NFL still not happy with preseason games

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Football has returned.  An average of 10.1 million watched the Hall of Fame game on Sunday night.  And few are complaining, even though key players like Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo were seen only on the sidelines and most of the snaps were taken by guys who’ll soon be working with half of the 59 players drafted in front of Maurice Jones-Drew.

But the NFL remains unhappy with the preseason.  Probably because the NFL continues to see reducing the preseason as the ticket to expanding the regular season.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports, citing an unnamed league source, that the NFL will “study and examine the 2013 preseason games to see what can be improved in hopes of offering a better product in the future.”

It’s odd, to say the least, to see the term “league source” appear on the website owned and operated by the NFL in a story about something the NFL will be doing.  Either the information came from the league, or at a minimum the league had a chance to put the kibosh on a report that was deemed to be inaccurate or unduly sensitive.

Thus, it’s fair to infer the league wants to send a message, with minimal obvious fingerprints.  And the message is that the 18-game regular season remains on the table, with 18-and-2, 16-and-2, and 17-and-3 being the possible configurations of the regular season and preseason.

Per the report, the NFL will consider when assessing the 2013 preseason the amount of time starters play, the configuration of the lineups, and the fourth and final preseason games — none of which are televised nationally because few if any starters play.

Another possibility mentioned in the report is lowering the price of preseason tickets, to reflect the reduced quality of the exhibition games.  But why would teams with season-ticket waiting lists ever consider making it cheaper to buy two preseason games when the only way to keep the eight regular-season tickets is to purchase seats to a pair of games that don’t count?

In our view, this is about coming up with a path to an expanded regular season, which the players and many fans and media members have resisted.  The NFL needs the players to want more regular-season games.  That likely won’t happen until the league exercises its right under the labor deal to cut the preseason in half, which could then get the union to run the numbers regarding the impact of a reduced preseason on the shared revenues and volunteer swapping two weeks of far more lucrative games (especially from a TV standpoint) for half of the games that don’t count.

Even then, creativity and flexibility may be required.  The league previously has shown no inclination to expand by only one regular-season game; Rapoport’s reference to a 17-and-3 format could be a message that the NFL no longer insists on expanding by two or by none.

Then there’s the unique, and potentially kooky, idea of playing 18 regular-season games but limiting all non-specialists to 16 appearances.  (Though it’s not mentioned in Rapoport’s report, the 18-and-16 scenario floats around from time to time, and it has never been categorically dismissed by the league.)  This approach would expand the regular season, preserve player health and safety at current levels, and introduce an intriguing new wrinkle into the ultimately reality show.

Regardless, the league’s complaints about the preseason aren’t going away because complaining about the preseason is the best (and perhaps only) way to muster support for an increase in the regular season — even if there’s currently little or no push among the players, the fans, and the media to reduce the preseason.

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  1. What’s absurd is the prices the NFL charges for preseason games. It’s insulting to the fan’s intelligence.

    If they really want 18 games, do it, but give each team an extra bye week. That way the players don’t get as beat up from the long season and the fans get a 20 week regular season.

  2. There is a popular web site called “First World Problems”. It’s a humor site that makes fun of the complaints of people who don’t know how well they have it.

    So let’s see, the NFL is complaining about the quality of their preseason product- a product that they get ratings that rival the highest rated prime time shows and they get full regular season ticket prices for.

    I believe that would be the definition of a “first world problem”.

  3. Didnt the league initially design it as a way to cash in on providing almost nothing for season ticket holders.
    That in addition to the untold prices they get for 8 games, they get ‘BOTH Pre-Season Games’ — apparently a Pretty sweet deal.

    Now they want to reverse that, give ticket holders 1 more game, so they can cash in on ratings, merchandise, etc. etc. from another 64 games. Thats why they are unhappy.

  4. It’s an exhibition nothing more. People need to get over it. Real fans are just stoked to see their team(even if its 3rd stringers) finally back on the field.

  5. “Then there’s the unique, and potentially kooky, idea of playing 18 regular-season games but limiting all non-specialists to 16 appearances.”

    That’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard.

