Sanchez takes playoffs as a given for the Jets


To survive in the NFL, it seems that every player and coach must believe his team will thrive.  Every year, we hear from pretty much every team words of optimism and hope and positivity.

And so when the zero-sum game that is the NFL unfolds and bad teams inevitably balance out the good teams, many who predicted big things come off as being even more delusional than the American Idol contestants who refuse to accept the absence of an invitation to Hollywood despite the lack of any discernible talent.

Still, optimism and hope and positivity remain prerequisites in pro football, even for the causes that appear to be already lost.

Enter Mark Sanchez.  With two very good years followed by two very bad ones, he’d be gone by now but for an $8.25 million fully-guaranteed salary with no offset language that would have to be paid in full within 30 day if he’s cut.  Sanchez is in danger of being benched, and by all indications it will be his final year with the team.

But to have a chance to play more like he did in 2009 and 2010 and less like he did in 2011 and 2012, Sanchez can’t afford to think that way.

“[I]t will turn around,” Sanchez recently told Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times.  “We’ll get back on track, get a couple wins, and once we get in the playoffs this year we’ll make a little run. That’s all you need to do is make your run, get hot at the right time, stay healthy.”

It’s an amazing statement.  It’s not from a prediction.  Far from it.  Sanchez sees the playoffs (and, presumably, Sanchez starting at quarterback) as a given.

If that happens, the Jets will have little choice but to be giving Sanchez more money — a $2 million roster bonus and a $9 million base salary in 2014, per a source with knowledge of the terms of the contract.  With neither payment guaranteed, that’s the biggest impediment to Sanchez playing this year.  The last thing the Jets need is to have Sanchez play just well enough in 2013 to tie their hands for 2014.

As a practical matter, then, the job is Geno Smith’s to lose.  And Smith will have to lose it very badly for Sanchez to get a chance to keep it beyond the coming season.

Sanchez is smart enough to know that.  He’s also smart enough to know that, if he does anything other than play dumb about his chances, he’s even more destined to fail.

48 responses to “Sanchez takes playoffs as a given for the Jets

  1. “Playoffs?? Playoffs?? Are you kidding me?? You’re talking about playoffs?? Playoffs??”

    Sorry, didn’t mean to channel Jim Mora, but you have GOT to be kidding me.

    Mark Sanchez is in the same alternate universe as Alex Rodriguez.

  2. Has Sanchez been drug tested lately? Because the thought that the Jets will make the playoffs this year is obviously not from a reasonable state of mind!

  3. He has a special relationship with the coach, who is undeniably smitten with this guy being the starter, no matter what. So, he logically has every reason to expect that he will start. The playoff thing is a dream.

    My take is that Sanchez at one time had a lot of potential. I also feel that his relationship with the HC, has damaged his psyche, taken away any drive and determination he had, and could anyone doubt that in his mind, Rex will always turn to him? It’s like a promise he made to him or something. Now, he will never be good again. He feels entitled.

  4. A few years ago all the talk from the Jets was about the Super Bowl. Now its about the playoffs. Next talk is about a top 10 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

  5. Easily the worst QB to ever be the starter on not one, but two AFC Championship Game teams. If anyone else was QB they would have at least one Super Bowl.

  6. The NY Jets need to cut this guy and move on. His terrible play and naiive comments are a Tebowesque distraction.

  7. jets would have made the playoffs the last two years if they didnt have a turnover machine playing quarterback.

    stop turning it over mark!

  8. The only thing that is a given for the Jests or any player/coach/owner of said team is that not a day will go by without one/or more of them saying something that they should have just let their actions speak for them.

  9. Did Sanchez get hit in the head? Concussed maybe? The Jets won’t win 6 games and he’ll be sitting his ass on he bench well before then.

  10. The world needs whatever they put in the water there at Jets training camp to give us a positive distorted view on an otherwise failing situation.

