Eddie Lacy not practicing, may be injured


Another day, another injury for the Packers offense.  Possibly.

From tackle Bryan Bulaga to receiver Jordy Nelson to receiver Randall Cobb, the latest injury possibly has happened to rookie running back Eddie Lacy.

According to Jason Wilde of ESPN Wisconsin, Lacy isn’t practicing on Wednesday.

There’s a chance Lacy isn’t injured.  Coach Mike McCarthy is expected to address the situation after practice.

The good news, per Wilde, is that receiver Randall Cobb’s biceps injury was indeed minor.  He’s already back at practice.

UPDATE 11:06 a.m. ET: Per a league source, Lacy’s absence is due to “minor and precautionary situation.”

47 responses to “Eddie Lacy not practicing, may be injured

  1. He and Ron Dayne are comparing notes on how to wash out in 3 years…One doughnut at a time…

  2. I was going to make a weight joke, but then I(like suspect a lot of us) looked at myself and got sadfaced 😦

  3. Nothing to see here, keep walking.

    Lacy gets a day off to rest before the Friday night preseason opener.

  4. He’s not injured. Word has it he’s playing catch on the sidelines. Probably just a day off considering he got most of the work yesterday.

    Talk about jumping to conclusions in the title of this story…what, is PFT going to report on every bruise that happens in the Packers’ camp now?

  5. Interesting. He bruised his bicep and was back at practice the next day. Ponder bruised his bicep and missed a playoff start.

  6. Eddie Lazy Eddie Lazy. Well all I have to say about this is get a grip and man up. Also I hope he is gonna be ready for week 2.

  7. Apparently most of you didn’t see Lacy run to daylight during the scrimmage Saturday. He was impressive. His waistline didn’t look out of alignment to the rest of him at all.He looked like a battering ram with moves and speed.
    I suspect the majority of the folks here have rounder waistlines than Lacy.

  8. To Carl Gerbschmidt: Ponder’s “bruise” ended up swelling as big as the typical Packer fan’s ego. Last time I checked, a bicep isn’t the primary muscle used in a WR skill set like a QB. What’s Lacey’s problem, jock itch? Are you going to compare that to the itch you have from crabs?

  9. Are they practicing while wearing skirts? WOW, I cant believe how soft this team is compared to the rest of the teams that are currently in camp.

  10. there seriously has to be some type of link between the new practice regiments and the BREAKOUT of acl injuries.

    almost every team has had at least one.
    the eagles have had 3.

    granted that two of them were from habitually injured players..

    but is this the new league regulations, or is there something these players are or aren’t doing the off-season that is the culprit??

  11. Bulaga, Nelson, Lazy…packers have 14 players out of practice this morning with injury. Maybe instead of telling Rodgers who great he is, Thompson should spend some time investing in a pro-caliber medical staff. His team looks like a M.A.S.H. unit. You can’t have this many injuries in training camp on a year-to-year basis and blame it on bad lack. #accountability

  12. The viking & Bear trolls are faster to jump on a GB post and talk crap, than it was for Ponder & Cutler bowing out of the most important games of there lives..Keep talking.. And we’ll keep winning..
    Besides Bulaga’s injury, all others are minor. If this was the regular season, you wouldn’t hear any of this, because the media isn’t allowed at practices during the regular season. …. Get over it people… The smart ones do (like me)..

  13. “Get over it people… The smart ones do (like me)..”

    You’re right, rikker12, there’s no cause for concern when the most-sacked QB over the last 4 years just lost his starting LT for the season, and his favorite WR just had knee surgery. Keep dreaming.

  14. Last 7 games vs the Vikings….Green Bay is 6-1. So, if they are so soft, then what does that make the purple wearing sissies that play in that tent up in Minny?

  15. This world is becoming such a nasty place and so full of hate. The comments on this site continue to sadden me. Are your lives so miserable, that you have to resort to endless insults and jabs?

  16. All the people saying the packers are soft what does that make ur team cuz I’m pretty sure the packers have won more divison titles in the past 5-10 years than ur teams combined jus saying

  17. If these injuries are real then TT needs to look for new trainers that know something about conditioning.

  18. I just wanted to say that this was possibly the worst “sports reporting” I have ever seen. This is akin to saying “there was a murder in Gainesville during the time Hernandez was a student. He is probably connected.” I’m not sure which is worse, Wilde tweeting that or PFT posting about it. Either way it’s an awesome FAIL!