  6. Just quit. Stop with the changes. The FANS aren’t calling for any of these nonsensical changes from killing sack/td celebrations to Pro Bowl to ridiculous tackling rules. Greed + giving Refs more power every year is getting beyond ridiculous. Fans must boycott the NFL if they try to go to 18 games. Enough is enough. If there’s not football in 2o years, it will be because of Goodell not because the game was too violent and there were only 16 regular season games with 4 preseason games. “C’mon man”

  7. I will jump that fence and fight any a-hole who tries to push for a 17 or 18-gm season and/or expanded playoffs.

    16 is the right amount, and I would even argue that a 14-game season would be best. Quality over quantity.

  8. Join the crowd, Season Ticket Holders are not happy either for the price we are forced to pay.

  9. How about if the league gives the teams the option to lower the price if they desire to. That way teams that have waiting lists for tickets can continue to sell at the price of a regular season while teams that have a hard time selling out the games could lower the price to get their fans into the stadium. Eventually the fans would wise up and force their team to lower the price of preseason games or look like selfish owners that might lose some fan base or lower the price. Eventually the games might get competitive and they can go back up on the price. The goal is to get fans in the seats, so the networks can televise the games.

  10. Just leave it alone! The preseason may not be the most exciting thing ever, but name me one that is in any sport. The only real problem I have is charging full retail price for a sub-standard product. Other than that, I see the preseason for what it is: A time for players to learn & coaches to whittle their rosters down to presumably the 53 best of the bunch. Eliminating preseason games will only make the first few weeks that much sloppier for the teams & refs.

  11. Players can’t even survive Training Camp for god’s sake. And these turds want to expand to 18 games? Utterly insane.

  12. The teams should sell upper lvl tickets to pre season games at half price. Maybe some family package deals like mlb does. Make some tickets available to those who can’t afford regular season prices.

  13. NFL: We have decided not to extend the season due to the potential injury risk, however, the last two preseason games will count towards each team’s record. Feel free to rest your starters.

  14. Try this one on, NFL owners, players, and coaches. Reduce the preseason by two games, lower ticket prices on the remaining preseason games, and tighten your belt just a little … maybe eat in once a year.

  15. Always like the 18 game schedule but limit players to 16 games. I think you would have to expand rosters to make it work, but there is your concession to the NFLPA.

  16. I’m generally in favor of the NFL’s rule changes. I generally side with Goodell and the owners on most things, like this new head ramming rule. But I absolutely love love love the preseason. After months of reading about my team’s rookies and free agency pickups, this is my chance to watch how it all plays out. Please keep it as it is.

  17. The NFL needs to realize that these preseason games are more than just about taking away from the ratings and TV money. Coaches and Management use the preseason to form the depth on their rosters, and the fringe players are playing for their careers. Adding regular season games goes completely against all the safety rules they are trying to implement. You can’t have it both ways.

  18. The preseason games are a necessary evil. They mean the most to fringe players who are on 90 man rosters who are trying to realize their dream of making it into the NFL. Lowering ticket prices for the preseason is the way to go. More families will come to the games if it is more affordable.

    As for extending the regular season. Simple solution. It’s currently 17 weeks. Make it 18 weeks. Give each team 2 bye weeks. Players will still be playing only 16 games but will have an extra week of rest during the season. The NFL and it’s partners get an extra week of televised games. More television money, slightly longer regular season. Pushes the superbowl a week further.

  19. As a season ticket holder I would greatly appreciate it if the NFL dropped the prices on preseason game tickets. I don’t even go to the 4th preseason game. The starters don’t play so its like burning money.

  20. If the NFL goes to 18 game season, it would need to be divided into 2 halves. First 9 games then a 2 week break for all the teams then the final 9 games.

  21. Goodell is a baby and a hypocrite. One side of his mouth spouts platitudes about making the game safer, the other whispers strategies to the owners about how to force the players into two more regular season games per year. What a clown.

