Chip Kelly on Friday’s starting QB: Don’t mark them as anything


The Eagles will have a starting quarterback on Friday night against the Patriots.

Eagles coach Chip Kelly confirmed that much on Wednesday. The identity of that quarterback and how much of the game they will play remains unknown, however, as Kelly passed on the opportunity to anoint either Michael Vick or Nick Foles as the man to take the first snap of the preseason. Kelly also warned that the only thing to read into his choice for Friday’s game is that Vick or Foles is the starter on Friday night.

“They’re both going to get reps,” Kelly said, via John Gonzalez of “So whoever takes the first rep, let’s not mark them as anything. Someone is going to be the first guy. We’ll have a plan as we go through. We’ll sit down as a staff — how many number of reps are those guys going to get? And we’ll go from there. We do have to have someone start the game, but I wouldn’t say the guy who starts the game is going to be the starter overall, in general, as we get going on September 9. How do we divvy up Mike and Nick’s snaps? We’ll try to make that as even as possible.”

Vick got about twice as many snaps with the first team on Wednesday, which Gonzalez reports was a reversal of the split from Tuesday so there’s not much sense reading the tea leaves yet about who will wind up as the starter in Philadelphia.

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  1. Will Matt Barkley pull a “Russell Wilson” and beat out Vick and Foles for the starting job?

  2. For all that we know, Chip Kelly might be the starting QB for the first preseason game.

  3. Methinks that Coach enjoys the “I know something you don’t know” game a wee bit too much.

  4. I as an Eagles fan for 50 plus years like the way Kelly is approaching this QB situation. It really keeps everyone on their toes. Had he given Vick the job day one then Vick would naturally get subconsciously complacent like mostof us do. Foles is a pretty good QB and has improved a lot over last year where he had a disater for an offensive line. Same oline with Vick as well! With a healthy very good offensive line this year the Eagles will score some points with either QB. However the Eagles won’t even win what is a poor Eastern conference NFC division. They will be a lot better though I say year 2 & 3 especially will have the Eagles back in the top 10 in football. As anyone that has watched football for the last 50 years the NFC East is generally the best division in football. Super Bowls championships to prove it as well.

  5. Sal Pal was on ESPN this morning to answer questions about Riley Cooper, and, acting like he had a scoop, made a spectacle of himself “breaking” the “news” that Chip Kelly would name a starter today.

    He even upbraided the Sports Center host for opening by asking him to talk about [what he was on screen to talk about,] Cooper. “Now now…I’ll get to Cooper in a minute, but what we *do* in sports journalism is break *news* when we have it!! And I am here to tell you that Chip Kelly will NAME A STARTING QB….THIS AFTERNOON.”

    What a fool Chip is making of these monkeys.

  6. By week 14 all of FILTHadelphia will be wishing they had Andy Reid back.

    Sorry, Mr. Reid finally has a team he can win a title with, and a class fanbase who actually knows football

  7. Ol Chip is starting to make an ass out of himself by trying to present himself as smarter than everyone, and a master of deception.

    Please, the act is already soooooo old.

    FILTHadelphia fans sure have a tool for a coach, to match the fanbase

  8. From everything I see and hear (including watching a couple of the practices myself) Barkley is just not even close to Vick or Foles.

    Vick might be ever so slightly ahead of Foles from what I saw but that could very easily go either way at this point.

  9. To the chiefs fan: Alex Smith was successful when he handed the ball off and allowed Akers to kick a ton of field goals. He also had the best defense in the NFL and a lot of trickery coming from harbaugh. Does any of that sound like Andy Reid or the Chiefs?

  10. This guy reminds me of Brad Childress. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, really, but he does.

  11. Why do people think Coach Kelly is making an ass of himself?!

    He is a first year Head Coach who’s taking advantage of the preseason to figure out exactly what he has as far as talent goes. He wants to be 100% sure that on Opening Night he has the best guy for the position starting at that position. When the hell did that become a bad thing?!

  12. lets be clear about chip kelly’s offense! it is a read option! so let us all stop the bs to include chip! foles cannot run the read option because he is not fast enough to make a threat to the out side ten yard run! the line backers in the pro are not dumb that is why they get payed! so chip will have vick, dixon and barkley! end of story or he will bring in someone! last cooper will be cut! not be cause of ability but because of team cohesion! well this is displayed in our military! divided we will lose! the black men from the south it will take a long time to get over the n word!

  13. OK, we won’t read anything into who the starting QB is for Friday nights pre-season game, but that still doesn’t answer the question; who let the dogs out, does it?

  14. Is it me or is it odd that a man has been following eagles football for 50 years,which means he must be minimum 65years old if he got interested at age 15 and he’s on a message board,my mom is same age and can’t figure out how to turn on a cell phone,how’d he do that?

    Oh the eagles may be a little improved in year 2-3 but I doubt it,I see chip falling miserably,I believe h only bolted for the nfl because of what was coming to Oregon..but I guess time will tell..u still need a#1 wideout

  15. Most of you are idiots and know nothing about football or chip. He is doing the right thing he isn’t out to fool anyone you cannot properly judge your team till you see them play in live action. Plus if you know anything he has an amazing grasp of the game of football many pro coaches have turned to him for ideas and help over the years. He will adapt to the NFL just fine. Stop hating on someone you know nothing about it just shows that you are the idiots

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