Lance Dunbar, Ernie Sims fight at Cowboys camp


Cowboys running back Lance Dunbar says that in training camp, once he’s been wrapped up by a linebacker, the linebacker should let go. Cowboys linebacker Ernie Sims says that when he’s got a chance to take a ball carrier to the ground, he’s going to do it.

So it was only a matter of time before Sims took Dunbar to the ground, and a fight broke out.

“It was the second time today doing that,’’ Dunbar told the Dallas Morning News. “It’s been happening all camp and I’ve been letting it slide. I got tired of it.”

Sims believes his job is to tackle.

“That’s the name of the game,” Sims said several days ago. “The position I play is to hit people. That’s what I like doing. I like running, I like hitting. That’s what you should expect out of me.”

And Sims should expect Dunbar to take exception to getting tackled.

26 responses to “Lance Dunbar, Ernie Sims fight at Cowboys camp

  1. Did the coaches rule no tackling allowed? if not the kid should shut up and just take the hits like a man.

  2. Right, Ernie. Would that be the same Ernie Sims who was a top 10 pick of the Lions, but is on his 3rd different team in the past 3 years – and hasn’t played a full season in the last 5?

  3. from what I saw, it was more of a ‘shoving match.’ Way to put “Cowboys” in the title to get attention and click thru’s

  4. If these ladies had to deal with real problems I really wonder if they could get through it !

  5. Ummm, maybe it’s just me but isn’t this where coaching should come in? You know, telling the players whether it’s live or not so everyone’s on the same page? Seems like Cowboys camps is a free for all.

  6. Well, I guess Ernie Sims should like tackling in camp when everyone is going half speed.

    Because once the season starts, he cant tackle worth poop.

  7. So what? It happens at every camp. Now you’ve reported this one are you going to be consistent and report all the fights at all 31 other camps? Pfffft.

  8. It’s practice, man. But in the NFL, now, you don’t practice football. Walkthroughs, meetings, meetings and more meetings. I see Dunbar’s point. But it’s time for these guys to hit somebody.

  9. I dont like the cowboys at all, that being said, you probably should not forcefully take a guy to the ground in PRACTICE, thats how people get hurt, including your self. If its a straight up clean tackle thats fine, but if the guy is standing up, when you wrap him up let him go.

  10. Ernie Sims has job security. There is no reason to be the way he is unless you are a self centered person. Just a punk being a punk. Like 50% or more of the NFL. Too stupid to realize he could be potentially injuring a teammate because “I like to tackle” people. You’re an NFL linebacker Ernie so that’s sort of a given.

  11. Save that tackling for your opponents Sims. We don’t need to get Dunbar injured who is a RB that will definitely be featured in the Dallas offense this season.

    It’s highly questionable as to whether Sims will even make the acive roster in a crowded and talented bunch of LBs.

  12. I’m more with Sims than with Dunbar on this one….The NFL has created some very soft players! I could see if he put a Ray Lewis hit on you but this is about getting taken to the ground lol. If you don’t like it then break his tackle!

  13. About time. I want to start seeing some fire around the Boys. Play tough in practice and maybe it’ll carry over to playing tough in the games. They definitely need it, cause it’s been missing for a long time!

  14. Sims might need to show that he can tackle to the ground. because so far his career has shown differently.

  15. Once we put the red jersey on Running Backs, this game becomes badminton. Lance, the Cowboys showed the other night there is plenty of depth at your position. If you’d prefer playing touch, maybe ballroom dancing is more your style. And that’s coming from a life-long Cowboys fan who attended the 1st game in the Cotton Bowl in 1960. Man up.

  16. You go until the whistle blows.

    That being said, you have to go on the side of caution, if your back is expecting you to pull up and he stops progressing forward motion, you have to cut.

    You hurting your own back in practice does you absolutely no good for the season, and if the team declares that you’re a knucklehead in camp, they might want to toss your behind before you injure one of the key components.

    Use your head.

  17. Is there really nothing else to report on? I, like many (even though I often amuse myself by trolling on here) come here every day looking for real NFL news. I, like many, get crap like this. Please stop the ESPN model of constantly reporting TMZ-like gossip, in which every small infraction invites heinous judgment and snarky remarks. (insert Riley Cooper) I don’t expect real journalism here, but some REAL stories. REAL happenings, that MIGHT actually affect an upcoming game or season by an NFL team. This kind of stuff disappears like a fart in the wind, which oddly, it resembles in more ways than one…

  18. I don’t know, having never gone through training camp myself, but aren’t the coaches the ones that set the expectations and then the players just follow suit. It seems pretty simple.

  19. I’m a firm believer that Rod Marinelli ruined Ernie Sims during RM’s time as Detroit’s head coach. Marinelli implemented a defensive scheme which didn’t work well for anyone on the team, let alone Ernie Sims, who was at one point a great, instinctive tackler. Of course, Rod Marinelli’s insistence on trading the only halfway decent defensive tackle on the team (Shaun Rogers) for a terrible cornerback did not help either. Sims was having to get past 300 pound offensive linemen on every play. It’s no wonder he got injured all the time.

    Marinelli doesn’t get nearly enough credit for the Lions’ 0-16 season.

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