Rex Ryan: Greg McElroy currently only in mix for No. 3 role

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Since Geno Smith joined the Jets, it has been assumed he would push Mark Sanchez for the starting job. Indeed, that has been the case.

And it’s just a two-player competition for that job as the preseason begins.

On Wednesday, head coach Rex Ryan indicated Greg McElroy, who started a game late in 2012, is not in the mix to push Sanchez and Smith at this time.

“He’s competing for the No. 3 job right now with (Matt) Simms,” Ryan said of McElroy, according to a transcript from the club. “So he’s not competing for the starting job.”

McElroy, 25, appeared in two games in 2012. In his start, he committed a pair of turnovers in the home finale to San Diego, and Sanchez was back in the lineup for the Week 17 defeat at Buffalo.

Simms, 24, was waived last August.

With the Jets not yet deciding on a starter, game snaps for McElroy and Simms can’t be a major priority for the club. They need to get both Sanchez and Smith ready. The competitors for the No. 3 spot must make the most of the chances they get starting with Friday’s game at Detroit.

18 responses to “Rex Ryan: Greg McElroy currently only in mix for No. 3 role

  1. This Jets QB situation is a joke.

    Every NFL team passed on Smith and now suddenly a guy who has never played in the NFL and was passed over by every team is competing with a three year starter?

    The fact that it is a competition at all doesn’t bode well for the Jets.

  2. The only QB on the roster that probably has any business being under center at this point in time is the guy that Rex Ryan says is competing for 3rd string.

    Theres your head coach NY

  3. He played okay – not great – in relief of Sanchez in the Cardinals game. That earned him a start over Tim Tebow, despite being listed as the #3 QB, against the Chargers, and he responded by giving a very Sanchez-like performance.

    I don’t think any QB could have succeeded in the Jets’ offense last year, but opportunities to start don’t come along often for former 7th round picks, and McElroy didn’t do much.

  4. Mark Sanchez the biggest bust in Jets history. AND Rex still sees him as a starter.

    Rex will either be a DC somewhere or open up a shoe store.

  5. McElroy gave us a better chance to win last year (pulled Sanchez and Greg scored our only points against the awful Arizona Cardinals and that was the reason we won — the only reason he didn’t finish out the season was due to a concussion) and that will be the same this year… He’s been a winner his entire life and Sanchez has been a real bum…he got to the playoffs not because he was a great QB, but because he had a great defense along with good running backs plus possesion receivers minus Braylon… I really liked Rex and defended him but Sanchez has to go — let McElroy compete for the top job because he is the smartest QB on the roster and has winning instincts… let Geno learn from him instead of Mark

  6. It doesn’t mean he could move up.. I think we’re all taking this quote a little too seriously because its Rex Ryan. G-Mac will have plenty of playing time during preseason to impress!

  7. boriciowolfe says:Aug 7, 2013 11:34 PM

    and we care about the Jets why?

    Are you able to identify the person who forced you at gunpoint against your will to take valuable time to read and reply to Jets blogs?

  8. Hold on let’s think about this were talking about Rex Ryan the guy that said the jets would win the Super Bowl Greg McElroy might just be the starter who knows

  9. The only reason Sanchez is even in the mix, is the $8.25 mil. the dumb ass Jets have to pay him this year. You can bet the farm he’ll be gone at seasons end, or if Jet fans get lucky before that, the guys a joke at QB.

  10. Rex Ryan is an idiot. He should have spent time trying to draft some of Alabama’s offensive line rather than a ‘maybe’ quarterback.

    McElroy is a team player and he knows how to win…against the best anyone has been able to field against him.

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