Brian Banks finally plays in an NFL game


Brian Banks has reached another level in the realization of his dream.

After signing earlier in the offseason with the Falcons, the man whose football career was derailed more than a decade ago by false accusations of rape has played in an NFL preseason game.

Banks entered the Bengals-Falcons contest in the fourth quarter at middle linebacker.

A recruit at USC before his legal troubles arose, Banks’ life was put on hold from 2002 until the victim recanted her claims last year.  But it’s not the first time he has played football since high school.  Last year, Banks signed with the now-defunct UFL’s Las Vegas Locomotives.  He made it to the field before the league pulled the plug.

The next goal will be to make it to the 53-man roster.  That may be too much to expect, but there’s a chance Banks will get a chance to continue developing his skills on the Atlanta practice squad.