Cowboys still looking for a guard after Moore retires


Brandon Moore is done playing football. The Dallas Cowboys are not done looking for help at guard.

The Cowboys and Moore, a 33-year-old guard who started all 16 games for the Jets last year, agreed to a deal on Tuesday night. After Moore slept on it, he decided he didn’t want to go to Dallas, and retired on Wednesday morning. On Wednesday night, Cowboys V.P. Stephen Jones said he was taken by surprise by Moore’s retirement, and that he still wants to add a guard.

“We thought we had a deal and were going to have him here,” Jones said, via the Star-Telegram. “We are not through looking. We have options. But we also have parameters we have to work with in with our cap situation. We have guys we are looking at. We will continue to look at all our options.”

Unfortunately for the Cowboys, there aren’t many guards available at this late date who are good enough to start. Moore could have given Dallas an upgrade at the position, but it’s unlikely that anyone else they sign will.

31 responses to “Cowboys still looking for a guard after Moore retires

  1. If only that headline reads “Cowboys still looking for a GM after Jerry Jones retires”. On a side note happy Eid for everybody who is celebrating and go Lions baby!

  2. Please tell me, irishgary, you’re not so ignorant that you believe Jerry Jones makes all the player personel decisions on his own, without any input from coaches, scouts, etc!!

  3. Please tell me, wttoolman, that you’re not so ignorant as to think JJ is anything else than an embarrassment as a gm. All those playoff wins since he has been calling the shots must be nice!

  4. Haters!!!! This team doesn’t need anything and it’ll show. Our line is set with smith Leary Frederick Mackenzie and free. Anyone who watched the cowboys late know that center and left guard was the real problem. Mackenzie came on strong and had a little chemistry going with Doug free and anyone who knows a lick about football knows the o line is all about chemistry. It’s not always about individuals on the line it’s more about how they gel together and knowing what the guy next to him is about. Dallas will take the division by two games at the very least best in the east mark my words

  5. I thought adding Moore made sense but the fact is, Dallas needed to draft a guard but failed to do it. It wan’t wise for Jerry to think he could count on Livings who had a surgery in Feb.

    It was a glaring need last season and it’s classic Jerry Jones to try to patch it up on the fly.

  6. @wttoolman
    No but it does appear that you are incredibly ignorant to think that Jerry doesn’t hire the scouts, coaches, etc.

    But again that is why you post dumb comments

  7. irishgary says:
    Aug 8, 2013 7:20 AM
    Really should be looking for a new GM


    The next GM is pictured above…It won’t get any better for us Cowboy fans as SJ is getting a life lesson in delusional behavior from Jerruh….

  8. The hapless Cowboys will have to wait to the final cuts of the preseason to pick up a guard off of somebody’s scrap heap.

    But look at the bright side, they have their center of the future with their 1st round pick that every other team had a 3rd or 4th round grade on

  9. “every other team had a 3rd or 4th round grade on”

    Wow, I guess when we want to know what EVERY team in the NFL has as a draft grade on prospects, all we have to do is ask whatjusthapped. You’d think with that kind of knowledge, Mr. Happed would be publishing some sort of revenue generating blog instead of crabbing for free on this one.

  10. mancave001 says:

    I’d like to retire instead of going to Dallas, too (even for the weekend).

    I wish more people felt that way. So many out of staters have moved here for a better life that the urban sprawl and traffic is out of control. Half the state of Cali has fled to here.

  11. I like how JJ jr. says ( we will continue to look and we have options). What a bunch of bull JJ jr. is really doing a great job at mimicking JJ. On the job training. Cowboy fans your future looks very very bright when JJ steps down and JJ jr. is in charge. LOL LOL and LMAO.!!!!!!

  12. Someone should remind larrydavid7000 that Stephen starts with an “S” and not a “J.” I haven’t seen that many “JJ’s” in a blurb since I read the script for the last episode of Good Times.

  13. Abninf……. Traffic lol. I’ve been to Dallas multiple times for games the last time I stayed thurs-tues, you guys do not have traffic. I stayed in Las Colinas and drove all the place, no traffic. That George Bush hwy I think it’s Rt 12 that goes to nowhere on the other hand is something to complain about.

  14. So many haters out there. Just remember you jealous haters, we have the best stadium, the best cheerleaders and 5 trophies! Every team goes through tough stretches, but the Boys are winners and they will win again no matter how involved Mr. Jones is. The 2013 Cowboys will be NFC East Champs this year.

  15. @austinoxford if you do not get it then I am not going to explain the JJ.
    @trueblue1971 what kind of water are you drinking. Your team is a laughing stock of the league along with the jets. Problem is which one is number one. Both of these teams are in the news day in day out. Well at least one of you can win something this year. One more thing The Redskins are 2-0 against the cowgirls in NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES. LOL LOL LOL and LMAO.!!!!!

  16. There are a few decent options out there, that could absolutely improve this team. unfortunately Dallas’ cap situation prevents them from being signed.

  17. Laughing stock of the league one losing season in the last what 9 lol clowns gonna be clowns. There are plenty of garbage laughing stock teams the browns raider jags jets lol to say Dallas is is def a misconception amongst the haters. Dallas will take the division by 2 that’s a guarantee

  18. Even the Lions didn’t have a guy sign and retire so he wouldn’t have to play for them and they went 0-16 once. That don’t say much for those Cowboys now does it LOL

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