  19. Packers are pretty crazy soft. It will be tought on them because a lot of the better NFC teams right now are hard nosed power run game type teams.

    With their propensity towards boo boos and owies, it could make for some long afternoons. We kind of saw that against the 49ers in the playoffs where the packers were physically dominated more than any team has ever been physically dominated in the history of NFL playoffs, statistically speaking. (record rush yards)

    In that game the real takeaway I had that Kaepernick was capable of delivering boo boo’s so players didn’t even want to tackle their QB.

  20. vikingsfan4life says:
    Aug 7, 2013 11:26 AM
    “Get over it people… The smart ones do (like me)..”

    You’re right, rikker12, there’s no cause for concern when the most-sacked QB over the last 4 years just lost his starting LT for the season, and his favorite WR just had knee surgery. Keep dreaming.

    GB has time to fix the problem, and I know they will. The problem with you, and alot of other haters is that, you can’t fix stupid. So keep the negative posts coming…. GB will prevail..

  21. artvan15 says: Aug 7, 2013 11:06 AM

    Packers get hurt in walk throughs. What will happen when they play a game?
    If the game is a division game, they’ll win again as then always do against the Queens, Bears and Lions.

  22. Yesterday this site said that Lacy was running mad in camp like a bell cow…

    Wait until their first preseason game to see how he looks. I think he’s going to put a hat on someone.

  23. Hey Packers, the Pillsbury douh boy called……HE SAID YOU ARE: S-O-F-T!!!!!!

    In related news, McCarthy wants to fire the guy who was suppose to look at their entire medical/training program……someone handed him the mirror, and then came the sad face!

  24. Lacey is not fat today……Lacey IS big and fast,quick and nimble ,great at using his blockers and bursting to daylight…over someone or around them…….GB got one hell of a player and Fast Eddie is ready…..

  25. My two cents on all the Pack injuries -like last year many just in training camp alone and not in game play, Ted Thompson game plan is ‘money ball’. Trying to get the cheapest talent for the money so he can save the big bucks for Rogers, Mathews, etc.

    Look, unlike any other team, this team does not have a deep pocket owner. Unlike other teams, Ted does not ever back load a contract. Its pay as you go and you darn well better have the bucks to do that.

    With all this said, Ted gets rid of second and third round picks and trades them for multiple 5th and 6th rounders. Guys who are available cheap. Guys who were smallish and played level II college ball and guys who were injury prone and passed on by 31 other teams. Thus, guys who were oft injured in college and oft injured in the pro’s.

    You’ve got a small handful of top players injured just like all the other teams but the difference, they have a raft of late round picks also injured pumping that number way up.

  26. Eddie will be fine. Contra: do you think posting that the Packers are soft 18 times will eventually make it true?? Spend your time worrying about your own teams’ faults rather than trolling the same post over and over…. and over….

  27. Lacy’s absence is due to “minor and precautionary situation.”

    They had to pull him out the local Golden Corral buffet during lunchtime.

  28. The Packers have had some injury woes….but it is being totally overblown. Nelson will be ready week one….Cobb and Lacy are fine. Bulaga hurts…..sure, but they actually finally have some depth there. They will be fine.

    The concerning thing for the Vikes has to be the mental makeup of their rookie WR. Word out of Mankato is that this guy is a major headcase. Behind the scenes he is giving veterans absolutely no respect. They like his talent, but they fear he is another loser……just like Harvin. Pretty funny if you ask me!!! Ha.

  29. Didn’t the green and gold draft two RBs in a desperate attempt to get a running game going? They should be OK until the other guy goes down in what is rapidly becoming the Packer’s Preseason of Doom. After that, maybe they can bring back Ryan Grant. One. More. Time.


  30. aldante66, you you even know how the league operates? Owners with deep pockets don’t mean a thing, as there is this thing in place called a “salary cap”. Under this “salary cap”, teams are only allowed to spend so much money, no matter how much the owner would like to spend.

    If these owners do go over this “salary cap”, they actually get fined like the Cowboys and Redskins did one or two years ago.

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