Colt McCoy competing for 49ers backup job


When the 49ers traded for quarterback Colt McCoy, there was a general presumption that he’d be the backup to Colin Kaepernick.

But 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said he’s competing for that job, and that Scott Tolzien and rookie B.J. Daniels were also in the mix.

It’s very even,” Harbaugh said of the competition, via Matt Maiocco of “And [I’m] very much looking forward to the games and future practices to determine. It’s not clear-cut at that position.”

The 49ers traded a fifth- and a seventh-rounder to the Browns for McCoy and a sixth-rounder. And considering the 49ers started the offseason with 14 picks, that’s a negligible price.

While no one was pegging Tolzien has having a shot, the 49ers also haven’t invested enough time or resources into McCoy to make him untouchable.

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  1. Yea McCoy is expendable. If Kaep gets hurt the 49ers would have to revert back to the Alex Smith style scheme. Not that it’s bad, but you leave a bunch of big plays on the field. Plus Tolzien has been there since Harbaugh and he looked good last pre-season.

    But I do think B.J. Daniels will win a back-up spot or at the very least PS because Harbaugh loves versatily.

  2. It’s clear Colt is the number 2 guy.

    It’s just that no coach is going to slam that door shut because they still want guys to compete because that’s how guys get better.

    Harbaugh wants Colt to continue to get better and have the impression he’s fighting for his spot and he wants the guys behind him to continue to fight for his.

    So it’s nothing but beneficial to say the #2 job is still open.

  3. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Colt McCoy and Brady Quinn (both ex-Brown starters) backing up the starters for San Fran and Seattle?

    Then again it may be more telling if they both were cut. But I’m kinda rooting for them both. Not sure why…guess I have a soft spot for ex-Cleveland QB’s.

  4. It has to be tough for teams like Seattle, San Francisco and Washington to find a backup capable of filling in for their super athletic quarterbacks. To go from read option to pocket passing has to be be tough if they get injured.

  5. you read it here first – CK=flash in the pan – 1 and done! which makes it really scary for those guys…

  6. I think if B.J. Daniels get master the playbook he has an excellent shot at getting to be the number 2 back up. He is very similar to Kaep in that he can run and throw. Just go to YouTube and type in his name to see his highlights. He’s awesome!

  7. Colt McCoy seems like a great guy but the Niners are screwed if he has to play at any point. The guy just doesn’t have it.

  8. If kaepernick were to go down and miss a few games we could easily use McCoy the same way we used Alex Smith … and that formula won us alot of games … and people forget just how athletic McCoy is, he was one of the best scrambling qb’s in college football … we could even probably run a really watered down version of the pistol with him and get away with it

  9. Between McCoy and Tolzien, only one will be on the opening day roster. Both are decent pocket passers, but neither is athletic enough to play the read-option. Neither possess a rocket arm nor versatile enough of playing more than one position like Daniel.

  10. As a USF alum and fan, I can promise you BJ Daniels is not “awesome”. His arm is strong, but his accuracy and decision-making skills are horrific.

    He looked great early on, but when defenses figured out how many throws he couldn’t make, the USF offense became very easy to stop.

    He’s a great athlete, though. Maybe he could be a Denard Robinson-type.

  11. Farrnortheast says. Go view Colt MCcoy Texas Longhorn day’s. He got a raw deal in Brown town and given the chance, S.F. fans will be saying who in theF@$# IS THAT!! Damn we got two good Q.B’s.

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