  22. Keeping the 4 game preseason helps the game in the long run. If it wasn’t for week 3 and 4, no one would have ever heard of guys like Victor Cruz. Don’t believe me, watch his tape from the week 3 preseason game in 2010. I’ve heard Jeff Saturday say in a number of interviews that he would never had made the Colts roster if it wasn’t for the second half of the preseason. That’s when you really get to see some of the best personal performances of players who really need to fight for the roster spot. And the extra time allows coaches to get as much of that on tape as possible. You take away 2 preseason games, you’re going to take away a lot of gems out of the NFL. Bad Idea.

  23. 2 Pre Season Games is enough. They can always just sell the TV rights for the scrimmages. True Football geeks like me would watch.

  24. Hey Roger,

    Remember “too big to fail”. KNOCK IT OFF!

    It’s not BROKE, don’t FIX IT.

    Pro Bowl
    Hold outs
    NFL hiring coaches running from NCAA discipline
    Jay Cutler
    NFL owners wanting to be Football GMs
    Bill Belichick
    The Redskins name
    The Raiders front office
    The Dolphins Owner
    The Stupid London games
    The fact Jacksonville has a team but LA doesn’t.
    The fact San Diego has a team but LA doesn’t.
    The fact Brian Billick has a Super Bowl ring

    Then you can focus on a list of other minor issues. Then after that list, you can fix other even more minor things, and so on. The “pre season” is in the bottom tier of stuff to fix.

  25. The owners are killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

    As a fan, I don’t want 18 regular season games. I LOVE the current scheduling formula, and I don’t want players being more exposed to injury. Sixteen is perfect, leave it alone you dumbass owners.

  26. jdhein22 says:Aug 7, 2013 11:36 PM

    Always like the 18 game schedule but limit players to 16 games. I think you would have to expand rosters to make it work, but there is your concession to the NFLPA.
    Agreed. Increase the rosters to 70. Each player of the 70 has to be active 16 games. Adds an entire new level of strategy and importance of having a good backup at every position.

  27. Everyone of us knows that if the league expands the regular season the price of our season tickets will go up.

    Any excuse to wring another dollar.

  28. I for one would be love to see an 18-game regular season over 20 weeks, allowing for a second bye week

    Additionally, the NFL could implement a rule that players are only allowed to be active for 16 of the games, with the exception of allowing kickers, punters and maybe long-snappers to play all 18.

    The league gets their 18 games, players essentially get 4 bye weeks, and fans and networks get an extra 3 weeks of football. Everyone wins. Except for coaches who now have two more games to plan on top of the pressure of deciding when to leave their star players at home

  29. Nobody is forcing season ticket holders to pay outrageous prices so they have bragging rights. If you can’t afford to pay the price then don’t but stop whining about it. You can go to a sports bar or stay home and have a tailgate party with friends and still support the team. But quit trying to have your cake and eat it too by making changes in the length of the schedule that will impact the game (players who have to play more games are at risk for more injuries…da). The preseason serves a purpose and real fans appreciate seeing how the rookies and new acquisitions as well as new coaching staff will perform in a real competition. Whiners PLEASE…Quit your sniffling!

  30. Since they’ll never lower the price, the games need to be something more than glorified scrimmages to be worth watching. I think I may have a solution.

    Obviously, preseason games can’t count toward the regular season or else they might as well just add more regular season games. How about if the preseason records set the order of the second round of the draft? First tiebreaker is record, head to head, then points scored.

    You need some out of the box thinking to give the p.s. some juice. This model gives teams some incentive to try hard and puts something on the line that doesn’t affect the reg season. I doubt teams would tank the 4th p.s. game if winning it meant jumping 7 other teams in the second round.

    Just a thought.

  31. All those that say “just lower the preseason ticket prices” do understand that would mean that regular season ticket prices would be raised to compensate, correct?

    No, 18-2 with 2 bye weeks makes the most sense, cuts down on unnecessary injuries in meaningless games, gives the players an extra week mid season to heal and most important, gives fans better value for their money.

  32. Money is the reason why people do most things but money should never be the reason why you ruin something good. The NFL has a product that sells itself, they need to realize what they have and LEAVE IT ALONE!!!! Sometimes millionaires are more unhappy than the rest of us, they do not know what to do with their free time and find fault with everything.

