Josh Sitton: It would be “stupid” for Bulaga to play with torn ACL


On Tuesday, Packers coach Mike McCarthy said that tackle Bryan Bulaga was still hopeful that he can play the 2013 season despite tearing an ACL last Saturday night.

Not all of Bulaga’s teammates share that hope. While left guard Josh Sitton would surely prefer to have Bulaga on his left shoulder and praised his toughness for remaining in practice after suffering the injury, he thinks it would be unwise for the tackle to attempt to play through the injury this season.

“If he does try to go? I would think he’s stupid,” Sitton said, via Scott Venci of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “He’s got a career to worry about. It’s not just about this year when you have something like that, so it would be dumb.”

If he does get the green light to keep playing, Bulaga wouldn’t be the first offensive lineman to muddle through with a torn ACL. Patriots guard Logan Mankins did it a couple of years ago, playing in 15 games and through the playoffs after tearing his ACL in the season opener and later tearing his MCL as well.

Mankins’ play slipped from earlier levels during that season, which is something that Bulaga and the Packers will have to keep in mind should Bulaga get the okay to continue his season. If the Packers are comfortable with David Bakhtiari or Marshall Newhouse, having them at 100 percent is likely better than a limited Bulaga on Aaron Rodgers’ blindside.

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  1. Bulaga is just getting a second opinion like all of you would as well.

    I cant imagine Andrews would advise playing on the knee if it was torn. Most likely Bulaga is just trying to make sure it really was torn instead of sprained. The reason he’s doing that is that his injury seemed minor on the field (to him at least).

    This will only be a story, if Andrews comes to a different medical opinion than the Packer training staff.

    Oh, and for all you haters, Randall Cobb is back and practicing.

  2. I think there is less than a 5 percent chance the Packers let him play. Bob McGinn oustanding writer says its early but so far David Bakhtiari looks like an absolute steal and an upgrade at LT because gulp (Vikings fans were right) longer arms. Bulaga much better run blocker than pass blocker and probably better suited back on the right side next year.

  3. Look no further than Shawn Merriman for the example of soemone playing on a bad wheel for any amount of time and their career not being anywhere close o the same afterward. In the NBA and MLB they have guaranteed contract, but since they don’t have this in the NFL I wouldn’t suggest it it at all.

    Think about your career, man.

  4. Well, everson Griffith, and Jared Allen are chomping at the bit here. Knowing full well whoever they go up against wont be able to block them.

    Packer fans, just remember…. Vince couldn’t even beat out Jackson last year in buffalo for a roster spot. Better hope you find a very good left tackle soon! Rodgers goes down and so does any chance of the pack being better than a .500 team.

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