Seahawks intend to “leave no doubt” in 2013


Anyone who has followed West Virginia University football in recent years knows the meaning of the phrase “leave no doubt” to the program.  The late Bill Stewart used those words to get his team ready for a Fiesta Bowl upset over Oklahoma, a game played weeks after Rich Rodriguez had defected to Michigan.

Seahawks players have adopted the slogan for 2013, with a key addition at the end:  24/7.

The numbers are the “major part of this thing,” tackle Russell Okung said, via the team’s official website.

“Anybody can do something wrong,” Okung said. “But do you have enough discipline, do you hold yourself accountable enough to say, ‘I can do the right thing when it’s not so easy, or when it’s not the popular thing to do?’ . . .  It’s really called being selfless and having that type of humility.  Those are the type of guys that are here.”

Ideally, they are.  But the rash of suspensions in recent years show that lapses have occurred.  The Seahawks want none of them going forward.

“It’s an everyday, all-the-time thing,” Okung said.  “We’re Seahawks, on the field, off the field, with our families, when we’re away in the offseason.  We’re Seahawks and we’re going to hold ourselves up to the reputation.”

Coach Pete Carroll approves of the effort, obviously.

“It’s a great message for us and the guys came to it because they wanted to make a statement and they wanted to get better,” Carroll said after Tuesday’s practice.  “They wanted to improve.  I think the messaging is really clear.”

“We put it up there on our own,” Okung said. “We were in a team meeting and we wanted to come up with something that really meant something, not just to one person but to everybody.”

Whatever the words and however the origin, the act of coming together and coming up with the slogan could have a greater impact on the team than the slogan itself.

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  1. That slogan could backfire on them. They also want to try to steal the loudest stadium in the NFL from KC. Even their double bullhorn stadium construction won’t help them in that endeavor. There are nearly 30,000 more fans yelling at Arrowhead.

  2. A lot of respect goes to the Seahawks from this Patriots fan, as a WVU alum that program was riddled with questionable characters under Don Nehlen, letting them party and do what they wanted especially before bowl games, it started clearing up under Rich Rod but Pacman was a pretty notable exception to that improvement. But Stew really turned that around bringing in 4star talent like Geno, Tavon Austin, and Stedman Bailey who also displayed character above and beyond thier talent. And also turning around Bruce Irvin’s tumultious life turning him into the Seahawks first rd pick last year.

  3. Behold 24/7 The Seahawks Empire and the Legion of Boom as it casts its shadow upon the land. Forsake past loyalties and give oath to your new lords of the pigskin. Pledge now or forever wallow in the tattered remains of franchises attempting to hold on to what will be ours. Unbelievers with believe. The Reign of the Seahawks Empire shall shine long and bright.

  4. Pete used this exact same slogan before for the 2004 USC team after they split the National Championship with LSU in 2003.

    I can see why he used it for the Trojans as there were some “doubts” about their national championship the year before as LSU earned the Coaches’ Poll and BCS titles and people questioned the validity of the AP Championship.

    There isn’t really a relateable experience for the Seahawks this year. They had the game against the Packers, but they still earned their playoff spot regardless despite that.

  5. Then they all had an HGH shake and retired another 12th man jersey to the empty rafters.

  6. It took years to gather this talent on the roster. They were no fluke last year they leanest how to win and even how to loose. They may have been gifted the gb game but lost 5 games literally in the last min and to sub par teams like AZ, Detroit, Miami, and Rams (so so on rams).

    Coming together, and holding each other accountable is important, no excuse but I’d rather my team take something to get better on the field than have dui, domestic violence, fights, sexual assaults, murder, and marijuana problems like man other teams have bit throw stones from their glass houses.

    Seahawks are for real, real testament will be if they can win at least. 500 on the road, they need to improve that. We will contend without Percy, tough loss, but with him as stated by many analysts they had an embarrassment of riches, now they just have a lot of talent.
    #Go Hawks

  7. The Hawks didn’t “steal” the 12th man, they actually pay a license fee to Texas A&M for the use of the concept.

  8. Also let’s not forget that the redskins have the most players suspended and the seahawks are only 1or 2 players from the middle of the pack. But let’s not let facts fool you. The seahawks are all cheaters.. Lol people just because they had the first player suspended (Irvin) doesn’t mean they will all be, they will be squeaky clean this season because of the scrutiny. Good luck trying to use that as an excuse when your team still looses to them

  9. Another 49’er fan that can’t help leave a negative message about the Hawks. So I guess no team can use a slogan that has been used before?

  10. I’m pretty sure Pete Carrol used this phrase at SC for his players. To make sure his team wasn’t complacent during games against Oregon State or Washington State.

  11. “I can do the right thing when it’s not so easy, or when it’s not the popular thing to do?’ . . . It’s really called being selfless and having that type of humility.”

    Yeah, because when I think of ‘doing the right thing’ and ‘having humility’, I think of the SeAdderall Seachickens. Please. Actions speak louder than words.

  12. I leave no doubt that the Seahawks surrendered a slew of draft picks for an injury-prone malcontent who likely won’t see the field this year.

  13. you think okung is talking about the immature whinny players that keep flapping their mouths to the Media threatening coaches. Too bad they don’t have the B#lls to say it to the coaches face to face. Or the fans think it’s funny when a player gets injured on an apposing team. Yap it sure is a Pete Carroll team alright. I guess you can get away with that, in a classless organization. Even when you win, You’ll always be losers. If you notice, media thinks your team is good or better. but you still come in second in rankings. The Classy team still comes up #1 Even with all the injuries.