    Do not know if I am the only one but I have friends and family that are 3rd and 4th string, it means the world to them when they get those few preseason games to shine on tv…even if it is only 2 minutes.

  33. I know it isn’t going to happen because it involves taking money away from the owners in terms of the gate they get from home preseason games, but to make the preseason better I think it would be cool to have games take place in other stadiums in each teams general area.

    It’s certainly not apples to apples since the NBA, for example, doesn’t just have two ‘home’ preseason games but I think its cool for the fans that those teams will play some games around their area.

    Say the Dallas Cowboys play one home game at Cowboys Stadium and another in San Antonio or they play a game in Austin where the Longhorns play. The Browns play a game down in Columbus where the Buckeyes play. Games like that would make the preseason a little more special.

    Obviously, it probably doesn’t work out for everyone like, say, where would the Seahawks play?

    I don’t know. I’ve always thought the neutral site games in college football are pretty cool. I’ve always liked how NBA teams will go around their area in the preseason or how some baseball teams will go play in Vegas during spring training.

  34. These pre-season games are critical for the coaching staffs to determine the ability of players to actually tackle. The agreement between the NFLPA and the league has limited the evaluation time for coaches to such a point that the pre-season games are critical in the process. The league needs to realize that maximizing the profit potential of a pre-season game is actually detrimental to the long term benefit to the league.

    I would hate to see the owners actually give up a dime for the sake of a long term dollar.

  35. The irony is that the league’s gluttonous desire for even more money will ultimately destroy the goose that laid the golden egg.

  36. I honestly do not want two more games. I love football as much as anyone, but the games are so fantastic because each one means so much. Continuing to expand that risks watering down the importance of each game, and injury risks also suggest we might see starters rested more often (e.g. more games with backups playing).

    It’s a stupid “let’s kill the goose to get all the golden eggs” sort of scenario, and the NFL should wise up and quit while it’s ahead.

  37. If they change the season they ruin everything. It would be a different game, different strategies, many rules would have to be changed, the $ will be fought over yadayadayada.

  38. I will probably never attend a professional football game again. The people are horrible, drunk and just plain annoying. The price of food and drink is insane. And really the little you can actually see compared to on television is silly.

    Nope, I’d rather spend 60 bucks in a bar than spend 250 plus at a stadium.

  39. You will see one and maybe two pre season games eliminated if a big time star goes down this year in one of the pre season games. I’m talking the big big big big names.

  40. Its not just the increased injuries an extra 2 regular season games will cause.

    Its the fact that it gives any new head coach a horrible chance of success in their first year. New head coaches need the extra time for evaluation and teaching their systems to the team.

    Same for new OCs or DCs installing a new system. They need the time and extra preseason games to evaluate and teach.

    I think most fans understand this. What most fans don’t want is to see the same ticket prices, parking and concession fees etc for a preseason game. Rather than reduce the price of preseason tix even a few dollars the vast greed of the owners demands they find a way to keep the fees where they are now while satisfying the fans so they stop complaining.

  41. I guess you have to understand the difference between real displeasure and “promoted displeasure.”

    I just paid 20 Bucks to watch the Colt’s preseason games on line (even though I am spending $125 per ticket for my wife and I to attend the 2nd preseason game of the Colts “Live” at Met Life–give us your money!–Stadium, against the Giants.

    I hate pre-season games: They Mean Nothing!

    The NFL is going to destroy their ‘Golden Egg’. They think that their profits should increase every year.

    Fact is, as they increase prices for game tickets and Jersey’s and such, they look more to TV revenue; and real fans can’t afford their tickets.

    They are already on the downhill slope. I hate that, because I love football. My God, how many concert tickets cost this much???

    You are just a few individuals playing a game that we love–what will you do if we finally refuse to pay ‘YOUR’ Price?????

  42. I’m no longer a season ticketholder and a main reason is that 20% of my annual bill was for these worthless exhibitions at full price, including parking, concessions, etc.

    In addition, many of these games, like tomorrow’s 6pm start, would have caused me to miss at least a half day’s pay just to have enough time to get to the stadium.