  11. The playoffs are going to be a distraction for the jets, we need them focusing on their comedy act, not the playoffs

  12. If any other player on any other team says this then everybody says “what’s he supposed to say?”….but when Sanchez says it he is delusional, concussed and a horrible person? Way to keep it real kids. I know he isn’t a very good NFL QB, but the hate for this guy boggles my mind. Especially from the writers on this site.

  13. I love reading all these people that post there comments. How the Jets won’t make the playoffs this season. I guess u all got a crystal ball? How many of you thought the ColtsxTedskins,Seahawks would had made the playoffs last season? I’m not say the Jets are making the playoffs but I wouldn’t bet against it.

  14. Clearly Sanchez has no understanding of the jets history of ineptitude.

    Playoffs are a rarity… like solar eclipses. They only happen one in a long while.
    Delusional through and through.

  15. Do not try to discredit sanchez’s contribution when the Jets made the playoffs. He has not been the best QB during the regular season, but when they were in the playoffs (on the road) he outplayed some pretty gd qb’s. That’s just the facts! You can say it was the D and running game that helped the Jets make the postseason, but if you watch the games he definitely didn’t lose those playoff games. I have alot of the same issues most fans have with Sanchez but I can’t say he didn’t play well in the postseason.

  16. Haven’t these guys missed the playoffs the past 2 years?

    I’m getting sick of this anybody can win it bull crap. Its crap. Since 2000 like 4 teams out of 32 have won all the superbowls. Patriots 3 Ravens 2 Steelers 2 Giants 2, with a couple one timers sprinkled in. The same teams keep winning. It is NOT about getting hot, it’s about being in the playoffs all the time and being consistently good. Then you will eventually win 1 or 2 or 3 superbolws. Got it morons?!!!

  17. Like father, er, overly optimistic and coddling head coach; like son , er, soon to be clipboard holder.

  18. While we’re at it, guys like Brandon Wheeden, Blaine Gabbert and Sam Bradford might as well say the playoffs are a given. I mean if all it takes is for a scrub QB to say it for his team to make the playoffs then we might as well have all the scrub QB’s say it.

    Seriously though. The Jest will be lucky to finish 3rd in the division and Mark will be lucky if he’s even starting week 1. The Jets really should have cut the guy when they had the chance. Now they’re stuck with the clown for another year.

  19. I am wondering when the Jets and Giants are going to change there name to New Jersey, I mean they aren’t even in the state of New York. Bill

  20. Thankful every day when I read a Jets article that Sanchez isn’t in the QB mix for my team.

    With that said this is a classic example of laughing at him for saying exactly what you’d want any player on your team saying.

  21. jetsoptimist says: Aug 7, 2013 10:31 AM

    Do not try to discredit sanchez’s contributions?

    Why not? There is plenty to discuss. Dude, your screen name says it all. Enjoy the Kool-Aid drinking there. It’s going to be another tough year for you and gang green it seems.

  22. its been two days…and still not a single Pats story.

    …Are they still looking in the pond for Tom Brady’s Beiber haircut?

  23. What is a travesty is that hairstyle and headband good Lord looking like a broke a$$ Michael Jackson.

  24. jetsoptimist says: Aug 7, 2013 10:31 AM

    Do not try to discredit sanchez’s contributions?

    Why not? There is plenty to discuss. Dude, your screen name says it all. Enjoy the Kool-Aid drinking there. It’s going to be another tough year for you and gang green it seems.

    Umm did you read the whole comment, or just that line? I clearly stated that he was/is an average QB at best during the reg season. I’m not drinking any kool-aid, I’m just responding to the other comments on here saying he’s one of the worst qbs to ever start a afc champ game, and so forth. Did you watch the playoff games the Jets were in? When he outplayed opposing qbs like Peyton manning, Tom Brady and Phillip rivers. Prob not, you’re prob like all the other Jets haters that follow more Jet haters! There’s a word for that… It’s called a follower! Read the full comment

  25. OK Mark, that was stupid and you know it. Nobody thinks you should tell the truth and say your team will stink again this year. But you don’t have to talk like an idiot either. There is a third choice – silence.

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