  14. It would be nice if the massive beat-down my Hawks will soon be serving up to the Whiners would shut them and the other haters up once and for all, but I doubt it. But just like China, Hispanics, gay rights and Jimmy Fallon, the Seahawks are on the rise and there’s not a damn thing they can do about it. Their hate is the best evidence going that Seattle has reached the status of a perennial contender, a club they’d prefer to keep exclusive to just a handful of legendary teams, and they do not like it one little bit.

    I remember in the early Seventies, a basement-dwelling team from Pittsburgh was on the receiving end of similar disdain from such fans until they got hold of a guy named Bradshaw that is. By the end of that decade, all the haters had shut their pie holes for good.

    If the Seahawks were truly the paper tiger these dopes would have us believe, they would not be making any noise at all. You know, kinda like all the hate they spew daily at the Browns, or the Jaguars, or the Cardinals or Eagles or Bills. Oh. Right. GO HAWKS!

  15. How can anybody listen to anything Pete Carroll says?

    He has as much credibility as a slumping retaining wall.

  16. This is what sad teams do when they have NEVER won anything of significant in its entire franchise history. That’s OK whatever make the allderhawks feel better about themselves. Another close but no cigar season awaits this sorry team.

  17. 7 PED violations since 2011. stole the GB game with the Fail-Mary ghost TD. No doubt! Absolutely.

  18. It would be nice if the entire league adopted this policy. Every player should realize that the NFL is THEIR brand too. Not just the owners and the commissioners.

  19. By “leave no doubt”, the Seahawks mean they’ll still have circus pictures of Golden Tate and Lance Easley throughout the year?

  20. The Seahawks are just full of college football traditions. Next I’m waiting for a Native American tribe leader to throw down a spear at midfield.

  21. You have to give them a break. They’re all amped up on Adderall.
    With the right pharmaceuticals, 24/7 is doable. LEAVE NO DOUBT? BwaaaaHaaaaHaaa

  22. Sounds good until the next suspension for PEDs. This sounds more like something a high school team would do. If that’s what it takes for these guys to be motivated to do the right thing, I wouldn’t put much faith in them accomplishing anything.

  23. Do the right thing? With a HC that has absolutly no morals? That’s a joke. I have no doubt that the Hawks will be just awful this and many following seasons.

  24. Seattle CopyCats

    Next thing it will be to try to steal some of the Ravens Mojo with “Next Man Up” or “Play Like a Raven”

  25. not a very original team. steal 12th man…steal ‘leave no doubt’…russell wilson saying ‘go hawks’ after every interview is a rip off of his college coach…lame

  26. Doesn’t everyone see what’s going on here?

    They adopt the phrase “leave No Doubt…” They hire Gwen Stefani…

    Actually I don’t even see what’s going on here, but I’m sure the devil’s involved.

  27. The Seahawks have not won a game in San Francisco since 2008. The Niners are 3-2 on the road in Seattle in that time frame. Yet the prevailing wisdom is that the Niners can not beat the Seahawks on the road…. Hmm.

  28. There is no other team who gets so much hate on their posts than the Seahawks. The only logical explanation is that everyone is scared of how good they are and rightfully so. Keep on hating, our fans thrive on it. GO HAWKS!

  29. For all the “whinners” who follow those old “Rust Bucket nfl east teams”, who tried to put a bandaid on their ricktey teams, like the squealers, deadskins, cheaters, circus, iggles,midgets, and a few more. Most can’t score 20 points or get out of their own way. Start crying in your beer!

    The new power teams all come from the west, so watching teams like the 9ers, hawks, rams, broncos, chiefs, and maybe even the raiders is gonna be the best football. Get your popcorn ready.

  30. The Hawks didn’t “steal” the 12th man, they actually pay a license fee to Texas A&M for the use of the concept.


    They actually don’t have to pay, since TAMU let them use it with for free as long as they mention the origins.

  31. @GERMANSTINGRAY- How is it the Hawks are “TRYING” to steal the title of being the loudest stadium in the league from KC when they already are the loudest??? I’m sorry to tell you, but the Hawks had the loudest recorded decibel level of any NFL stadium way back in the 2005 playoffs, and they currently rank #1 in false starts since that same time. Then you can add in the fact that Centurylink regularly hits 100+ decibels. You can RANT all you want about our stadium, and it’s construction… The fact that we are the loudest when your stadium seats approx 10,000 more people, while at the same time the North end (Hawksnest) of ours is practically open allowing noise to escape only makes you, other Chief fans, and that dump you call Arrowhead look even more pathetic, LMFAO! You want to yap about “STEALING”? Didn’t Hawk fans come up with the idea to have Guiness World Records at our stadium this year only to have the idea stolen a week later by a bunch of pathetic, unoriginal Chief fans? Yeah, that’s what I thought, little fella. maybe you should just keep your mouth shut next time… Unless you enjoy people like myself making you look stupid.

    @RICKSPILEMAN- How are the Hawks the most “HYPED” team??? I just saw a fresh power ranking that had the Hawks at #3… BTW, I see just as many people talking about te 49ers. The same as they did last year. How did that work out for the 49ers? I’ll tell you what most people are getting sick of though… Pathetic trolls who hang out on Seahawk articles 24/7 like yourself.

  32. hakunamangata says:Aug 7, 2013 12:48 AM

    I think the Seahawks should ask the Jets about how all the Super Bowl or bust talk went for them the past few seasons.

    Yes…and I think you should be smart enough to ask yourself if this Seahawks team in any way whatsoever resembles those disorganized, rag tag bunch of no talent Jets from those seasons. Pretty easy answer.

    The big difference between this team and previous Jets teams, the Eagles ‘dream team,’ etc is none of that talk is coming from the Seahawks players. There’s no Vince Young proclaiming (as a backup QB no less) that they’re going to be a dream team and win it all. They’re going about their business and are out to prove it all on the field.

    As a fan…that’s all I could ever ask for. It’s going to be a fun year. Bring on week 1!

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