    It’s great that a lot of people watch these scrimmages on TV for free, but the folks who actually pay the price to watch the event in person can tell you this is the biggest scam in professional sports.

    If they league insists on pretending these organized practices are going to masquerade as NFL games, do the decent thing and play them in non-NFL cities at reduced ticket prices.

  43. No season ticket holder should have to pay full price for a preseason game. Time to stop this insanity!

  44. I love the 18-and-16 idea…always thought it was the best way to make this work. Would need to expand rosters to make it work, but imagine the impact on fantasy football! It would bring a whole new level of player strategy to the sport!

  45. Keep the 16-4 schedule, lower pre-season ticket prices, and think about EXPANDING the PLAYOFFS!

    The fans will get more football, all division winners will get a week off, and players wouldn’t complain about getting an extra shot at a championship! Some of the extra revenue could be split amongst each organization to offset the pre-season losses. It would be a win for all parties involved.

  46. I go to Port St Lucy every year for Mets Spring Training games…

    I sit out in the outfield lawn with my buddy and his kids. They run all around and have a blast.

    I don’t like NFL preseason games, but I don’t dislike them either. It is still football. That’s how Victor Cruz got his job.

  47. Let the cringing begin. It’s just a matter of numbers to the amount of injuries that come with preseason games as well. Lets face it, everyteam will lose someone……..The NFL isn’t happy with preseason games???? How about us fans???

  48. If you don’t’ want more games go watch bowling… more and more games . NFL all year round. Ya call yourself fans? Go away and watch soccer…. 🙁 :-$

  49. Here’s the formula Goodell should adopt:
    # Be content with the billions of dollars the NFL already makes.
    # Be aware that too much of a good thing can lesson it’s appeal over the long haul.
    # Understand that his verbal concerns for player safety won’t be believed if he keeps trying to add more injury causing games & longer season.
    # Lower ticket prices, especially for preseason games, which is glorified practice for rusty players.
    #Keep the National Football League in this nation.

  50. Preseason needs to be 4 games if less were needed then teams wouldn’t be practicing together ahead of preseason games. They need more reps.

  51. <<<Thus, it’s fair to infer the league wants to send a message, with minimal obvious fingerprints.

    Very politically liberal move, Obama would be proud,from an entity so dasterdly conservative.

  52. NFL want more money ??? Preseason games are to test new players , any coach know his core players but not the new ones. Remember what happened to M.Vike in one stupid preseason game

  53. Besides the health issue and money grab from the networks, there’s perfect symmetry right now with the schedule.

    With the league setup evenly divided by four (16 teams per conference, 4 divisions per conference, 4 teams per division) it makes sense to have the schedule divisible by four as well.

    The rotation of divisional play (one non-conference and one conference every four years) is easy with the current setup.

    Some things are best as is; no need to reinvent the wheel.

  54. nfl fan says:

    Join the crowd, Season Ticket Holders are not happy either for the price we are forced to pay.


    Exactly how are you forced to pay? It’s a choice. If you don’t like the price of the package, don’t pay for it. It’s the only way to get the prices to come down. Why would any business lower their prices if there are people willing to pay the asking price?

    I agree that the NFL is over priced. That’s why I haven’t been to a game in years. Though I can afford it, I refuse to pay the asking price.

  55. “Always like the 18 game schedule but limit players to 16 games. I think you would have to expand rosters to make it work, but there is your concession to the NFLPA.”

    Yeah, but the owners are not going to want to raise the salary cap to expand, and the players certainly don’t want to give up any money either!

  56. Odd, I thought one of the keys to safety was limiting exposure to a hazardous act, not increasing it. I’m fairly certain you don’t reduce concussions by maximizing head-to-head contact. This really just shows that the player safety line is all about money and lawsuits, not the players.

    Anyway, since they’re most likely going to expand, I’d like to see 17 regular season games with 3 preseason. 1 home, 1 away, 1 neutral. As far as the 17th game, I’m fine with anything (preferably a rotation to make it fair) but I could handle regional rivalries.

