Eagles still don’t plan to add a veteran receiver


With Jeremy Maclin and Arrelious Benn both gone due to torn ACLs, the Eagles have yet to add a veteran receiver.

And they apparently won’t.  Until further notice.

According to Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com, the Eagles still have no plans to add “an experienced big-name veteran” for now.

It doesn’t mean they won’t.  The problem, however, is that few NFL receivers know coach Chip Kelly’s system.  (One that did, former New Hampshire receiver Dave Ball, was cut on Tuesday after less than two weeks with the team.)

At some point, the Eagles will have to do something.  For now, what they’ll do is embrace Riley Cooper, who was listed as a starter on the depth chart a day before he returned from his leave of absence.

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  1. I’m embarrassed that a world class franchise like the Redskins have to share a division with mediocre teams like Philly, NY and Dallas. I would petition the league to have a promotion/relegation system so real cities have professional football teams not the Eagles, Cowboys and Giants aka the 3 stooges. #BurgundyandGoldStandard

  2. What big name reciever should they add?

    Lloyd? Owens? Moss?

    Depth guys are out there but not whole lotta come in and upgrade a team is left on the market.

  3. Chip does look like a young Andy!

    Let’s hope he enjoys the same level of success as AR, BUT with better clock mgmt, play calling, pass/run ratio, etc., etc., etc., etc.

  4. I don’t think they have to. What you’ll see this year may look a lot like the 2012 Patriots.

    Celek, Casey, and Ertz will play duel TE’s and Casey can come out of the backfield as a HB. McCoy, Cooper, and Avant can certainly catch the ball and Jackson will provide the deep threat.

    What you’ll see out of this offense is a lot of LeSean McCoy and a lot of short accurate passing which leads me to believe that Nick Foles will win the QB job.

  5. The problem is that all the free agents outside of Lloyd are not very good, and Lloyd is a head case. I’d look for the Eagles to wait for final roster cuts then go after their guy.

  6. Ifeanyi Momah looked really good in OTA’s and he’ll likely get a chance as the fourth option now.

  7. That’s what they say. Its seems like Michael Nutter is already lobbying for Cooper’s ejection out of Philly. Perhaps there is another ex-con that will be a good fit for the team…or maybe they are waiting to see what happens with Aaron Hernandez.

  8. I don’t understand what the big deal is. I surely didn’t believe Benn would last through the season and yes the Maclin injury was terrible but look at it this way…. We have Celek, Casey, Ertz and Harbor. Im pretty sure we didn’t accumulate TEs to have them sit on the bench or be cut. I anticipate a lot of 2-3 TE sets this year.

  9. It would be good for everyone if TO could make amends in Philly. No risk, maybe some reward..

  10. Any WR available would be an improvement over what they have now. Lloyd, Larent robinson or even T.O. Realistically Riley Cooper is a fourth or fifth receiver. With him starting its a major step backwards and the longer Kelly waits the harder it is for a veteran to learn his offense. They should bring people in now and if it doesn’t work just cut them.

  11. “The problem, however, is that few NFL receivers know coach Chip Kelly’s system. (One that did, former New Hampshire receiver Dave Ball, was cut on Tuesday after less than two weeks with the team.)”


    If Chip is so married to the system he ran in college, then why was he so comfortable cutting the one guy who played for him in college?

  12. @logicalvoicesays – I assume I just can’t read the sarcasm in your post above – doesn’t always come through in typed comments:

    Last 20 years:
    Eagles 174-144-2
    Cowboys 174-146
    Giants 172-147-1

    Redskins 137-182-1


    Who should be petitioning now? Can you read the sarcasm?

  13. @eyeluv2act…..no sarcasm. The guy is a troll. His act is so tired that its sometimes funny.

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