when he is just too fast and runs untouched past the d.

    i have yet to see him break any tackles.

  7. Spiller time.

    Don’t sleep on Fred Jackson dude has a lot left too. Put on ten Pounds of muscle and when spiller needs a breather Fred will come in and pound you.

  8. I am a Bills fan here so I’m looking at a few things. CJ has never been a work horse since in time in the NFL. Which we don’t know if he can be YET. Also with Hackett saying he wants to feed him until he pukes or taps out doesn’t sound too promising. Sounds like CJ will be more open to being injured. Why beat the hell out of the guy? We have Freddie. I say give CJ the ball 20-25 times a game. Let Freddie grab 10 carries himself. Obviously if Spiller is hot keep him on the field. No need to kill one of the few shining spots on our offense. And Hackett stop making other DC’s jobs easier by letting them know what you’re going to do every Sunday.

  9. bengalguy says:
    Aug 7, 2013 9:50 AM
    “If theres any Bill you want in Round 1 of your Fantasy Draft….” OK, lets just stop right there!!!!!

    Not much of a leg to stand on there, Bengals fan. What Bengal will be picked in the first round? AJ Green? If you’re picking a WR in the first round you obviously dont want to win your leauge. Aside from AJ, no one on the Bengals is worthy of drafting in the first 7 rounds to be one of your starters.

    Not a Bills fan- neutral third party trying to shoot down a hypocritical statement.

  10. Ok kid,get out there and run till you puke. Makes you feel warm all over. Who says coaches don’t care about players.

  11. Thumbs up if you spat coffee out your nose when the Bills OC said they “have so many weapons on the outside”.

  12. You guys are pitiful to think that DC’s on opposing teams don’t have a clue that CJ is going to be a workhorse this year with the probable Bills starting QB being a rookie lol That’s like saying when setting up a defensive game plan when playing Minnesota, DC’s don’t know AP is going to get the ball 25 times a game. Maybe you are right since AP touched the ball 388 times for over 2300 yds…SHAME ON YOU MR HACKETT!! LMAO

  13. “The great thing is now we have SOME awesome weapons on the outside…”

    emphasis added

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