  57. As much as we all love football, even the die hard fans don’t like the idea of adding extra games as shown in these comments. I echo the concerns over player injury, the importance of having time to evaluate new/young players and get some competition to help prepare/sharpen up players. Also starts scrambling up single season records etc. adding more games is not the answer. Lowering ticket prices or other fan incentives is more the way to go in order to gain more interests in attending/viewing the exhibition games

  58. I continue to find it amazing that so many fans think they are paying the same price for preseason games. Folks, it is Econ 101 – you are buying a season ticket to 8 games for $1,000 – not 10 game tickets at $100 each. As long as there are waiting lists, the price that matters is the total for the package – throw away your two preseason tickets – give them to a charity – it matters not – you will still have to pay the $1,000 for the 8 regular season games. Take a marker and change the price for those games to $125 each – and the two preseason games to $0 if it makes you feel better.

  59. The only thing that I think of raising interest in pre-season games is the timing. August is time to be outside and at the beach. I can’t give up these days to sit inside and watch football. The entire nfl season should push back so when the weather is turning and we are inside anyway, we can watch some good, hard hitting cold weather games.

  60. demolition510 says: Aug 7, 2013 11:02 PM

    They will never be happy until the get 1gazillionbillion dollars.

    —————————————————————Per game.

  61. So they’re going to get rid of 2 preseason games because the stars don’t play , but then they’re going to add 2 regular season games in which they mandate that the stars can’t play?

    Wait, what?

  62. Teams care about the health of their players. If the league goes to 18 games, coaches and GM’s will find ways to rest and protect those that need it. I favor a system where a player is limited to 64 quarters (16 x 4) in the regular season. If you play even one play in a quarter it counts as a full quarter.

    I like this because it adds an interesting dynamic to coaching decisions, gives back-ups a chance to show their stuff but mostly because it gets rid of two pre-season games while not subjecting players to anymore playing time since they are limited to the same number of quarters as before.

  63. What? I love paying full price for 2 games that I can’t even give away. Here’s an idea – play all the preseason games in London and LA.

  64. No fan or media person is resisting an expanded season. Fans hate the preseason and the media would much rather talk about meaningful games.

    When I see a wildcard team turn down a playoff run due to player safety, I’ll buy that argument, but as it is… EVERY team would f’n LOVE a 18-19 game season.

  65. “Join the crowd, Season Ticket Holders are not happy either for the price we are forced to pay.”

    Then I would stop buying season tickets. If people would stop then prices would lower.

  66. Why not reduce preseason to 2 games. Add 1 real game and an extra bye week. The NFL then gets to stretch the regular season out. The players only have to add 1 real game and they get 1 extra week off during the regular season. Everybody wins!

  67. I love the NFL but they don’t need any more regular season games. The sport is too physically demanding as it is and lets face it. More than 3/4 of the divisions are decided by week 14. Why have your top teams risk injury for an additional 2 games? They are already resting players in week 16.

    Bad idea, NFL. You are getting too greedy.

  68. “and introduce an intriguing new wrinkle into the ultimately reality show”

    I always thought it was a SPORT. Can we just keep it as a sport, please?

    Mike, we truly appreciate you taking up the player’s and fan’s side on this issue. Your site is extremely important during this debate. Get that corporate gang of owners to rethink their nasty proposition.

  69. pre season is try outs for all the new players.they have to have this so teams can see what the hell they got.could lower prices though,i usally give mine away [2 seats 600.00] thats hard to swallow….

  70. Every major sport has exhibition games for a reason, coaches need time to prepare, guys need to time to get back into game shape etc.. just leave it alone.

    The NFL’s real agenda here obviously is to increase the number of regular season games.
    16 to 18 would be fine by me but they really need to expand the rosters dramatically in order to do that. I mean, right now teams have 90 guys on their rosters and cut down to 53. Thats like over 1000 guys that lose jobs and each team is allowed what? 6 or 7 guys on their practice squad?

    Expand the practice squad to 22 so each position can have a emergency replacement, guys can be redshirted etc… stuff like that. So many injuries happen it would be nice to have a good group to replace them with and would probably increase trades in the NFL also.

    Regardless, ticket prices need to come down as the product is not worth the price.

  71. This is like negotiating with my wife…

    When I don’t want something. Instead of getting less of that, I instead get more of something else that she wants even more.

  72. Please increase the regular season games so Roger Goodell can get a raise.

    He only made around 35 million last year….

  73. I’ve got an idea, go back to two a days like every other sport in the god damn world and get rid of preseason or have 2 games at huge discounts. You’ll have less injuries. You can’t legislate injuries out of the game. Could you imagine Olympic athletes being told they can only train x amount of time?!?!? If you wan’t to limit the hitting and pads, that’s fine, but don’t tell me injuries are up this year by coincidence. These guys are out of shape.

  74. “Per the report, the NFL will consider when assessing the 2013 preseason the amount of time starters play, the configuration of the lineups, and the fourth and final preseason games — none of which are televised nationally because few if any starters play.”
    Lost in almost every change the NFL makes is how much harder it makes on coaches to evaluate and pepare their teams properly. This change would be more of that. The people at the NFL offices who are worried about the “quality” of preseason games have no clue about football or coaching. Those games are there for coaches to prepare and evaluate their teams, not for anyone to be entertained (though I love preseason, I’m hard core). Now that they have even less viable practice abailable to them due to the latest CBA, doing anything to the preseason games would be especially insane and lead to even worse quality of the game.

    It always puzzles me that the best coaches might make half or less of what their best players do. Great coaches are much more important than any one player, especially post salary cap and FA.

  75. Instead of the NFL trumpeting their “NFL Charities,” why not donate all the tickets to one preseason home game to the local girls club and the other game to the boys club. Packed house. Charity supported and season ticket holders not directly funding billionaire’s favorite charities.

  76. How about stop charging us full price for 2 meaningless games. The fact that I have to pay $550 for two preseason games including parking so I can get season tix is crazy. Yeah you can say to me then just don’t got but I love my team and love going to the stadiums wherever it been on Sunday Monday or Thurday. Just hate that I gotta pay so much for games that mean nothing

  77. The easiest solution for the fans, not the NFL, who want to extend the season forever for the big bucks, would be to just have 2 pre season games. They would be more meaningful in that your stars would have to play more to get ready faster. Then one week off and the season kicks in. Maybe add another bye week or something to make up for the total length of the season.

    Also, cut the total number of teams players to 75 from 90. Less injuries, less screwing around with guys who really have no chance. If you can’t find 53 guys for your team out of 75, then your doing something wrong.
    Eliminate the 6th and 7th rounds with those wannebe’s in a waiting pool available to everyone once OTA’s are over.

  78. How do you say the fans dont want to get rid of the pre season! I hate pre season. 1.) the games dont count 2.) i have to buy then with my season tickets 3.) there the same damn price as regular season games. 4.) they suck

  79. Tonight is the Chargers first preseason game and they’ve already lost 2 starting crucial players to torn ACL’s

    I’m glad the owners are looking at ways they can squeeze more pennies out of them before they’re cripples

  80. I don’t see how you can cut preseason. You need the 4 games to make sure the vets get enough practice and to evaluate new players.

    Vets should want 4 games too. Think about it. Most starters only play about 5 or 6 quarters of football spread over 4 weeks. That gives them time to ease their bodies back into contact, especially since there’s less contact in practice.

    What if there are only 2 weeks of preseason? Now those starters will likely play those 5 quarters over just 2 weeks and head into week 1 banged and bruised.

  81. The NFL needs to stop charging full price for preseason tickets. As a season ticket holder, I would have no problem with them lowering the price of the pre-season ticket and raising the price of the regular season tickets so that they net the same amount of money.

    They get the same amount of cash, the pricing structure is different to reflect that preseason games aren’t real games.

  82. Just wish we didn’t have to pay full price for preseason as season ticket holders. It’s one of the biggest reasons not to get season tickets or to cancel having them. The teams would have more season ticket holders if they didn’t charge so much for preseason.

  83. The ONLY thing the nfl really needs to work on is the pro bowl. I try to watch it but either get bored and change to something else, or forget its on and just watch the highlights on espn. The preseason is for those draft picks to show their value; and even undrafted for that matter. Leave the nfl schedule alone and focus on making ticket prices more affordable. And that includes the robbery of a “Sunday nfl ticket” from direct tv

  84. bender4700 says:
    Aug 8, 2013 12:13 AM
    Hey Roger,

    Pro Bowl
    Hold outs
    NFL hiring coaches running from NCAA discipline
    Jay Cutler
    NFL owners wanting to be Football GMs
    Bill Belichick
    The Redskins name
    The Raiders front office
    The Dolphins Owner
    The Stupid London games
    The fact Jacksonville has a team but LA doesn’t.
    The fact San Diego has a team but LA doesn’t.
    The fact Brian Billick has a Super Bowl ring


    Most of these are pretty hilarious (especially Jay Cutler), but hold outs were addressed in the new CBA with the rookie wage scale. It’s much rarer now for a rookie to hold out during training camp than it was in years past, though there were a couple first-round picks this year who held out a week or so into training camp.

    Vets will continue to hold out for contracts at their own risk, though. I don’t see how that’s going to change at all.

    Also, what’s the problem with Brian Billick having a Super Bowl ring? I don’t get that joke at all. He obviously did something right while coaching the Ravens and letting his defense dictate how the games would flow. He doesn’t owe any apology for how good the 2000 Ravens defense was.

  85. I say go to 17-3. Keep the 16 game rotating schedule, but then add one random wildcard game that is played internationally. London, Paris, Canada, Mexico City, etc. That will give the NFL its international exposure it wants, expand the regular season, and keep the balance it already has with its schedule.

  86. Full price preseason tickets are a joke. I have a reasonably priced ticket that costs me around $1000, including the extortionate parking. My $75 game ticket averages out to $125 per meaningful game.

    It’s daylight robbery.

  87. All the pre-season injuries plus the stupid pre season games, there won’t be too many fit players left soon. The injuries this season all ready are season ending for a lot of players. It’s certainly a waste of time going to watch them, half the players are not going to be on a roster very soon.

  88. seems to me that the Baltimore Ravens had no problems playing 20 games last season and even have a championship to show for it and I do not remember seeing that at the end, they needed to be carted off the field. If one team can play 20 games then i am sure that 20 teams can play 18 and and 4 teams can play 19 and 4 more can play 20 and 4 more can play 21 or or 22. all you are asking is for the majority to play what Baltimore and championship teams before them have done and only asking 2 to 4 teams to play a few more.

  89. Real Simple way to fix this who preseason debacle…
    The owners want an 18 game season. The fans want less preseason. The players want to play only 16 games. First you add two more wildcard teams and another week of playoff games. All wildcard teams play each other in the extra week of playoffs. Then you schedule in one more bye week for teams and an extra week of real games without making the teams play any more regular season games and get more breaks to rest and heal during a long NFL season. The league gets two more weeks of football including an extra week of playoffs. Plus the fans get 2 less weeks of a poor excuse of what the NFL calls preseason football which is more less a glorified scrimmage…

  90. Great so a 17 and 3 format. You’re still going to have the final preseason game fallout, your 2nd game is gonna become your dress rehearsal, and good luck selling your product if half your playoff teams are missing too many of their best players come playoff time..

  91. I love how the NFL will still blackout a friggin preseason game when fans refuse to pay full price for an exhibition game with starters playing a few minutes. The arrogance of the NFL and Goodell is earily similar to the Detroit auto industry in the 70s with their refusal to listen to the paying customers. This WILL bite the NFL in arse and soon.

  92. Having an 18 game schedule with a 16 game player limit would make fantasy football suck. Believe it or not, there are many people who only watch the NFL for fantasy. Myself included.

  93. What a crock of s… . It’s about the greedy’s trying to squeeze more $ not improving the game. The “game” needs those pre-season games to help coaches figure what they have. With practices all but eliminated now it’s the only time they can really see what guys can do before the regular season starts. Leave it alone!!!

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